Last Minute Wedding Checklist


With so much that a bride has to think of in the planning of her wedding, crucial details are bound to slip her mind as the big day gets nearer and nearer. We want to make sure your day goes by flawlessly, which is why we’ve created this last minute wedding checklist for your reference to minimize mind slippage.

Verify your documents

The first thing we’ll recommend in this last minute wedding checklist is to make sure any important or legal documents you’ll need are completely up to date or requested. This includes your marriage license, passport, credit or debit cards, flight tickets, vows, etc. You’ll want to be sure that anything that is going to be needed during or in any time frame in close proximity of the wedding, will be up to date to avoid any possible delays.

Lay out the schedule

Make sure you coordinate with the key members of your big event. If their presence will be needed at a certain place or time they should be duly aware of it. The point isn’t to control their every moment, but to make sure that crucial events are a breeze with no setbacks due to tardiness or inability to locate a certain member when needed.

Make lists

Never underestimate the power of a good list and make them constantly. To-do lists, shopping lists, guest lists, even pro-cons lists will help you make decisions faster and avoid possible unforeseen outcomes. This will help you be on top of everything and at a glance it will give you an idea of how much you have left to do and how far along you’ve come with the tasks at hand. You can even print this last minute wedding checklist and put it in a visible place to remind you to make lists!

Pack everything ahead

Even if your honeymoon isn’t to be immediately after the wedding, pack everything you’ll need about a week ahead of time. Then, refer to number 3 on this last minute wedding checklist and make a list of the items you’ll have to pack, this way you’ll avoid skipping items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.

Check with your vendors

Always make sure you double check with all your vendors. Verify costs, schedules and any further details they or you must be aware of prior to the big day. You’ll want to know everything will be under control and minimum setbacks are to be expected. Check with your photographer to make sure you’re both on the same page in regards to details, if you want certain people captured or certain moments recorded. Also check with your DJ, band or person in charge of the tunes so they’re lined up on when important songs should be triggered, the ambiance and tone you want to set at certain times, etc. Organize each person’s payment in separate labeled envelopes to keep track of what need to be paid or tipped and to whom.

Break in

Make sure to break in any items necessary; your shoes, dress, purse, wine bottle, etc. ahead of time. You’ll want to be certain that none of these will be difficult to use on the day of your wedding. You really don’t want to be uncomfortable or in pain all night.

Emergency kit

This is a must in this last minute wedding checklist; make sure you prepare an emergency kit including everything from needles and thread, to aspirins and Band-Aids, to duct tape for when things get really ugly. Take anything you can think of that may be useful, should the situation need it, consider pens, bobby pins, safety pins, super glue, paper clips and whatever doo-dads and knick-knacks that pop in to mind. Grab ideas from the internet for your kit, put it together and keep it close by just in case.

Rehearse the ceremony

Make sure you rehearse your ceremony at least once before. Confirm everyone knows their cue, position and overall role. If possible, dedicate at least an afternoon to rehearsal, but if not, it should be rehearsed at least once.

Wedding Party Gifts

Definitely making in the last minute wedding checklist, the wedding party gifts should be checked and assembled beforehand, since no one wants to be hurriedly stuffing gift bags with tissue paper three hours before starting. Have the gifts assembled (if applicable) a day or two in advance so that the only remaining thing for this task is to place them where they belong.

Don’t hand over the ring too soon

If your ring bearer is a small relative or child, you’ll want to give them that ring at the very last moment possible. We have seen swallowed, lost, or nasally lodged rings at weddings and this can be easily avoided by not handing over the rings until it’s time to walk down the aisle.


You’re getting married to someone you love! Breathe and smile away, today is your day.