Justin Alexander Wedding Dresses: Collection and Prices


Justin Alexander’s bridal collection is characterized by amazing details, lace patterns, and stunning embroidery and beading. When it comes to Justin Alexander prices, they might exceed your budget for your wedding dress as they typically start from $1,000, and they may reach $2,500, depending on the details, embroidery, and the use of textures and materials. Keep on reading for more details on Justin Alexander wedding dresses.

Justin Alexander Wedding Dresses

Discover some of Justin Alexander's most beautiful and original wedding dresses and see which one fits your style.

Timeless Ball Gown

This stunning ball gown certainly has an everlasting charm. The choice of soft tulle and the silhouette highlight the bride’s waist and create a timeless look. The nude neckline and the incredible attention to detail on the embroidery are features that stand for the work of a talented designer. When it comes to Justin Alexander prices,  this dress is somewhere between $1,000 and $2,500.

Tea-length Classic Gown

This tea-length dress, inspired by the 50s will genuinely make a statement. The choice of royal, lavish satin, combined with soft tulle, and the sweetheart neckline constructs a classic look. This design is one-of-a-kind, and will suit the bride who is attracted by the retro period, and the particular fashion of that time.


Tulle and lace create a classic combination that is truly ageless. The dropped waist, and the stunning neckline add a little bit of drama to the dress, in this way, combining the features of a royal gown, with an ounce of authenticity. The gloves, of course, complete the look, but you may count them in or out, depending on how royal you wish to feel on your wedding day.


This gown includes the primary features that characterize Justin Alexander’s luxurious collection. The trumpet silhouette and the embroidered lace create the image of pure delicacy and soft elegance. This dress is inspired by the luxurious age of the 1920’s, the choice of embroidery and decorations being ideal for the bride who wants to embrace classy elegance. The intricate beading covering the stunning gown from head to toe will enable you to make an grand appearance. Now you probably understand why Justin Alexander Prices start at $1,000.


The organza ruffle skirt illustrates opulence and luxury. At the same time, the sweetheart neckline and the intricate metallic bodice make this gown one of a kind. This dress is alluring and ravishing – what else could you expect from a prestigious designer such as Justin Alexander? You’ll feel like a princess in this marvellous gown – guaranteed!


This stunning dress has a luxurious, innovative embroidery. The eye-catching details create a one-of-a-kind appearance, and the attractive traits are the incorporation of romance and elegance. The silhouette and the style of the gown add a dimension of distinction to each bride, making you feel elegant and classy, as you should on your most special day.

Mermaid Silhouette

This polished, satin gown recalls the luxury of the 20th century fashion. The 2016 bridal collection presented by Justin Alexander includes traces of the particular opulence and lavish looks that were typical at that day. Of course, luxury can never go out of style; that’s why such a gown is extraordinary – the mermaid silhouette that will complement your figure, and the detail that highlights your waist, adds to the charm of the dress. The Justin Alexander prices for this particular gown may reach $1500, but the prices differ by location, as you can find out on the official site.

Silk and Tulle

The faded pink nuance looks stunning on this dress. If you have a romantic personality, you adore pink, and you want to embrace an elegant, princess-like look on your wedding, this is the ideal gown for you. The choice of materials contributes to increasing the charm of the dress – the satin mirrors royalty, and the tulle recalls elegance and frailty, not to mention the elegant waistband that adds a little bit of character to the dress. It’s hard not to fall in love with this one.

Classic Appeal

The beaded lace, in combination with soft tulle, creates a classy look. The attention to detail is stunning – the embroidery of the gown takes your breath away, and the gown is figure flattering. The dress encompasses an ounce of modernity, and timeless charm.

All Covered in Lace

This stunning gown is the pure definition of enchanting. If you want to feel like a princess on your wedding day, this is certainly the ideal choice. What sounds better than being covered in delicate, beautiful lace from head to toe? When it comes to the Justin Alexander prices for this specific dress, they may reach $2000, but once again, this is not a fixed price.

Justin Alexander FAQ

Can I buy a Justin Alexander dress from the Internet?

One cannot purchase a dress from the designer’s collection over the Internet. However, you may get your dream dress from a registered retailer.

How do I find a retailer that sells Justin Alexander dresses?

Click here to find a retailer in your neighborhood. In case you cannot find a bridal retailer in your proximity that supplies the Justin Alexander Line, you can ask your local retailer to contact Justin Alexander and become a retailer of the line.

Do registered retailers have Justin Alexander’s entire bridal collection in their shops?

A retailer may not present the entire Justin Alexander line. For instance, particular styles may be available in certain regions, as opposed to others. For that reason, it’s recommended to contact the bridal retailer in your proximity, and browse through the styles that are available in that area.

What are Justin Alexander prices?

If you have set your heart on a particular gown, and you want to find out its price, you have to contact your local Justin Alexander retailer. That’s because the prices aren’t available on the Internet, as they may vary depending on market conditions and location.