Images of Wedding Cards Invitation for Inspiration


You can stick with the traditional and simple wedding invitation design, but why not get a little creative? There are plenty of talented designs that can make your invitations unique and stunning. For some inspiration for images of wedding cards invitation, continue reading!

Images of Wedding Cards Invitations for Inspiration


Spring Wedding Invitation

Delicate floral designs, elegant lace cut outs, and refreshing color combinations result in endless possibilities for your springtime wedding invitations. Beautiful calligraphy on crisp white cardstock with subtle springtime décor along the edges offers a romantic, clean invitation for your wedding.


Summer Wedding Invitations

Summertime wedding invitations can portray a sense of relaxation. Stick with various blue hues for the typography, stock or envelopes to enhance a tranquil feeling. Add in touches of palm trees or tropical flowers to tie in your summer wedding theme. Using watercolor inspired artworks can also be a creative and great touch.


Autumn Wedding Invitations

There are plenty of little details you can add to your autumn wedding invitations. Use leaf-shaped paper to have the actual invitation printed on and tie everything together with a deep orange ribbon. Stick with a variety of neutral colors such as tan, beige, and dark brown colors, and add in pops of color that will remind your guest of the changing colors of the leaves.


Winter Wedding Invitations

Snowflakes, twinkling lights, warm fireplaces there are so many things to love about the winter and you can add these into your wedding invitation design. Use colors that mirror the serene snow-covered landscapes such as sky blues, smoke, and shimmering ice or portray more festive images of wedding cards invitation. Use colors such as strawberry, black and white to get your guest into the holiday spirit with your wedding invitation.


Fairytale Wedding Invitation

You can get incredibly creative for a fairytale wedding invitation. Combine all your wedding invitation details into a fairytale book design, present a scroll invitation or add in some fairytale imagery around the borders of the pages.


Vintage Wedding Invitations

Charm, warmth, and elegance are the main impressions a vintage wedding invitation can give your guests. With delicate touches of lace ribbons, classic color combination and formal fonts, these invitations can set the mode and expectations for what you wedding will be like.


Beach Wedding Invitation

Beach wedding invitations can include a number of ocean life details. Starfish and sand dollars are some of the most popular images. You can also create the serene landscape of a tranquil sea or waves crashing on the beach with the right colors, ribbons, and additions.


Rustic Wedding Invitations

Rustic weddings seem just more inviting and intimate, maybe because they remind you of family and friends due to the warmth they bring? You can add some light effect in the invitation. Some flower decorations with the color of grey and light yellow as background are also popular.


Church Wedding Invitation

If you want your images of wedding cards invitations to stick with a more traditional feel, then the church wedding invitation can be the perfect fit for you. While they tend to have a simple and clean design, there are others that you can find with elaborate cut outs and ribbons for a more classic and sophisticated feel, like the pictures below.


Floral Wedding Invitation

Flowers are major details in almost every wedding and you can incorporate them into your wedding invitation design in a variety of ways. Stick with one flower to be your focus and one style to showcase on all the invitation additions. The flowers can be the transparent background on the paper stock you print on, can present a bold artistic rendition or outline the text of your invitations. Just be creative!


Colorful Wedding Invitation

If you want your wedding invitation to say more fun than formal, then there are a number of ways you can add in some bright colors to make it feel more like a celebration. Color polka dots, stripes, or shapes along the edge of the invitation can give your invitation a more joyful and exciting feel. You can also include a variety of colors into the fonts you choose. Just don't go overboard, you still want your invitation to be presentable and eligible.


Golden Foil Wedding Invitation

Choosing to have your invitations foil stamped can give off a subtle shine of elegance. Gold foil wedding invitations offer a modern twist to a traditional design and can also be done in silver foil. For more formal weddings, this kind of simple images for wedding cards invitation design is really classic.


Chalkboard Wedding Invitation

Couples who want to incorporate simple romantic charm into their invitations may want to consider this type of design. Invitation can be done either vertically or horizontally and can be framed in a vintage wood design to resemble a classic chalkboard. Add in other small details like a string of lights into the design for a truly romantic invitation.


Modern Wedding Invitation

For a clean and contemporary feel, modern wedding invitations offer the perfect balance of a chic design with formal appeal. Modern wedding invitations are all about clean lines and subtle details that can be created in a variety of color combinations. If you want to have a pristine and uniformed look, below are some inspirations for you.


Simple Wedding Invitation

For couples that want to keep things simple yet provide their guest with a unique and original design, there are still many choices. Simple wedding invitation leaves out all the elaborate cutouts and fancy artwork; instead it focuses on one simple element that ties all the elements together.


Unique Wedding Invitation

Couples who really want to step away from the traditional route can present their wedding invitation in very clever ways. Just imagine the delight of your guests who receive an elegant box that holds a beautiful fan with your wedding details printed on it. Or, print your invitation to make your guests feel like receiving the "golden ticket" invitation. These images of wedding cards invitation can be really special.