If You Buy a Bridal Shower Gift, Do You Buy a Wedding Gift?


Bridal shower is an ‘All Women Party’. This event is a kind of celebration of the upcoming life of the bride. The guests invited on the bridal shower are supposed to bring gifts, preferably the household type of gifts. Many times people misjudge and misunderstand the gift etiquette to be followed. They feel confused and do not know if you buy a bridal shower gift, do you buy a wedding gift? Let us make things clearer for you about both bridal shower and wedding gift etiquettes.

Gift Etiquettes for Bridal Shower and Wedding

If you buy a bridal shower gift, do you buy a wedding gift? The answer is yes; you are supposed to buy a gift for both occasions separately. This would not sound great to a few because of their limited budget, but once you have RSVPed yes for both occasions, you have, in a way assured your presence on both occasions with gifts. Buying gifts for both occasions may disturb your whole budget but you are never forced to buy an expensive gift for each occasion.

How to Choose the Gifts

Bridal shower gifts are normally less expensive as compared to the wedding gifts. The tradition of gifts on bridal shower is for helping the bride for setting up her new home with her husband. So it’s better to buy something handy and useful for her married life. For wedding, sending a gift from couple’s registry is yet another pleasing idea.

Selection of gift for both occasions depends on two things: first, your budget, spend as much as it allows you. Secondly, your relationship with bride and groom, if it’s a close relation, you are expected to buy an exceptionally good gift item.

To sum up the query, if you buy a bridal shower gift do you buy a wedding gift? Answer is YES! Even if you have attended the bridal shower party (with a gift), you are supposed to send the wedding gift.

What if You Can’t Attend the Wedding Shower, Should You Send a Gift?

Generally, wedding is the only event where you are required to send a gift, irrespective of the fact that you are attending it or not. For bridal shower, if someone does not attend the bridal shower, she is not obliged to send a bridal shower gift. But as bridal shower is an event celebrated with the close family members and friends, it’s better to send the bride something, if you’d love to. ‘Opening Gift Ceremony’ is the occasion when all the bridal shower gifts are opened in the presence of the guests. Your gift, among others, would represent you in your absence.

How to Deal with Multiple Bridal Showers

Many couples opt for two or multiple bridal showers. Like one from parents and one from the in-laws, etc. This could lead the guests’ mind to the confusing questions like: am I supposed to attend both of them? And then buying multiple gifts for them? For a situation like this, you can skip the bridal shower gift for one. Take the gift to the first bridal shower that you attend. And later on only a gift for the wedding.

How Long Could You Overdue the Wedding Gift?

There are the situations where you don’t feel like buying and sending a wedding gift to a friend right away. Now the question arises: can you overdue the wedding gift? And for how long? Yes! you can. According to the most popular myth, you can send a wedding gift to the couple around one year after the marriage. But it’s just a myth. Normally it is very rare. You can delay the gifts but the time of delay should be around one or two months at the most. Most of the wedding couples keep their wedding registry active for as long as one year. So, any time you feel like sending one, you can do it through the bridal registry.

Smart Tips for Bridal Shower Gifts

Bridal shower gifts choice matters because these are going to be opened and displayed in front of all the guests in the event. So, it should be the best one (we can try this at least). Here are some useful tips to help you buy one.

Don’t Exceed your Budget

Most commonly a bridal shower gift is determined by your budget and closeness to the couple. Whatever you decide to give her, keep your budget in a limit. From $25 to $75 would be acceptable. After all you have to buy another gift for the wedding. Questions like if you buy a bridal shower gift do you buy a wedding gift should not bother you anymore. Useful items like a photo album, family heirloom or any handmade gift would look elegant.

Basics of Choice of Gifts

Choice of gifts may vary according to the shower occasion. For example, for a couple, shower gifts from coed registry would be best. For an all women bridal tea, items like fashion accessories or girly-item like lingerie could be selected. If it’s a theme shower, choose a gift according to the theme. You are not obliged to follow any special criteria for giving the gift, you can gift anything that you like. You can also relate your shower gift to the wedding gift. For example, napkin rings on bridal shower and classy linen napkins on the wedding.

It’s not a Bachelorette Party!

There is quite a difference between a bridal shower and a bachelorette party. Avoid too raunchy gift items on this day. Like as already said, a lingerie is ok. But any stuff beyond it, like a vibrator, should be kept limited to a bachelorette party.

Attractive Gift Packaging

Try to pack your gift the best you can. Use of accents like ribbons and faux flowers looks appealing. Get it done by some professional or else do it yourself if you have got the skill. Using bride’s favorite colors in packaging is a nice idea. To/from cards must be used, as it will let the bride know, from whom this gift belongs to.

Interesting Gift Opening Myths

There are many superstitions and myths associated with a bridal shower gift opening ceremony. Some of them are: if the first gift bride-to-be opens, is the first she uses, brings good luck. The owner of the third opened gift, will be the next to get pregnant. Maid of honor is supposed to gather all the torn ribbons from the packages to create a ribbon bouquet. The bouquet is tossed by the bride after the wedding rehearsal and the one catches it, is considered lucky. Some brides collect these ribbons to make keepsake pillow.