How to Wrap a Bouquet: Tips, Tricks and Style Ideas


Why spend exaggerate amounts of money on things you could easily do by yourself? For example: your wedding bouquet. This year, you’re in luck: the perfectly round and polished flower bouquet where everything stays in place is OUT and the effortless, easy, bohemian arrangements are IN! Picking the flowers is a fun activity and comes naturally to most soon-to-be brides, but if you’re looking on ideas on how to wrap a bouquet, then keep reading!

10 Cutest Ways to Wrap a Bouquet

What You’ll Need

Wrapping a wedding bouquet is not that difficult, as it only requires a few supplies and a pair of hands – yours! Let’s start with the basic tools: 

  • Scissors and clear tape;

  • Artsy supplies: fabric, raffia, lace, yarn and ribbon or creative wrapping paper and other unconventional materials if you’re going eclectic. 

  • Optional supplies if you are looking for that extra dosage of freshness or if you’re planning to have a particularly long wedding ceremony and reception: plastic wrap and a paper towel. If you’re confused about the latter method, all you need to do is to use a slightly damp paper towel around the ends of your flowers, then secure it with plastic wrap and add the decorative elements on top.

Now that you’ve got the basics, inspiration and a few easy-to-follow instructions are all you need! Check out our curated list of ideas and tricks on how to wrap a bouquet and get started:

1. Use vintage ribbon

Get a few different kinds of delicate, pastel colored ribbons that are either genuinely old or simply remind you of older times and elegance. 

How to wrap:

  • Cut them at different lengths and wrap them casually around your flowers; 

  • Leave the ends fall at different levels for an effortless, chic look. 

  • Optionally, you can add feathers in the same color palette to complete the retro look.

2. Make a statement with a huge bow

Satin is a classic choice when it comes to wrapping a wedding bouquet, so using it for one oversized, massive bow is clearly a head-turner. 

How to wrap:

Pick a thick ribbon in your favorite shade and proceed to making a large bow around our bouquet for an ultra-feminine look.

3. Get your grandma’s brooch

And we’re back to the vintage element: an antique brooch can make an amazingly sweet detail on your wedding bouquet. Use it in combination with raffia for a mish-mash effect or with its classic friend, lace, for a delicate result.

How to wrap:

  • Wrap your bouquet in rustic raffia or lace; 

  • Add a thin string to tie it tightly (or skip this step and use fabric glue or a hot gun instead);

  • Add your pin in the upper center for maximum visibility when posing with the arrangement.

5. Go for lacey combinations

You can’t go wrong when it comes to using lace for a floral arrangement, especially a bride’s bouquet. As most wedding dresses feature lace, it is a top choice when it comes to wrapping a wedding bouquet. Use the same shade as your wedding dress for a cohesive look and opt for embellishments such as pearls or crystals if you’d like additional bling. And if you’re about to have a rustic wedding, then a mix of burlap and lace is the way to go.

How to wrap:

Use the method mentioned above, both string and glue work well when it comes to keeping this gorgeous wrap in place.

6. Use yarn instead of ribbon

Yarn is full of whimsy, softness and delightful texture, which is why it makes a great and very original choice when looking for how to wrap a bouquet. Use yarn in a bright, vivid color to make a statement (hot pink and turquoise or bright orange are excellent choices), or simply match it to your wedding color palette.

How to wrap: you have 3 options.

  • You can add just a few strings of yarn and use them as you would use regular string, 

  • You can wrap your bouquet tightly in a bright colored yarn like you would do with rope, 

  • Or you could let your imagination flow and create a vanguard piece of art with this fluffy material.

7. Wrap it in tissue paper

It’s inexpensive, it’s original and you’ve got a great range of color options – tissue paper is a great wrapping choice! You can even add two or more layers for a dimensional effect and finish the look with a satin bow. Use neat paper if you want an elegant look or create a wrinkled effect by squeezing the paper in your hand for a boho look.

How to wrap:

  • Point the paper and crease into equal parts,

  • Put the flowers in the center of the folded paper,

  • Pull one side of the paper corner to corner to cover the blooms, reaching the fold,

  • Pull the other side to cover the flower in the same way,

  • Use a piece of clear tape to keep the wrapping paper in place,

  • Wrap the bunch with satin ribbon and make a bow if you like.

8. Opt for sparkles and shine

A sparkly ribbon in silver, gold or other metallic (copper is a hit choice this season) is definitely eye-catching. Paired with white flowers and greenery, it looks gorgeous and expensive and matches a wide range of wedding styles.

How to wrap:

  • Start with a knot on top, 

  • Wrap the ribbon tightly around the flower stems while hiding the knot with a double layer, 

  • Use a hot gun to secure the end in place.

9. Rope it up!

Rope is a great choice and works well as a bouquet wrapper, especially if you chose a sea-inspired theme. With its rough texture and neutral shade, it can look rustic and sleek at the same time. Pair it with seashells for a beachy theme or leave it plain and match it with crisp white roses for an elegant effect. 

How to wrap:

Use the same technique described above for sparkly ribbon for a flawless result.

​10. Use sequins

When looking for ideas on how to wrap a bouquet, this one is a must-try. Sequins are hard to miss and, therefore, this kind of bouquet is the ideal choice when you want to make sure all guests will pay attention to your gorgeous bouquet. Paired with bright flowers in shades of pink or coral, silver sequins under the form of ribbon or thin string can look positively mesmerizing.

How to wrap:

Use the ribbon technique if they come under the form of a band or, if using sequin fabric, wrap it tightly around the stems and secure it with a hot glue gun in place.