How to Write Articles on


We strongly recommend you finish the article in word and then upload it to our website.

Set Up Your Account

Sign Up

Click the “LOG IN “ on top right of the page, and follow the instructions to set up your account.

Once you signed up, you could choose your favorite topics, or simply skip it.

Edit Your Profile

To edit your profile, you can click on your profile picture, and click on “My Profile”, and you’ll be directed to your profile page.

Click on profile picture to make change, you could upload your photo or wedding related pictures.

Click on “ Edit your profile” to fill in basic information and your self introduction.

How to Write


Start Writing

Click on the writing icon on the top right of the page.

You’ll be asked to fill in the article title, and choose a category.

For the article title, please fill in the keyword. The keyword must be exactly the same as given. Do not change anything even if there is grammar mistakes. Please include the article title in the first paragraph, and the snippet in the last paragraph.

For the Focus Area, please fill in what was given in the writing guide.

Once you fill in the information and submit, you’ll be directed to the writing page.


The Introduction

For the introduction part, write an overview of your article, which helps the readers to get a brief idea of your article. Word limit is 80 words.


The Content

Click on the pencil icon, and you’ll be able to edit the subtitle. If there is just one part in the article, fill in the article title instead. Please follow the instruction in the pictures below to write your article.


Add or Remove Points

If there are more than 3 sections in your article, you might need to add more points; and you could delete some points if you don’t need so many sections.


Add or Remove Parts

And it is as easy to add or delete a part:


Change Order of the Points

If you would like to change the order of different sections, you can simply drag the section to the right place.


Insert Pictures

Click on the picture icon at the bottom of each point to upload pictures, you can add more than 1 pictures at a time.

The pictures are preferably 600X400 pixels or larger. But the size of each picture should be under 200 KB. If your pictures are too big, you could use some website to compress them, like:

Once you upload the pictures and save the changes, you’ll see pictures preview right below the section, above the picture icon.


Collage Pictures

If you need to collage your pictures, click on the third icon at the bottom. And you could choose to merge 2 or 3 pictures.

Click on “merging images” once you have selected the pictures you would like to collage, and click on “save” when the merging process is done.


Delete Pictures

If you would like to delete a picture, click on the cross mark on the picture preview.


Insert Videos

Click on the video icon at the bottom, fill in the video link (YouTube links only) and save changes. And you could only insert one video for one section.


Delete Videos

And to delete a video is the same as to delete a pictures, just click on the cross mark on the top right of the preview.


Insert Links

Please follow the picture instructions to insert links. After you insert the link, you could click on the underlined words to modify the link if necessary.


Publish the article.

Once you finish your article, click on ”publish” at the bottom of the page to publish your work on our website! If you are not sure, you can click on “ Preview” to check what your article will look like.

You might need to verify yourself the first time you try to publish the article, it just requires a simple click.

How to Edit

After you publish the article, you may want to do a review of your work. If any change is needed, click on the writing icon on the right of the first paragraph, you’ll be able to editing your article. Don’t forget to update it after you make the necessary change.