Ideas for Remembering Loved Ones


Everyone always remembers their loved ones, especially when they are getting married. Some of our loved ones can’t be there on the day but they will be there in spirit. Take a look at our ideas for remembering loved ones at your wedding.

Ideas for Remembering Loved Ones Deceased a While Ago


Use pieces of their clothes

Remember your loved ones whom passed on a few years ago by incorporating them within your wedding. Why not use a piece of your loved one's old clothing? This way, you will feel closer to them on your wedding day and you could take it as your something old and maybe something blue too. There are so many different ways to do this. We have come up with some of the best ideas on how to do this.

  • You could add a simple blue heart concealed within your underwear. You will know it’s there and it will give you that extra boost of happiness when you walk down the aisle.

  • You could always add a personalized message underneath your wedding dress. Don’t worry, the blue stitching will not be on show, so it’s your private memo.


Wear a family heirloom

Many people wear a family heirloom that has been passed down from generations. Knowing that they wore it on their wedding day gives great comfort. It may be a wedding dress, wedding ring or anything that they wore on their wedding day. This is a perfect way to remember them.

  • It will complete your day knowing that you’re about to wear your loved one's old wedding dress. She would be so proud to see you wearing it.

  • Put your loved one's ring on your finger. Every time you look down, remember your loved one and remember all the happy times.


Put their photos to the bouquet

Did you want your favourite relative to walk you down the aisle before they passed? If so, one of the ideas for remembering loved ones at wedding will be perfect for you. You can add a photo to your bridal bouquet or add a heart locket to your stems. They will still get to walk you down the aisle and you’ll feel their spirit.


Set up a memory table

If one of your close family has passed away, make a table for them with their photos. This way they can be part of your wedding.


Hold framed photos during the ceremony

Holding a photo whilst your ceremony is taking place will make your wedding extra special by including your loved one.


Light a candle for them

Include candles at your wedding and light a special one for them. You can either light on whilst your ceremony is taking place or after.


Dance to one of their favorite songs

Ideas for remembering loved ones at wedding can intertwine with music. Ask your DJ to add your loved one's favourite song to the playlist for you. You could even have it as your first dance.


Toast to them

Make a toast to them during your wedding breakfast. While everyone will be toasting to you, you can toast to your loved one and share wonderful memories at the same time.


Have a moment of silence

If you feel strong and confident, have a moment of silence for a passed relative during your ceremony. If you’d rather have it after then, do so. The ceremony is nerve-racking enough so don’t worry.


Release biodegradable lanterns, balloons or doves during the wedding in their honor

Maybe all of the above are not for you and you would rather release something in memory of them. Many people use lanterns, balloons or doves.

  • Biodegradable Lanterns – Lanterns look beautiful especially when they are released when the sun is going down.

  • Balloons – Releasing a single balloon represents that special person that can’t be with you on your day.

  • White dove or doves – These represent spirituality.

  • These all tend to be released after your ceremony.

Ideas for Remembering Loved Ones Recently Deceased

It’s always hard celebrating a wedding when a loved one that has recently passed. Pay your respects by integrating something special within your wedding, but not too much otherwise you might get overwhelmed by the emotions.

Include their favorite flower in your bouquet

If your relative had a favourite flower, mix it with your bouquet flowers or choose just to hold that one flower.


Choose sentimental accessories

Wear your loved one's bracelet or accessories you knew they cherished.


Save seats for them

More couples are saving seats for their deceased relatives so they can get a good view of the ceremony or wedding breakfast. It is one of best ideas for remembering loved ones at wedding


Make a donation to a charity in their names

Instead of asking for money towards your household items or honeymoon, you could ask your guests to donate money towards their charities.


Display a few of their favorite things

Have a table specially made up with all of their favourite things. For instance, if they drank red wine, ensure a bottle and a few glasses are placed on the table.


Give away special favors

If you have not decided on your favors yet, make them unique by using your beloved person or person’s favourite colours or patterns.