Wedding Gift Etiquette in Italy You Should Know


Italian weddings are quite rich in tradition and symbolism. There are some customs alive in the wedding ceremonies, including some interesting wedding gift etiquette in Italy. Whether you are a foreigner throwing an Italian wedding party or you are attending an Italian wedding of someone you know, you should pay special attention to selecting the best wedding gifts. Keep reading to learn more about it.

Wedding Gift Etiquette in Italy You Should Know

Italian weddings are incomplete without gifts, and you need to learn about some etiquette of Italian wedding gift to avoid facing any embarrassment.

Wedding Gifts

You as a guest will have to give the couple a gift. While selecting a gift, it is important to keep in mind that these gifts will reflect the standing in the community of the couple's families. It means that well-respected families are going to get lavish gifts. These gifts were a way to say "thank you" to the families in old traditions. Just make sure that you select a gift that indicates that you have selected it with love for the couple. Elegant items and personalized gifts are always favored.

One important thing to bear in mind is that under no circumstances should you be giving away something you have picked up on sale. That looks tacky and is never well received by the couple's families. You have to understand that a wedding with an open bar will cost the couple a minimum of $100, so your gift should at least cost $200 or more. You have to keep this wedding gift etiquette in Italy in mind, and decline the invitation if you think you cannot afford a better gift.


Money Gifts

Brides in traditional Italian weddings always carry a satin bag, called la borsa at the time of reception. You should take an envelope with some money in it, and place it into the bag. This money gift will help the couple make some future arrangements – they can use the money to plan for the honeymoon. Another wedding gift etiquette in Italy is to place some money in the satin bag if you want a dance with the bride. It is also not uncommon for grooms to cut pieces of their tie and sell them to guests for money. Just keep in mind that you need to give at least $100 to the bride, but it is better to be anywhere between $100 and $250 per person. You may even see guests giving $400 and even more to the couple, so be ready to spend some money here.

More Interesting Italian Wedding Etiquettes

If this is the first time for you to attend an Italian wedding, you are definitely going to see some fascinating traditions. There are so many things different from American weddings or weddings in other parts of the world. Knowledge about wedding gift etiquette in Italy will definitely help, but here is some more Italian wedding etiquette for your understanding.

Expect Many Guests

You will be a part of a huge gathering with 350 guests on average. The attendance may go up to 1000 guests! Weddings in Italy are focused around family, and this explains why you will see so many guests there. There will be bride and groom as well as their cousins, siblings, and even great uncles and aunts.


Do Not Fear Rain

Just bring your umbrella with you if you think there will be rain on the wedding day. People in Italy take rain as a sign of good luck and happy marriage. So, just take out your umbrella and start dancing.


Dress Formally

You need to be in a formal dress when attending an Italian wedding – this is as important as understanding wedding gift etiquette in Italy. You should not wear all white because it is considered rude, and wearing all black is not a good idea too.


You Won't Be Empty When Leaving

You may be wondering that Italian weddings are all about gifts, but will there be something good for the guests? YES, you will always receive bombonieres or favors at Italian weddings. You will receive bags with no less than five pieces of confetti. Some couples also give out Christmas tree ornaments, wrapped cookies, and more.