15 Breathtaking Affordable Wedding Flowers


Something traditional and simple that is within budget can create something ravishing on your wedding day. Yes, “flowers” have been there forever, brightening up the weddings, filling the entire space with splendid burst of colors and soothing natural fragrances. These delicate beauties that are often labeled as ‘pricey affair’ or ‘not available in every season’ are seldom true. Glance through these 15 affordable wedding flowers and get amazed!

15 Breathtaking Affordable Wedding Flowers to Save Your Budget



Daisies are white by nature and can completely transform the wedding space. Superb as flower filler, these economical wedding flowers make for a gorgeous springtime bouquet. If you wish to have them in colors, food-coloring would do the trick.


Baby's Breath

Go classy with a smart bundle of Baby’s breath bridal bouquet. These low-cost flowers are perfect for the angelic bridal look when teamed with long, trailing pastel-colored ribbons. Available throughout the year, they make for gorgeous flower coronets.



To spread an enchanting aura, there is no blossom that can beat the sunflowers. This vibrant yellow summer flower can add drama to your wedding. Quite surprisingly, these large beauties have no hefty price tags attached to them.


Peruvian Lily

Did you know Peruvian Lily stand for opulence, luck, and companionship? Yes! You would be ecstatic to know that it blooms in over 150 shades. Also called alstroemeria, this patterned flower can match any bridal color scheme.



Are roses your all time favorite blossom? Good news then, rose is a moderately priced wedding flower. The marvelous aspect about roses is that they look stunning as a bud, a partially blooming bud and also in full bloom.



The fluffy Hydrangeas top the list of affordable wedding flowers. These ball shaped flower is enormous in size and just 3-4 stems are enough for filling a pot. A steep angular cut makes sensitive Hydrangeas last longer.



Carnations look brilliant as wedding centerpieces, bouquet, as well as on escort cards. The eye-catching hues and durable nature set these subtle smelling flowers apart. Carnations fade beautifully, making them a fabulous choice for saving a post-wedding memory.



Tulips are versatile spring blossoms available both as frilly and fringed. Tulips add a touch of subtle grace to the setting. For those brides who love white bouquets, tulips combined with twigs of baby’s breath can seize every gaze.



A noble flair, while on a tight budget, can only be achieved with Irises. A bridal bouquet of blue irises looks supremely attractive against the white gown. Tall iris placed in a vase make excellent reception table centerpiece.



A single stem of chamelaucium or wax flower consists of multiple blooms. This flowery shrub is cheaper than baby’s breath. Pleasing to the eye, these look impressive when placed in tiny bottles and lined up across the table.



Gladiolas are perfect match for summer weddings that calls for long stemmed affordable wedding flowers. They bloom in white, pink, yellow and many more bright tones. Their 2-6 feet length makes them apt for tall bouquets and centerpieces.



The tall leafy stemmed snapdragon is a striking blossom. They are a classy pick for adding texture and dimension to the bridal bouquets. Tie them up with pearl strings for an enhanced look. Snapdragons are available at all seasons except summer.



Go bold and contradict the white backdrop with luscious rainbow hued dahlia. These soft flowers look spectacular in their dual tones. Quite a good bargain, dahlias grow mostly during the end of summer and at the start of autumn.


Blue thistle

Blue thistle is the current style statement. This smart looking blue flower looks impressive on silk buttonholes, as bridal bouquets, ladies corosages, and flower crowns. Fabulous as they are, blue thistle won’t burn your pockets for sure.



Chrysanthemums, also called chrysanths/mums, are the most all-around and standard selection for weddings. You don’t need to go over-board when ordering these charming blooms. These look lovely as bridal bouquets both in single shade or blended with other colors.

Tips to Consider for Purchasing Affordable Wedding Flowers

You have known some flowers that are budget-friendly. Besides using these inexpensive flowers, there are also some tricks to save your cost.

  • Adjust. Singling out a flower and sticking to it can cost you a lot, as season, high demand and pests often raise the price bar. Visit different flower shops and settle for other discounted flowers.

  • Season Alert. Picking seasonal blossoms is a smart way to go. Sunflowers, gladiolus and baby’s breath are summer blooms whereas daisies are late spring blossoms. Carnations and roses can be purchased in all seasons at a low fee.

  • Substitute. Why spend more when substitutes to fresh blossoms can save you a buck? Here is a good idea: High-priced floral centerpieces can be switched with spray painted candelabras.

  • Skip Bridesmaid’s Bouquet. Save cash by skipping the bridesmaid’s bouquet for something similar or unique. Silk flowers and paper flowers are some options.

  • Use Less. Gladiolus, Sunflower and Hydrangeas are voluminous flowers. Using a few stems are enough to fill a centerpiece. Tall flowers when cut at different heights and placed in vases can look pretty outstanding.

  • Go Local. Scan multiple flower gardens in your area. Rope in a florist who knows the area well and can get you some gorgeous blooms, twigs and wildflowers..

  • Try Orchids. Many are unaware of the fact that certain orchids are quire affordable. For instance: Dendrobium orchids are beautiful and cheap.

  • Mix and Match. Go creative in a smart way to cut costs. Blend in 2-3 of your favorite costly flowers with the inexpensive ones to complete an amazing looking bridal bouquet. Online bridal bouquet images can be useful for extracting ideas.

  • Go Colorful Than White. The fragility of white blooms makes them a pricey lot. Go easy on the pocket by selecting colored or patterned flowers.