Top 15 John Mayer Wedding Songs


Sexy guitar riffs, husky vocal stylings, and sweet, sentimental lyrics – these are just some of the things that make the singer-songwriter John Mayer a huge pop hit. So it isn’t surprising that many people turn to him and his discography for a memorable wedding playlist. Don’t have time to pop in all his award-winning albums? Use our guide for the best John Mayer wedding songs!

Top 15 John Mayer's Wedding Songs


Love is a Verb (Born and Raised, 2012)

Reason why it’s listed: This song is basically the famous Corinthians 13 as sung by John Mayer. It describes how love is so much more than what we see in movies, and is actually an action that goes beyond words. Show each other, and show the audience, that love is a verb!

When to play: When it’s time to kiss the bride! The first kiss as husband and wife is just the action that this John Mayer wedding song is looking for.


Who You Love feat. Katy Perry (Paradise Valley, 2013)

Reason why it’s listed: This is a super romantic song that forgets any prerequisites and difficulties in relationships. Your love doesn’t pick and choose the object of your affections; you just end up falling for someone in spite of any circumstances.

When to play: At the end of the wedding. Reprise it using wonderful live singers who will croon the lyrics the way that John Mayer and Katy Perry do in the album track.


A Face to Call Home (Born and Raised, 2012)

Reason why it’s listed: This song is so appropriate for weddings! It describes building a home with someone, both literally and figuratively. It’s very romantic and particular about the finality of this decision and the love that the couple lives on. Home isn’t a place but a person who you love!

When to Play: This is the perfect first dance song - a celebration of the new life you are planning together!


Daughters (Heavier Things, 2003)

Reason why it’s listed: This song is another obvious inclusion. John Mayer skyrocketed to fame with this song, which captured the hearts of many women who loved his sensitive singer-songwriter persona. It’s a telling song about fathers being an important part of their daughter’s lives, because they’ll experience living with men as they grow up. It’s guaranteed to bring tears to your guests’ eyes.

When to Play: The heartwarming father-daughter dance, of course!


Waitin’ on the Day (Paradise Valley, 2013)

Reason why it’s listed: It’s a beautiful song about looking forward to a solid family life with the one you love. He’s already planned out the future, and he can’t wait. All John Mayer wedding songs playlists must include this hopeful track!

When to play: It’s a cheeky first song, because this really is the day when your baby will love you all the way.


Edge of Desire (Battle Studies, 2009)

Reason why it’s listed: This song has a passionate edge to it that will suit young couples and weddings that are not religious. It’s a cute theme that talks about the kind of love where you just lie in bed together.

When to Play: During the audio visual presentation about the couple’s past few years leading up to their engagement.


Something Like Olivia (Born and Raised, 2012)

Reason why it’s listed: This song is about a wonderful woman who has been taken (in this case, just got hitched), and the desire to find someone like her. It’s a John Mayer wedding song that could turn the attention of everyone to the beautiful new bride! Bonus points if the bride is actually named Olivia!

When to play: The tune that introduces the bride.


Half of My Heart feat. Taylor Swift (Battle Studies, 2009)

Reason why it’s listed: It’s a wonderful song about the fickle nature of love, and how difficult it is. On the other hand, despite that, love is such a strong force that will overcome.

When to play: During the chill out moments of the reception. People will be singing out loud.


Say (Continuum, 2006)

Reason why it’s listed: This is a song that addresses the difficulties of life. It highlights how important communication is between the couple and the people that surround their relationship. The fear that one person is feeling is shared with the other. Who said John Mayer's wedding songs are just about romantic love?

When to Play: During the moment leading up to the exchange of rings.


Free Fallin’(Where the Light Is,2008)

Reason why it’s listed: This is such a quintessential story about young, teenage love and its ups and downs. It also works when the couple are actually opposites in terms of their personalities and attitudes, and it reflects on how their relationship has stood the test of time.

When to play: Play when you’re introducing the couple. Good girl and bad boy, indeed!


The Heart of Life (Continuum, 2006)

Reason why it’s listed: Since a wedding is a celebration of life, this song captures the notion that, in going through the pain you experience, your best weapon is love between your beloved, friends, and family. Going through life is made easy because of them! Life is good.

When to play: When there is a speech or presentation about the difficulties that the couple went through to get to where they are now.


Stop This Train (Continuum, 2006)

Reason why it’s listed: Before you think this song refers to stopping the wedding, it actually refers more to making this perfect moment of youth and love last longer. Many of John Mayer’s songs are sentimental but this one has a positive edge to it.

When to Play: When your audio visual presentation about your friends and families are playing.


XO (Beyonce Cover)

Reason why it’s listed: While XO is a beautiful Beyonce song through and through, John Mayer’s breathy vocals have a more laid back, sensual edge that is perfect for romantic moments.

When to Play: During the winding down of the wedding, where everyone is more relaxed and getting ready to go home from the wonderful event.


No Such Thing (Room for Squares, 2001)

Reason why it’s listed: It’s not exactly a romantic song, but it’s all about living the life you want without being told otherwise. Since marriage is a beginning of a new life, it’s in this list of John Mayer's wedding songs because of its fun and rebellious vibe.

When to play: On the dance floor with all your friends rocking out!


Back to You (Room for Squares, 2001)

Reason why it’s listed: One of John Mayer’s earlier hits, this is actually a song about a difficult breakup. However, it is also acceptable as a wonderful love song about not being able to walk away easily from someone who’s captured your heart.

When to Play: At the end of the wedding, when everyone is reminiscing about their loves of past and present. At least yours has become a happy ending that left the light on!