10 Pictures to Remember Jay Z and Beyoncé’s Wedding


Put a ring on Jay Z and Beyoncé’s secret wedding because we like it, to say the least. That is what we’ve seen of it. It’s no secret the couple have kept their nuptials on the down low for a very long time, since 2004 actually. A video was posted recently giving social media a sneak peak at Jay Z and Beyoncé’s wedding from many moons ago, as well as give us much to appreciate with what we’ve seen so far.

10 Pictures to Remember Jay Z and Beyoncé’s Wedding


A Common Passion

Isn’t it the dream to find someone you are compatible with and share a similar passion that you can both nurture and grow together, knowing they inspire you to be the best you can be? This seems to be the real life case of Beyoncé and Jay; they’ve been performing together for years, showing that not only do they rock in relationships as a couple, but actually have chemistry enough to rock on stage with each other as well!



Jay Z and Beyoncé’s wedding was held top secret in the groom’s New York apartment, decorated lavishly, according to the only forty–some guests who were invited to go. The fact that they don’t feel the need to see their relationship plastered across all forms of social media is inspiring and suggests that the love and understanding they have for one another is very important to both of them, and they only want to share it with their loved ones instead of the entire world. This is a clip from the video Jay Z shared for their anniversary showing some intimate moments that were not previously shared with the general public (aka, us mortals).


Freedom & Comfort

Being able to eat a burger in the car while wearing your wedding dress is the dream. Ok, maybe that’s just me, but you can definitely tell there is so much between them. Tthey feel free, at ease and totally comfortable with each other!


The Ring

Seriously, look at this ring. This amazing looking, eighteen karat boulder sized ring is beautiful. Its estimated price is an insane five million dollars! What?! Yes, you read right, this ring is worth more than any sum of money I have seen or will see in the entirety of my existence. It’s a stunningly simple design, very classy and elegant piece. It’s not too ostentatious, in design anyway, and not at all overdone or over accessorized.


The Ring Tattoo

Of all the things we can possibly know about Jay Z and Beyoncé’s wedding, the fact that they got matching tattoos under their rings is undeniably my absolute favorite. I find this is a hugely romantic gesture and is actually very common to see now-a-days in many modern relationships. Their tattoo is the roman version of number four; representing both of their birthdays and wedding anniversary date. They also have an album released under that same title.


The Dress

Granted, this isn’t the actual dress she used in her wedding, but it is stunning nonetheless and was featured in the singer’s “Best thing I never had” video. Although there are many rumors to its origin, this dress is actually a Baracci original. For her real-life wedding, Beyoncé donned a gorgeous strapless white dress, complete with veil and a blue manicure. Her hair is pulled in to a tight bun on which her veil rests.


Blue Nails

Beyoncé is known for going all-out and being a music and fashion icon. No surprise that she decided to go with some more eccentric details at her wedding, like her blue nails that can be seen as Jay Z slides the aforementioned boulder-ring on her finger. They add just enough splash of color and quirkiness to the elegant dress and hair-do she’s got going; Beyoncé is an original, even when it comes to wedding manicures.


Fake Proposing

The fact that Jay Z did a mock proposal when Beyoncé’s ring fell off at the Met Gala was too cute. While we don’t know many details surrounding the genuine proposal, we can only imagine that if Jay Z is as romantic as he seems in details like these, it must have been quite a fine one. As if this picture isn’t adorable enough; this was in 2014, ten years after the real proposal, which to us looks like they haven’t lost their relationship spark to marriage. Kudos to them!


Anniversary Escape

In 2015, for their seven year anniversary, the couple jetted off to Hawaii along with their daughter, Blue Ivy. Amongst breakup and cheating rumors, the two decided to put a stop to gossip and bad vibes by strengthening their already tight bond with a romantic getaway. This just goes to show that haters are gonna hate, that love is unconditional and no matter who is offering up an opinion on your love life, your own happiness is priority.


Totally in love

They just look amazingly in love and make it work. This one depicts Jay Z and Beyoncé’s wedding at its best because, no matter how you look at it, in the end the most important and memorable factor is the love they share for each other and what they do. They are not only husband and wife, but friends, partners, and coworkers that undoubtedly support and care for each other no matter the obstacles they seem to run in to.