Top 15 Lady Antebellum Songs for Wedding


The music at your wedding should capture the love of the two newlyweds, but also must make sure your guests get on their feet and dance! It’s crucial to find the right mix of pop and romance so everyone can have a good time. When it comes to wedding ceremonies and receptions, these Lady Antebellum songs for wedding are sure to be crowd favorites.

Top 15 Lady Antebellum Songs for Wedding


Just A Kiss

There’s a reason this song is at the top of most favorite wedding songs list. With strings and piano, the tempo of the ballad itself is romantic, and the harmonic vocals give the lyrics the perfect amount of touching sweetness. It’s not overwhelming to listen to, but makes a strong statement about love.


Need You Now

The group’s breakthrough hit is also a must on most wedding lists. With bold vocals and an unforgettable melody, this song tells the story of the search for love and a companion. What better way to celebrate two people who have now found that bond for life?


Our Kind Of Love

At your wedding, there is no love like there is between the two of you at that moment. This song offers newlyweds the benefits of keeping things fun and fresh in a relationship. It’s upbeat, and will get people dancing while celebrating.


I Run To You

Really driving home the “for better or for worse” part of your vows, this song shows how even during the roughest times, having a stable love can get you through anything. The vocal harmonies are mesmerizing, the tune is infectious, and the lyrics are perfect for celebrating love.


Love Don’t Live Here

While a song about heartbreak may not seem like one of the best Lady Antebellum songs for wedding, this Grammy-nominated hit can be a poignant reminder of everything you now have since you have found each other. Plus, it’s among one of their best songs, and is perfect for a slow dance during the reception.


We Owned The Night

This upbeat song about a couple’s unforgettable night of desire is just the thing for your reception dance party. The two of you own the night tonight, and your passion for each other is perfectly encapsulated by the danceable tempo, vocal stylings, and memorable lyrics.


American Honey

One of their top hits, this song is a great way to drive home how life is made up of memorable and enjoyable experiences – like your wedding. The vocals follow a woman’s reflection back to her youth, but you’ll be living those happier moments in real time.


Dancin’ Away With My Heart

What is a better ballad for a first dance than the aptly titled “Dancin’ Away With My Heart.” The tune follows two young lovers when they have their first dance, and the bride and groom will be sure to have everyone in tears as they celebrate this huge moment in their lives.



While this one is great for the bachelorette party, it’s also excellent for your wedding reception. With a tale of a woman overcoming her romantic failures through partying, it’s a great reminder that the two of you can weather any storm if you manage to keep things light and fun.



It’s funky, it’s fun, and it’s full of sass. When you’re looking for Lady Antebellum songs for wedding that focus on the fun-side of life, go for this track that will fill your room with energy. Every one of your guests will be stomping along with the beat in no time.


Lookin’ For A Good Time

While you may not be looking for a good time with someone other than your new husband or bride, this song is a great reminder for everyone to have a good time at your celebration. An excellent rock tune for amping up the crowd, this can make an unforgettable entrance song.


Never Alone

This beautifully haunting song tells a true tale of love, and how a person’s devotion and care can help to overcome any of life’s obstacles. While this is a wonderful song for the newlyweds to dance to, in a father-daughter or mother-son dance, it can be a poignant way to start the next journey of life.


I Did With You

Another love song that is perfect for the union of two people in marriage, “I Did With You” is all about two people falling in love over time. Whether or not the newlyweds met that way (although if they did, all the better), this song highlights the steadfast way that love can unite two people.


Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Channel the moment the two of you first knew it was love with this excellent choice from Lady Antebellum songs for wedding. With lyrics that show a woman’s absolute love for her new partner, this isn’t only a great choice for a dance, but is also wonderful for brides that are ready to show off their singing chops.


Falling For You

Like number 14 on the list, “Falling For You” captures that moment of love when two people know they’re falling for each other. Use it as a way to think back on your relationship so far, and to remember that special moment that has led to your wedding day.