A List of Inappropriate Wedding Dresses


Every bride wants to make a statement with her dress. She wants it to match her style and personality while making her feel beautiful and like a princess. Unfortunately, sometimes the dress can make the wrong statement and makes guests uncomfortable, especially when more skin can be seen than the fabric of the dress. While some may think these daring brides are bold, more people tend to think these are some inappropriate dresses that should be avoided on your wedding day.

A List of Inappropriate Wedding Dresses


While the long veil is an elegant detail the rest of the wedding attire is more revealing than necessary. The low cut front and too short shorts makes this daring wedding outfit look more like something that should be saved for the wedding night and not the wedding ceremony.


It's understandable that brides will want to show off their curves in a classy way but this dress shows too much. The gives the impression that the seamstress may have gotten the measurements wrong for the bust of the dresser. This is why multiple wedding dress fittings are highly recommended.


From head to toe, there are a number of things just not quite right about this bridal attire. We get that you want to show off those stylish shoes, but there is no need to shorten the length of the dress so much that it shows off the garter as well.


This wedding dress has the potential to be something stunning, but instead it reveals too much with its mesh, see-through top. You want to draw attention to yourself on your wedding day and with a dress like this, most guest will be trying to avoid looking at you.


This wouldn’t be such an inappropriate wedding dress if it didn’t reveal so much skin. You may be feeling confident and fabulous but when you show too much skin it is bound to make your friends and family really uncomfortable around you, and chances are the photographer is going to capture this discomfort in all of your wedding photos.


While this wedding dress does cover up this bride more than some of the previous examples, it still bares too much than necessary. The cut outs of the dress, especially the one in the front, drops a little too low to be considered appropriate.


This dress may appear to be a delicious choice, but any kind of edible wedding attire is just asking for a wardrobe malfunction. This dress definitely does not make moving around in any easy task, but mobility is usually a necessity on your wedding day.


Although a unique and completely original wedding dress design, having a dress constructed of balloons is probably something you want to leave for Halloween. Wearing a dress like this will definitely take away the enjoyment of your day since for the most part you will be worrying about the balloons popping.


While these dresses are not inappropriate in revealing too much, they are completely over the top with accessories and details that you lose the sight of bride in them. You want to know when to draw a line with the details and embellishments so they do not distract your guest and that you do not get hidden under them.


At first glance, it may be difficult to understand what makes this an inappropriate wedding dress, but if you notice the mile long train, you understand why this makes our list. While some brides dream of have a long beautiful train gliding behind them as they walk down the aisle, if it goes beyond a few feet, that is just an inconvenience for you, your guest and everyone else.


While we give her credit for having the confidence to pulling this wedding attire off, we wonder where the actual dress is? This looks more like something that you should wear under the actual dress


Even if you are the artistic type, body painting your wedding attire on is not the most sensible choice for a wedding dress. While this is probably a much more budget friendly option, what happens if it rains, or you dance too much or if you accidentally spill some champagne on yourself? This just seems like an inappropriate disaster waiting to happen.


This wedding dress just looks like a hazard in the making. While going the non-traditional route and creating an eco-friendlier recycled material dress can be a great idea, this dress just looks like it is falling apart at the seams and is very poorly designed.


Chances are if you want to make an artistic statement, you may want to leave it for another day. When it comes to a wedding dress, you’ll want to stick with more traditional fabrics and skip over the unconventional attire.


If she wasn't walking down a flight of stairs at the perfect moment when the wind caught her dress, this inappropriate wedding dress may not be on our list. If you are going with a high slit wedding dress, you want to be more mindful of just how high the slit goes up to avoid any embarrassing moments like this.