How to Write a Wedding Toast: Five Steps with Samples


If you have been bestowed the honor of writing a wedding toast, you must consider it a matter of great accomplishment. It is a natural thing that you feel a sense of dread at the notion of getting up and speaking before hundreds of people. But do not worry: a perfect wedding toast just needs a few steps.

Five Steps to Write a Perfect Wedding Toast


Consider Whom You Are Toasting To

Toasting is one of the most moving moment of a wedding day, a chance for you and the guests to raise glasses for the newlyweds’ happiness. Before you writing your toast, consider whom you are toasting to, here are some guidelines for you:

  • Best man or maid of honor usually toasts to the couple – toast for their friendship with the couple.

  •  The bride and groom can toast together or toast individually – toast to each other, then to the wedding party, family members, and guests to thank them for sharing your big day.

  •  Parents of the bride toast to the couple, then to groom's parents as well as the guests – toast for the newlyweds' happy life, welcome and thank the groom's parents as well as the guests for attending the ceremony.


Introduce Yourself and How You Know the Couple

In this part, you introduce yourself for the benefit of guests who do not know you. You can state your relationship with the couple and how you met them.

For example:

"For those of you whom I haven't met, I am…, the Best Man ... "The first time I met… (groom), many years ago at school…"

 "For those who have yet to make my acquaintance, please allow me to introduce myself. I am…, the Best Man. … (groom) and I met in our prams many years ago. His pram was twice the size of mine, smelt of … sorry, I'm thinking of his first car!"


Share a Story

The average wedding toast lasts for 3-5 minutes. You can use the time to narrate an anecdote or a story of the couple or of the groom or bride. Stay away from inside jokes you might have had with the bride/groom since guests may not find them relevant. Do avoid talking about their exes or details you are unsure of. A story might seem humorous to you but it may not be appropriate to be narrated before parents of the bride and other guests.

For example:

"... I wanted to find that one perfect story that really defined my friendship with… (bride). But I couldn’t do it, I’d like to share a few stories with you. When I think about my friendship with… (bride), I think about the time… (bride) asked for my help to cook… (groom) a surprise birthday dinner. She wanted to cook him 6 pounds of chicken nuggets. I suggested chicken parmesan. He loved the chicken parmesan. And I also remembered how enthusiastically … (bride) celebrated my birthday. I can say that I’m lucky to have… (bride) as a best friend, and I couldn’t be happier for you. You’ve found a man who is kind, honest, caring, and who deserves nothing but the best wife there is."


Give Cheers and Congrats to the Couple

As stated above, keep the speech lighthearted and positive. Always redirect your speech to the couple and thank them for being there through your ups and downs. Take your time and do not rush through the speech. Remember to congratulate the couple for their special day.

For example:

"I consider myself a lucky person to be included in your wedding day. To the bride and groom – I’ve never met a more perfect couple. You bring out the best in each other..."

" I think… (groom) knew he will be here today, because he had met the perfect woman. These two have had that magical type of romance that I thought you only see in the movies. I’m so lucky to be experiencing your big day here…"


End the Speech by Asking People to Drink

You may end the speech by asking people to drink to the newlyweds’ health and happiness. Avoiding drinking alcohol before you give your speech – this will keep you alert.

For example:

 "…This is truly an occasion to celebrate, so let's raise our glasses and toast to a life full of love. Congratulations, Bride and Groom!"

"…Today, we celebrate the union of my two wonderful friends, bride and groom. Let us raise a glass in high hopes of happiness for many years to come!"

Wedding Toast Samples

Best Man Sample Wedding Toast

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. For those of you who do not know me, my name is…. Groom… has foolishly given me the honor of being the best man on his special day. I am extremely grateful for that and congratulate… (bride) and… (groom) on this joyous occasion.

Unfortunately, the feelings of bravery are all gone when I stand before you. Before I hand over the stage to…, I would like to thank the bridesmaids-they have done a remarkable job in helping… (bride) and they look fantastic. I congratulate my dearest friends… (bride and groom names) and wish them the very best on this journey called marriage.

I want share one romantic story of them with all of you which really defined their love…

It has been an absolute privilege being the best man today. I cannot thank the newlyweds enough for letting me have this job. I honestly couldn’t wish for a better friend to be the best man for. Please stand up, ladies and gentlemen, and raise your glasses to Mr. & Mrs.….”

Bridesmaid Sample Wedding Toast

“Some say love isn’t everything, but without love, everything is nothing. It is a stupid cliché, but it sounds impressive when you are asked to make a toast!

… (Bride’s name) I love you and am so glad you asked me to be your bridesmaid. Had you asked me to be your maid of honor, it would have put tremendous strain on my schedule; so I am glad you chose… (maid of honor’s name) as the maid of honor instead.

I am joking of course, but I am certainly not joking when I say this: you and… (Groom) are meant to be together. I knew this when I first saw you guys together and it just became clearer and clearer as the days went by.

…I still remember one perfect story of them…You are two of a kind and there is simply no match for you two other than each other.

So ladies and gentlemen, please raise your glasses high to … Congratulations again! I love you both and wish you a long and loving marriage!”

  • Start with a good hook to draw the audience in – The best way to do so is to say something that will catch their attention. You can use a story, a quote or humor to draw the audience in. A hypothetical scenario, a funny story or an anecdote are some best ways to do this.
  • Decide on a theme – Once the audience is hooked with a good start, give the speech a direction by deciding whether to be funny or sentimental. You can use a bit of both humor and sentiment as the best wedding toasts.
  • Do not stray from the topic – The main topic of a wedding speech is the couple. Once your speech has a direction, make sure you do not drift. Keep the focus on the couple and do not forget to congratulate and wish them well.