Incorporating Child in Wedding Ceremony? Try 10 Ways Here


Including your children into your wedding ceremony, whether from your current or past relationship, is a great way to acknowledge their importance in your changing family. If you are planning on making special arrangements for incorporating child in wedding ceremony, then this is a great references article for you to gather some idea from. When choosing how to get your children involved in the wedding, always remember to ask for their permission before finalizing anything.

How to Incorporate Child in Wedding Ceremony

As Bridesmaids or Groomsmen

This is a great way to include older children, such as those over the age of 10, into the wedding ceremony. You can make your children or stepchildren junior bridesmaids or groomsmen once they reach the age that is looked at as too old for the flower girl/ring bearer position. They can play a role in your wedding planning as well as take part in some of the other bridal party activities.

Let Them Be a Part of the Unity Ceremony

If you are including some type of unity candle or alternative unity ceremony, this is the perfect opportunity to get the children involved in the ceremony. Let them take party in the candle lighting or other task that signifies the coming together of a family. This just strengthens the meaning of this portion of the wedding ceremony, and lets them play a role in the uniting as one big happy family.

Include Them into the Vows

The vows can be an optimal time for incorporating child in wedding ceremony. This is a time you can remind them that they are a significant part of the family you are committing to, either as their parent or step parent. You can have these vows turned into a beautiful art pieces for your home after the ceremony or have a specially engraved gift made with a portion of the vows as a gift to the children.

Sample Vows for Stepchildren:

I, (Name), take you (Spouse Name), to be my loving partner. Until the end of time I promise to love, honor and cherish you. To (children's name) I promise to be here to guide you through life. Through the good and the bad, I promise to provide love and support to you and your (mother/father) for as long as we shall live.

Sample Vows for Your Own Children:

I, (Name), take you, (Spouse Name), as my loving spouse. I give to you my heart and my life through the good times and the bad ones. You have dedicated yourself not only to me, but to (children's Name) as a kind and loving (mother/father). Today we come together as a loving family, mother, father, children. I promise to always be there to support, love and guide (children's name) as well as (spouse's name) for as long as we shall live.

Let Them Escort You Down the Aisle

Choosing to let your children, one or all of them, accompany you down the aisle is the perfect way of incorporating child in wedding ceremony. Instead of going the traditional route and having your father walk down the aisle with you, have the older children walk by your side. This can have a highly significant meaning to the children and to the new family as a whole you are bringing together on your wedding day.

Let Them Put on a Performance

If you know your child would love to have a little bit of the spotlight and sing a song, put together a dance routine, or recite a poem, allow them to do a little performance. If they don’t want to go at it solo, offer to do a parent child dance, song or performance with them.

Let Them Shine as the Flower Girl or Ring Bearer

If you have younger children, the easiest way you can include them into the wedding ceremony is giving them the job of ring bearer or flower girl. It is a traditional role that gives them their own moment in the spot light, and allows you to easily give them their own special role in the wedding.

Give Them the Vows to Read

Whether your child is accepting a new stepparent into the family, or you are making it official that you are all a family, you can allow your children to prepare their own set of vows to read. This can be a simple statement promising to love and respect everyone in the new family unit equally. If that's a little hard for shy ones, incorporating child in wedding ceremony can simply be done by having vows prepared for them to say their own "I Do".

Sample Children’s Vows:

(I/We) promise to show respect to (bride/grooms names) as we acknowledge and honor the family unit we bring together today. (He/She) has brought days of happiness to our/my (mother/father) and (I/we) promise to respect our (mother/father’s spouse) and strive to work together as a family.

Bouquet Toss

You can adjust this traditional wedding event to include the kids more. Allow your daughter/step daughter to throw the bouquet to a crowd of other younger children. Not only does this make the little one doing the throwing feel more important, but the one who catches the bouquet will feel just as equally important. Like little princesses.

Little Helpers

Kids LOVE to help out in any way they can, especially if they think it is a super special and important job just for them. Let them hand out the programs to guests or direct them to sign the guest book. They can also be in charge of making sure everyone has their bubbles or rice as they leave the ceremony venue for the couple’s grand departure.

They Can Be Your Second Shooter

If they are old enough and can operate a camera, incorporating child in wedding ceremony as a photographer is a wonderful idea. Why not let them take pictures throughout the day? Kids can offer a unique perspective and can often capture some creative moments otherwise missed. Just be sure to get them a neck strap for more security. Be ready to have some amazing and even funny images to add to your wedding album!