Classic and Elegant: Lace Bridesmaid Dresses


From chiffon to satin to taffeta—there’s just a wide array of fabrics out there for every bride and bridesmaid's needs. But if you want to take the level of classiness and daintiness up a notch, then it’s time that you consider turning to lace bridesmaid dresses that were sewn to perfection. Ideal not only for your big day, but for your bridal shower as well, these dresses can really make any bride drool.

Wedding Laces on the Roll

While lace dresses can spell F-A-B all over the aisle, it’s important for blushing brides-to-be to learn about the differences amongst lace types. From looking your most gorgeous to embodying a dreamy princess marching down the aisle, lace dresses can offer you the versatility you need, especially if you are looking for dresses and gowns for your bridesmaids. To give you an idea on how laces can help you add glamour on your wedding day, below are 3 of our top lace type picks:

​ Chantilly

Characteristics: Popular for being the cheapest and the most romantic lace type, Chantilly is characterized by netted florals and ribbons. As the name implies, it originated from Chantilly, France, and it is perfect for unleashing a dreamy and romantic vibe in any wedding.

Best for: Best for formal weddings, Chantilly dresses and gowns can embody romanticism. Plus, if you want your bridesmaids to look sexy and sensational, Chantilly dresses can also do the magic trick for you.

Price: $

The price of lace dresses vary depending on the material used, but if there is one thing we can be sure of, it’s that it is quite challenging to find a lace dress that’s below $100. So if you are willing to spend more on your wedding day, don’t hesitate to look for the best lace bridesmaid dresses for your favorite girls!


Characteristics: If you are looking for something sweet and outdoorsy, eyelet lace dresses are your best pick. Made with a cotton fabric that features embroidered cut-outs, this dress won’t disappoint on your wedding day.

Best for: Best for outdoor weddings, the simplicity and breezy look of this lace type makes it irresistible.

Price: $$


Characteristics: Perfect for bridesmaids, Alencon, also known as the “queen of lace”, is one of the most-used lace types during weddings as it is heavy duty in nature. It features beads, pearls and crystals that can make any woman shine. Since it is strong enough to accommodate such features, it is also the most expensive lace material.

Best for: Ideal for formal weddings that exemplify luxury, Alencon can make a bridesmaid sparkle.

Price: $$$

Editor’s Top 10 Picks of Lace Bridesmaid Dresses

Sleek and elegant, this long lace dress can make any bridesmaid look like a goddess. If your bridesmaids have beautiful and broad shoulders, don’t be afraid to show it off with this beautiful, fully-lined, strapless gown that highlights a satin sash.

Let your bridesmaids unleash their inner Juliet with this exquisite gown. The lovely sweetheart neckline and gorgeous belt, along with the one-of-a-kind lace material, can make your bridesmaids’ hearts skip a beat.

With lace covering up majority of this short, but eloquent dress, there is no denying that any modern bridesmaid can walk down the aisle with style with this dress on. So if you want to scratch out the idea of making your bridesmaids wear a long gown, this dress is perfect for you.

Want to go subtle with just a little bit of lace? Then this is one of the lace bridesmaid dresses you shouldn’t miss. You wouldn’t only love the color, but you would also love the unique cut and fit of this sophisticated gown.

Show off your bridesmaids’ shoulder in style with the help of this one-shoulder lace dress. Fall in love not only with its cut, but also the multiple color options.

Make your bridesmaids sparkle and shine in floral lace as you clothe them with an elegantly-embellished gown. Dare to bare more skin in this bareback lace gown can make your bridesmaids feel sexy as they walk down your beautifully-arranged aisle.

Take your lace affair to the next level with this intricately embroidered gown. Famous for its striking color and perfect fit, this long lace dress can emphasize your bridesmaids amazing curves. And don’t we just love that irresistible belt?

Black is always sexy, and that’s what we can learn from this long gown’s lovely back details. So don’t be afraid to go dark on your wedding day! Experiment and add a bit of lace on your bridal entourage to make memories last a lifetime.

Make your brides shine like crystals as you go subtle on their lace gown. While the color offers softness, the simple, but gorgeous design and cut can make your bridesmaids look as expensive as diamonds.

Last but definitely not the least on our lace bridesmaid dresses list, this short dress is the epitome of glamour as it doesn’t only work wonders on any woman’s body, but it can also help you achieve that subtle and earthy tone on your big day.

If there’s anything that we can learn from these lace bridesmaid dresses, it’s that playing with laces could never go out of fashion. So take your pick from our lace gown inspirations and let these glamorous gowns work magic on your wedding day.