How to Say No Gifts on a Wedding Invitation


Couples who have been together for 5 or 10 years, those on their second marriage, or couples who have everything they need may look at the traditional gift registry as something just not for them. If you fall into the category of couples who prefer not to have any gifts, you are not alone. Whatever your reason is, you may be wondering how to say no gifts on a wedding invitation?

Ways to Say No Gifts on a Wedding Invitation

Your first instinct is probably to simply put on your invitations “No gifts, please”, but this should be avoided. As soon as you mention gifts, you automatically put an emphasis on the idea, which is the opposite of what you are intending. Whether it is your first or second marriage, this holds true. (If it is your second marriage, guests are actually not expected to give a gift if they attended the first marriage.)

So how can you let your guests know not to bring a gift? Here are some wordings to put that clear on invitation. You can just be creative about how to say no gifts on a wedding invitation by getting inspiration from them.

  • The only gift we ask for is the honor of your presence.

  • The best gift we can receive is your presence.

  • You being present on our special day is present enough.

  • We only request you bring your company as well as your appetite.

  • You celebrating with us is the only present we need.

  • The only presents we desire is your presence.

  • We request your loving presence and nothing more.

  • The best gift you can give is simply your presence.

  • Well, wishes are the only gifts we ask for.

  • While we appreciate the gifts you could bring, you will see they are not needed.

  • Celebrating with our friends and family will make the day more special, and that's enough, no more is needed.

  • She needs nothing and he already has toys galore. The only present we need is you at the door!

Even though these samples will let your guests know you are not accepting gifts, those will not always keep some of them from giving a gift anyways. You can simply telling them that, although their gifts would be greatly appreciated, you truly do not need a thing and really wish for nothing more than their presence. Having some help get the message out can be highly beneficial. Do not hesitate to have friends, siblings, parents or other family members to tell others who are invited to your wedding that you are not asking for any gifts.

How to say no gifts on a wedding invitation may still not be easily implemented. For instance, friends you may not have known for as long and have never given you a wedding gift before will insist on giving you something. In this condition, you can, just for fun, register at a few select stores for some simple items you may not have and let your attendants pass around the short list. Monogrammed towels, movie tickets and popcorn gift certificates, or anything else that will let your friends get creative can be a good idea for guests who insist on giving a gift.