How to Preserve Wedding Bouquet


A wedding bouquet is the dramatic display of lush blooms. It has a sentimental value attached with it. We all try to preserve its beauty in the wedding photographs. But the flowers themselves fade away within a few days of wedding. There would be many who wish to make their wedding bouquet an heirloom. Is it really possible? Here's how to preserve your wedding bouquet.

How to Preserve Wedding Bouquet

There are various techniques introduced, which can actually preserve the flowers for an unexpectedly long period. Here's the breakdown of the methods for preserving flowers.

Silica Gel Drying

Using sandy like substance, this technique preserves the flowers mostly in their natural three-dimensional shape. In this method, flowers are actually buried in a granular substance. Flowers are remained buried, until they are fully dried. Though it can be a DIY method, it’s better not to try it yourself because you want your wedding bouquet to stay as true to its original shape as possible. Opting for professional preservationists is highly recommended.

Freeze Drying Method

This second technique is all about freezing the flowers in an extremely chilled vacuum sealed machine where they keep on dehydrating. And once they are done, professionals arrange and seal them in a glass dome or glass container, like they were before. It would take about three to four weeks’ time or longer. This method may be more expensive but is the best way to preserve the flowers' color and 3-D shape. 

Air-Dry Flowers

Take a look, how to preserve wedding bouquet with air-dry DIY method. Flowers are simply hanged in an upside down position in a dark place. Some try a bit lengthy method as follows: 

  • First you have to remove all the extra foliage from the stems of the bouquet.

  • Put the flowers in a brown colored paper bag with a bit of salt in it. Shake the bag well. Salt is normally used to protect the natural hues of the flowers.

  • Once the flowers are well-smeared in the salt, hang them upside down with loose strings, in direct heat for a couple of days.

  • Later they should be transferred to some dark place in the same upside down manner. Flowers would take about three to four weeks in drying fully.

Pressed Flowers

Pressing method preserves the flowers in a flat shape. Flowers are simply sandwiched between paper or plywood pieces and pressed. Then arranged together the way they were before. Or these pressed flowers can also be framed beautifully. This whole process takes 8 to 10 weeks.

Short-Term Preserving Method

Let’s take a look at how to preserve the wedding bouquet with a DIY Method. It’s not a long term preserving method. Remove the ribbon from the wedding bouquet and cut the stems from the end. Then place them in the vase with fresh water. Repeat the same procedure daily. Following this process can protect the flowers for a few days .

Preserving with Borax

Sprinkling the flower well, with the mixture of borax and cornmeal together also preserves the flowers well. Store the flowers in this mixture for about 10 to 14 days. And you have the flowers preserved for you.

Tips and Tricks!

Perfect Timing!

Once you have decided to preserve the wedding bouquet, do not waste time. The preservation  process should begin within two to four days after marriage. If you are having it done by professional service, make sure to deliver as soon as possible. 

The Best Preserving Flowers

Roses and orchids are the flowers that usually last longer in a bouquet.

What About Tossing?

Want to preserve the bouquet, and at the same time want to toss the bouquet in reception? Get another one for tossing. And save the wedding bouquet for preservation.

Find the Vendors

Start working on this project about a month before the wedding. Finding the right vendor may take time. You can look for local as well as online vendors. If you have opted for online vendor, and you have to deliver the bouquet to them, send it in a cold container.

Plan It Well!

How to preserve wedding bouquet in time, when you are on your honeymoon, right after the wedding. We recommend you to ask some responsible friend or family member to take charge of it in your absence.

Consider Price

Each of these has varied prices. Most of these are quite expensive. It’s good to have some prior knowledge about the prices before finalizing a way.