For School or Cosplay: Cute Japanese School Uniforms


Nothing is more iconic than the Japanese school uniform, instantly recognizable across the globe for soft pleating, structured blazers and blouses, and feminine bow tie detailing. Most commonly worn in classic colors such as navy, red, black, and white, there are many signature styles associated with the trend. So whether you’re looking for a school uniform or looking to have fun playing dress-up, this collection of sailor-inspired uniforms is what you need.

For School or Cosplay: Cute Japanese School Uniforms


Whether you’re in need of a uniform for class or cosplay, this reasonably priced blazer and skirt combo is a must-have. Featuring a black blazer with white piping on the lapels, brass buttons, and side pockets, as well as a tartan-inspired mini skirt in red, white, and black plaid, this sensible ensemble looks more like an authentic school uniform than a costume, but it’s perfect for both!

Ebay Japanese Anime Costume ($19)


Hit the books with this stylish Japanese uniform coat set. With a traditional pleated skirt in beige and navy blue blazer with white piped stitching and brass buttons, this uniform evokes some of the most popular Japanese school girl styles. Appropriate for middle schoolers to high school students, this uniform is one of our faves.

Lawrara Shop Japanese DK school uniform with Coat Set ($80)


Channel your inner sailor in this demure sailor-suit school uniform perfect for spring and summer. In a bright and bold red hue, this is at the top of our list of Japanese school uniforms. Featuring a white shirt with red striped detailing and bow, along with a plaid red and black pleated mini shirt, this uniform can be easily paired with knee-high socks and black loafers for an all-out naval look.

Milanoo Red Short Sleeve Sailor Suit Uniform ($46)


Opt for this sweater choice for brisk fall mornings. This classical Japanese uniform features a pleated navy mini skirt with white stripes at the hem and a beige pullover sweater. Wear over a traditional white button-down and matching navy bow at the neck for instant preppy style. Its comfort and effortless style makes it one of the best options during the cooler seasons.

Lawrara Shop Japanese JK school uniform with sweater Set ($70)


This sailor-inspired one-piece dress is perfect for school or dress-up. Brass buttons and a red bow adorn this black dress in a classic A-line silhouette. This is a great alternative to the traditional skirt and jacket combination, while still retaining an air of girlish charm. Pair with knee-high socks and matching shoes for a school-ready look that is both girly and demure.

Milanoo Short Sleeves Sailor Cosplay School Uniform ($50)


The quality materials and intricate detailing of this Japanese school uniform makes it a true stand-out. Take a twirl in the pleated skirt in brilliant cobalt blue and black stripes at the hem, and throw on the structured black blazer with white detailing and red ribbon. What’s more is that these beautifully hand-crafted uniforms are professionally tailored to your exact measurements for a guaranteed fit.

Ebay Date A Live Tobiichi Origami Uniform of Japanese High School Anime*Tailored ($81)


This Matou Sakura costume is perfect for the cosplay lover. Get this entire ensemble — skirt, shirt, vest, and bow-knot—for an incredible price. With a lightly flared black skirt, fitted tan blazer, and blouse with red detailing at the cuffs and neckline, this uniform works great as both a costume and school outfit. The soft tan vest is also a fun alternative to the more expected navy/red uniforms available on the market.

Hello Cosplay Cosplay Homurabara Gakuen School Girl Uniform ($85)


We love this Eton-jacket uniform for its deep V-neckline vest. In a bright, bold red hue, this vest is sure to make a lasting impression. Wear over a short-sleeved top and pleated black skirt for a studious, yet feminine look. This Japanese school uniform is made from high-quality cotton and polyester, skillfully designed to replicate the uniform from the Fortune Arterial visual novel. You can’t go wrong with it!

Hello Cosplay Fortune Arterial School Girl Cosplay Uniform ($80)