Kate Middleton Wedding Guest Attires


Prior to her stunning royal wedding dress debut, Kate Middleton had been gaining a lot of attention for her fashion forward attire. While her wedding dress featured beautifully detailed illusion lace sleeves and neckline, it is Kate Middleton wedding guest attire that she has been photographed wearing, starting catching everyone’s attention.

Kate Middleton’s Wedding Guest Attire

With a long list of exclusive wedding invites, Kate Middleton has always made an appearance in the most exquisite attire. While it is clear she favors mainly neutral colors and blue, she always has a warm welcoming smile to complete her look. Here are some of our favorite outfits the royal Duchess captured our attention with.

For the Wedding of Hugh van Cutsem & Rose Astor

This is one of the first outfits that caught our attention. The simple black and white color palate of this skirt and suit jacket combination is accented with feminine details of lace. While nothing may be screaming out about this choice, it was definitely the first time we got a glimpse at her fashion preferences.

For the Wedding of Laura Parker Bowles & Harry Lopes

At the wedding of Laura Parker to Harry Lopes, Kate Middleton made the focus point of her attire on the hat. The fun and feather hat matched perfectly with her cream colored brocade coat and made quite the statement at this affair, which was the first time she was seen out with the entire royal family.

For the Wedding of Rose Windsor & George Gilman

Kate is often seen sporting various shades of blue, which was her color of choice for the wedding of Rose Windsor and George Gilman. She pairs a light flowing skirt with a powder blue suit jacket and of course pulls the whole outfit together with a featured hair accessory, mini black clutch, and simple black pumps.

For the Wedding of Captain Nicholas van Cutsem & Alice Hadden-Paton

Kate Middleton wedding guest attire for the Captain Nicholas van Cutsem and Alice Hadden-Paton's wedding is truly astonishing. Choosing a blue brocade pattern coat with a high accented waistline, Kate looked absolutely regal in this ensemble. Her hat incorporates the same shades of blue as the rest of her outfit and she finished it off with a long blue clutch and blue heels.

For the Wedding of Harry Meade and Rosie Bradford

Kate chose a vibrant cobalt blue dress for the Harry Meade and Rosie Bradford's wedding which she wore a chic black waist length jacket with. The hat she chose, this time, was a bit larger than the ones she had recently been seen wearing but is the perfect complement to the rest of her attire.

For the Wedding of Oliver Baker & Mellissa Nicholson

For the Oliver Baker and Melissa Nicholson wedding, Kate chose a sublime cream and gold colored brocade jacket and uniquely designed black pillbox fascinator hat. She completed her look with her simple black heels and a black clutch.

For the Wedding of Louise Stourton and Harry Aubrey-Fletcher

Kate was a little more daring with her choice of attire at the Louise Stourton and Harry Aubrey- Fletcher wedding. She sported a black velvet coat overtop a jaw-dropping sheer-topped dress. She chose a black beret-style hat and plume colored clutch, which seemed to pair perfectly with Prince Williams tie.

For the Wedding of Sam Waley-Cohen

Kate Middleton wedding guest attire on the wedding of Sam Waley-Cohen was sophisticated and chic. She stuck with the black and white palette once again, choosing a satin black and white patterned dress with a slim black belt at the waist. She wore a dramatic black hat and carried an elegant black clutch with gold accents.

For the Wedding of Zara Phillips

We have seen this cream and golden colored brocade coat before, but this time, she paired it with a boxed clutched and elaborate hat. The oversized tilted hat rested on top of a large cream bow and golden flower. It was the perfect addition to give new life to the beautiful coat.

For the Wedding of James Hutt and Emily McCorquodale

Kate Middleton opted for a muted gray and dove blue color palette for the niece of Princess Diana's wedding. She chose a feminine gray floral dress which she wore under a blue-gray coat. Her hat was beige which paired perfectly with her nude peek a boo toed shoes.

Learn from Kate Middleton's Wedding Attire as a Guest

Kate Middleton carefully considers what she wears to each wedding she attends as a guest. While she always looks stunning and elegant she makes sure she adheres to these rules when choosing her ensemble for each occasion. These are some great tips to consider the next time you are choosing your own wedding guest attire.

The Bride Should Always Be the Center of Attention

When making the final decision, never upstage the bride. This is one thing she is very adamant about and is the main reason why she often never wears a new dress to any wedding she attends. Most often she recycles an outfit she has already been seen out in so she can be sure not to take the attention away from the bride.

Wear What You’re Comfortable With

You’ll notice Kate Middleton wedding guest attire often has repeat accessories or clothing pieces. Whether it’s the same shoe, hat, coat or accessory, you should always feel comfortable with what you wear. Sometimes repeating a few of the same items can give you confidence and allows you to feel more relaxed and natural in any situation.

Colors Should Not Be Avoided

While the black and white color scheme is favored by Kate Middleton, she’s not afraid to add in some colors to liven up her attire. From a colored clutch or hat to a bold dress or jacket in a vibrant blue, don’t be afraid to give your look a little life with some bold color.

Consider Your Headpiece

The fascinator hats are one of Kate Middleton’s signature pieces and she is rarely seen without a hat of one style or another. Whether you are into featured hats or a subtle hair accessory, what you place on the top of your head can really make your entire outfit.