How to Accessorize: Jewellery for One Shoulder Dresses


One shoulder dresses are back on the bridal runways, and everyone seems to love it. They are sexy and provocative yet elegant and sophisticated at the same time, exactly what a bride wants on her special day. When it comes to pick the right jewellery for one shoulder dresses, it seems a little tricky. How could you achieve a clean, sophisticated and gorgeous look? The tips is: keep jewelry away from the neckline. Keep reading for ideas to accessorize your one shoulder dress.

How to Accessorize: Jewellery for One Shoulder Dresses

For fancier dresses like these three in the picture below, which already have a lot of embellishments, a necklace can be a little bit too much. So try to focus on earrings and bracelets. If you are looking for a clean look, try to use small jewelry.

Use small and gentle jewellery for one shoulder dress like these ones below.

However if you think that you can use something with more presence like these earrings, go for it.

Look at this bride on the right, the look is completely clean and simple, and that is because she uses minimal jewelry. But for a small dress like the one on the left, a big head piece works just fine.

Since one-shoulder dresses already draws too much attention to the neckline, you can shift focus to the hair, by using beautiful headpieces. They can be rustic or boho style.

Or you can go for classic or modern ones. 

Bracelets can be good jewellery for one shoulder dress, you can either go bold and choose cool ones or pick classic ones to create an elegant look.

Or you can go with a more simple bracelet and you will look equally beautiful.

And don't forget about the shoes. You can go crazy with them and they will look amazing. Check this picture below you have a white traditional high heel with large jewellery on the heels and they look fancy and elegant. And the gold jewellery on the right make these high heels look extremely cute and vintage.

One shoulder dresses can also be a fantastic idea for the bridesmaids. As a bridesmaid, there are many choices for jewellery for one shoulder dresses, you can use small and simple necklace or even a small choker.

You can even go for bigger earrings or colorful ones and it won’t look bad. Look how amazing are those looks even though the earring is almost touching the one-shoulder strap.