Just Engaged Now What to Do Next?


We just get engaged, what shall we do next? Engagement is just the beginning. The journey to a long, blissful life has just began. It’s the time that keeps any girl excited and intoxicated for finding her soul mate. Lots of pictures of the events are posted on social media sites. Girls make haste to update their relationship status on Facebook from single to engaged. This all seems quite exciting no doubt. But there are a lot of other important things that need your attention.

Must-Do Things after Engagement

Here is the perfect post-engagement guide for all couples-to-be asking: we are just engaged, now what to do?

Take Time to Indulge in the Happiness

Most of the engaged couples start planning and celebrate the upcoming marriage right after engagement. Life is going to take a different turn once you are hitched up. It’s better to take a break for a couple of days-weeks to ponder over the romance in getting engaged and make this time best of your life as a single. You will have much time for getting into logistics of final celebration.


Get You Engagement Ring Insured

If your ring is not insured, get it done today. Things you require are the receipt of it and an appraisal. If you do not have appraisal due to any specific reason, you can get it from any certified gemologist with a little fee for it. Engagement ring insurance cover can also be processed through a ‘rider’. Rider stands for an insurance cover for your household items, as an extension, for your home renter or home owner’s policy. This way is also quite cost-effective.


Get Your Ring Two Ring Holders

Many of us take an engagement ring for granted. Some happen to break it or lost it somewhere while working. The very first thing to do as soon as you get the ring on your finger, buy two ring holders. Place one on your dresser and the other for the kitchen counter. While you are washing dishes or busy doing any other kitchen task, place it on the holder. It will not only save any damage to its appearance but will also protect it from getting lost.


Break the News!

Just engaged now what? It’s better to disclose it to all the friends and family members. To start with your parents would be best, then siblings, closest of friends and finally close relatives (especially senior ones). Prefer delivering the good news in person rather than on phone. And for all those distant relatives, an email to the group is a nice idea. Once it’s done, feel free to upload your status on social media for all other acquaintances, to spread the news.


Follow a Skincare Regimen

It’s time for self-care. Look out for some professional beauty salon and start following a beauty care routine. Opt for regular manicure, pedicure and monthly facials. It will surely give you that perfect bridal look on your wedding.


Stay Away from Exes

Engagement is a new phase of your life. It’s better to start it from the scratch. You must have some ex relationships in the past. But now is the time to leave that all behind. Show a no entry sign on your Facebook, email, texting etc. for your exes. Unless your fiancé is a very supportive and friendly-natured person and have no issues with you on good talking terms with your ex.


Plan on Your Big Day!

It’s the time to sit down, relaxed and calmed with your fiancé and ask each other: just engaged now what? And exchange your thoughts and views on what type of wedding ceremony or wedding venue, you two have always thought of. This will make it easy for both of you to come to any acceptable conclusion without creating any fuss about the issue.


Get Wedding Inspiration

Once you have settled the issue of venue, next comes the stage for getting inspirations for wedding style, theme, décor etc. For it, two of you must sit together and signup for the web, especially Pinterest, to get the best possible ideas.


Most Suitable Wedding Date

Before finalizing the wedding date, there are lots of points to review. For example, season: whether you want summer or spring wedding or wish a wedding set in autumn/winter theme. Wedding date should be set keeping in view the weather conditions in the area where you are having the ceremony. Lastly, set a date when there is no other friend or family members’ wedding date around, to make it easy for all to attend.


Plan Your Budget

Dreaming big is easy but turning it into reality is other thing. To make your wedding dreams come true, you must work out on your wedding budget and set your priorities. Spend lavishly where it requires and cut down the budget if necessary. If parents from both sides are also contributing in the wedding budget, make them a part of wedding planning budget discussion too.


Look for the Best Vendors

Next comes the booking of vendors. As you want the best vendors from officiant, DJ, photographer to florists etc. It’s good to choose the best ones and book them in advance as they get booked on daily basis and charge per day.

When to Hire Vendors:

Do not go for hiring vendors until you are done with the venue. Once you have finalized the venue, you can look for the vendors that you want. But vendors like photographer or videographers (if there is any favorite one) can be hired before signing for a venue so that you can match your wedding date with their busy schedule.


Outline a Guest List

To get an estimate of your wedding budget, you must compile an outline of the maximum number of guests that you can afford. And it will also help to determine the venue. With a guest list of 200 people, how would you manage a ceremony in a church spacious enough for 50 only?


Look for Wedding Attires

Just engaged now what? Think about what you want to wear on your big day! Though this stage is too early to finalize any wedding dresses for both, especially for bride, but keep an eye on the bridal or wedding trends, evolving around you. It will help you to decide the final one in the last hour.

Check out our category of wedding dresses for inspiration.


Bridal Registry

Get wedding registry from any website or retail store (that provide this service). Select a few desired gift items that you would like to have on wedding. This will not make you look gift-grabby rather it would help your guests in the selection of wedding gifts for you. Here is the detailed answer to what you should register for your wedding.


Don’t Forget Communication and Bonding

As both of you have a hectic everyday regimen to follow, it’s hard to meet on daily basis with your fiancé (if you aren’t living together yet). But planning a wedding and setting the best management for it requires you to meet regularly and discuss various issues and plans. If daily seems impossible, plan a weekly meeting with your future husband and share your thoughts and ideas. This is also a  good time to share your feelings!