Is Jason Statham Married?


This year, the internet is abuzz that Jason Statham married his love, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, in a top secret ceremony. The pair got engaged back in January and fans were eagerly awaiting an announcement of their upcoming nuptials, but it looks as though the two may have skipped that process entirely and had an impromptu wedding, possibly within the last week.

Is Jason Statham Married?

It should be no surprise that Jason Statham married so suddenly, however. The hot pair were the talk of the press when they got engaged several months ago. Huntington-Whiteley, known for her work in Mad Max: Fury Road, showed off her gorgeous brilliant-cut, solitaire diamond engagement ring at the Golden Globes on January 10.

Statham (a fan favorite for his roles in Snatch and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels) confirmed the engagement through his rep. For years, Statham has been a staple in crime and action movies, working in series such as The Expendables and making a recent move into the world of The Fast and the Furious, starring in Furious 7.

Huntington-Whiteley worked as a model before trying her hand at acting. She first hit the catwalk in 2004 and scored a Vogue cover in 2008, appearing solo on the front of the fashion mag in 2011. She then set her sights on acting, nabbing a lead role in 2011’s Transformers. Working on the film is where she and Statham first met; he invited her to attend the Coachella film festival as his date and the rest, as they say, is history.

The pair have been dating for five years and live together in Los Angeles, so people start wondering: Is Jason Statham married? In an interview earlier this year, Huntington-Whiteley said that she thought they would likely have children before getting married. Shortly before their engagement, the couple was spotted flaunting their beach-perfect bodies on a luxurious New Year’s vacation to Thailand.

Their engagement caused waves in the British press, in part because Statham comes from a working-class background and Huntington-Whiteley is descended from a family of baronets and friends of royals. She was raised on her family’s farm not far from Tavistock, England, where her family raised horses and went on holiday to ski. In contrast, Statham worked the blue-collar club circuit as a kid, playing drums with his family’s band in order to earn money. When he wasn’t playing music, he was helping his dad run rather sketchy “mock auctions.”

The couple’s 20-year age difference also sparked whispers; he is currently 48 and she is 28. This doesn’t seem to have caused any issue, however; the couple has been going strong since they first became involved. He attributes their success as a couple to drinking and hanging around their swimming pool; Huntington-Whiteley says that they work so well because they’re best friends and Statham makes her laugh.

Rumors that Jason Statham married Huntington-Whiteley started swirling when Statham was spotted with a new bit of bling on his ring finger earlier in January. The sudden appearance of a possible wedding ring was followed by a mysterious tweet from a friend of the couple: “They certainly looked like a happy couple.” With that, the Twittersphere was set afire with did-they-or-didn’t-they speculation about the couple’s secret marriage.

Could the friend’s tweet have been a happy observation made after witnessing the couple’s secret nuptials? Reports are that the couple married in an early-morning wedding ceremony at an undisclosed location. A small number of their friends and family members were in attendance.

No reps have stepped forward to confirm or deny the rumors that Jason Statham married in January. The couple has not yet released any statement.