Get Inspirations from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Wedding


Are there any two better known modern celebrities than Kim and Kanye? While their styles continue to evolve, it goes without saying that their spectacular wedding was one for the history books. With a knockout dress, and including their new baby North, the Florence wedding was as massive a celebration as you would expect from them. Luckily, now you two can have your own Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wedding. Read on to get the ideas.

Get Inspirations from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Wedding


The Wedding Dress

Obviously Kim’s dress was made for her alone, but you can capture a similar feel for your bridal style. For Kim’s hourglass shape, a dress with a low back, lace sleeves, and contour that emphasized her thin waist and larger hips was perfectly suited to her body shape. While the dress itself had a nice mermaid shape to enhance Kim’s figure, when paired with her long, draping, lacy veil, the effect went to full royalty.

If you have an hourglass figure, enhance your best assets with a dress like Kim’s, it will show off your tiny waist. Note that her dress hugged her hips but flowed out at the bottom which helped balance the entire effect. Plus, a draping back emphasized her world-famous rear, while lacy sleeves and a high neck made sure the focus stayed where it was meant to.


The Veil

Kim’s veil was crucial to her look. Made of a simple sheer lace, it had old-world elegance dripping from its incredibly long tail. What was so effective for the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wedding was that the veil, when paired with her dress, matched the eclectic but glamorous style of the event. For the ceremony, the length of the veil makes a real statement going down the aisle, and gives the bride a haunting beauty as she walks towards her groom.

A veil like Kim’s is excellent for those who have dresses that may emphasize their physical attributes. While Kim’s dress certainly did that, her veil made the entire look much more toned-down and demure to be appropriate for her ceremony.


The Hair

Kim’s hairstyle was simple and as with the rest of her wedding, was a mix of eclectic styles when paired with her dress and veil. Because her veil was so extreme, Kim’s expert stylists knew it would be best to keep her hair simple. Putting it up would have made the whole look a bit too fairytale, so keeping it down kept the whole style more modern.

The key to Kim’s down hairstyle was making it sure the hair stayed full, but sleek and off her face. For those who have features they want to show off – like Kim – this is a perfect look.


The Ceremony

For the Kim and Kanye wedding, it was all about mixing the traditional with modern glamour. For their ceremony, Kim and Kanye were joined by legendary Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli for musical accompaniment – a surprise Kanye devised for Kim. Maybe you can’t get Bocelli, but a live operatic singer or even a Bocelli playlist can capture a similar mood.

When it comes to Kim and Kanye though, it’s no secret that the focus is always on them. For your wedding ceremony, just have the two of you up there with the officiate – the more room you have to show off your dress and look, the better.


The Flower Décor

One of the showstoppers at the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wedding was the flower wall that provided the backdrop for the ceremony. Despite the more formal dress of the bride and groom, the flower wall itself channeled a natural and more relaxed elegance – almost bohemian. In some ways, this eclectic mix of styles perfectly encapsulates what Kim and Kanye’s wedding was all about.

What made Kim and Kanye’s flower wall so impressive was its scale; it towered over the ceremony, making an intimate setting amidst the natural Florence landscape. A single flower wall or smaller half-size walls could also be used to blend the ceremony and the outdoor environment.


The Wedding Picture with the Baby

When you have a little one, including them in your wedding photos is a beautiful idea. For the Kim and Kanye wedding photos, they posed after the ceremony with their new daughter North. The key to their photo success was the natural feeling of the photos of the new family; an intimate moment between father and daughter plays out as the bride has a serene moment on the big day.

Find a nice backdrop and keep it simple when it comes to props and accessories. For babies and toddlers, having your child sit on your lap is a must. Older children can pose creatively with their parents.