The 20 Best Moments of Kate and William Wedding


Kate Middleton and Prince William are about to celebrate a big marital milestone later this month: their ‘wooden’ wedding anniversary! Five years and two children after the glorious event that captivated no less than 2 billion people who tuned it to watch the royal nuptials, the world is still in awe when it comes to the likes of Kate and William wedding. Here are just a few of the best moments of the world-watched event, moments that have that unforgettable, fairytale-like quality.

The 20 Best Moments of Kate and William Wedding

Top 20: Prince William’ s Arrival

The groom and his brother / best man Prince Harry were the first to arrive at the Westminster Abbey church, looking cheerful ahead of the highly anticipated, fabulous event.

Top 19: The Arrival of the Parents

The bride and the Queen were not the only ones whose arrivals were highly anticipated as the whole world prepared to watch the glamorous Kate and William wedding. Charles and Camilla arrived at the nuptials dressed to impress, followed by the mother of the bride, Carole, wearing a pale blue coatdress.

Top 18: The Cute Little Wedding Party

Dressed to the nines and endowed with their biggest smiles, Tom Pettifer, Master William Lowther-Pinkerton, Lady Louise Windsor and Margarita Armstrong-Jones arrived at The Abbey ahead of the nuptials.

Top 17: The Queen Arrives

The Queen’s appearance ahead of the royal wedding was definitely a highlight of the day. Dressed in one of her trademark colors, sunny yellow, in an Angela Kelly wool crepe dress with a matching coat, the Queen looked proper and joyful at the event.

Top 16: Pippa’s Royal Debut

Pippa, the now-famous sister of the bride and the maid of honor of the day, did not go unnoticed in her immaculate white dress that revealed an equally flawless figure, as she held her sister’s long train.

Top 15: The Bride’s Processional

The bride and her proud father Michael Middleton were spotted by the crowd as they arrived at Westminster Abbey in a Rolls Royce Phantom VI, while Kate greeted the people with a subtle hand wave.

Top 14: The Bride’s Wedding Gown

A simple, yet elegant creation featuring long lace sleeves and an impressive train designed by luxury fashion house Alexander McQueen, carefully matched with a silk tulle veil and a Cartier tiara; the bride looked stunning, yet not overly-ornate in her chosen ensemble.

Top 13: Walking Down the Aisle

In true traditional fashion, the bride’s father, Michael Middleton, walked the soon-to-be duchess down the altar, where she was welcomed by her groom. Sister Pippa and the adorable crew of wedding party kids followed them closely.

Top 12: The Prince Greets His Bride

As one of the most romantic moments of Kate and William wedding, William welcomed his blushing bride at the altar, then whispered “You look beautiful” to her, like any other groom mesmerized by his future wife’s glowing beauty.

Top 11: Kneeling at the Altar

One of the most important moments of the nuptials captured in photographs was the moment during the ceremony when Kate and William kneed down at the church’s altar.

Top 10: Exchanging Vows

The bride and groom looked into each other’s eyes as they vowed eternal love in front of not only their families and friends, but the entire world.

Top 9: The Exchange of the Rings

As a pivotal moment in any wedding, the romantic ring exchange between William and his bride was loaded with emotion and shy smiles on both sides.

Top 8: The New Couple Departs

Married lovebirds Kate and William left the Abbey as husband and wife, delighting the crowds. Soon after, the other royals and Kate’s family left the Abbey while engaging in some post-ceremony chatting.

Top 7: The Open Carriage Processional

One of the crowd’s favorite moments of the royal wedding was definitely the open carriage processional, when the newly married coupled waved to crowds from a 1902 State Landau carriage.

Top 6: The Balcony Kiss

No other moment can compare in romanticism and fairytale dosage when it comes to Kate and William wedding with the balcony kiss, a magical moment that the newlyweds shared with the watching world and the enthusiastic live crowd.

Top 5: The Newlyweds Car

The new bride and groom left to Clarence House in a 1969 Aston Martin DB6 car, which was given to Charles by the Queen as a 21st birthday present. In true celebratory fashion, the car was decorated with blue ribbon, red balloons and pompoms for the big event.

Top 4: The Wedding Cake

A highlight in any wedding, the royal wedding cake was spectacular in design and, most likely, in taste as well. The cake, a multi-leveled, traditional fruitcake with smooth white icing and ivory roses created by Fiona Cairns delighted the guests at the reception.

Top 3: Pippa’s Second Gown

While she chose white like her sister for the ceremony, Pippa opted for a bright green hue when it came to her second dress destined for dancing and mingling.

Top 2: Kate’s Second White Gown

The beautiful bride chose a stunning second wedding dress for the reception, which featured a sparkly crystal waist and a fitted bodice and opted to pair the strapless number with a cropped cardigan.

Top 1: The Official Family Portrait

Kate and William wedding could not be complete without a family portrait and there’s no better way to describe this highlight than as a picture-perfect moment.