Lauren Conrad Wedding: The Picture-Perfect Rustic Wedding


Nothing can spell beauty and perfection the same way that these Lauren Conrad wedding photos do. So if you are looking for Pinterest-worthy pictures that can be a great wedding inspiration, you definitely landed on the right page because this high-profile couple really knows how to exchange vows with style and sophistication in mind.

Lauren Conrad Wedding: The Picture-Perfect Rustic Wedding

Bouquets of Love

Who would have thought that you can still keep the leaves on your bouquet without sacrificing elegance? Made primarily with phoenies, dahlias and roses, these bouquets definitely magnify simplicity, class and purity. Indeed, the right flower and color combinations can go a long way.

Save the Date Cards on Floral Prints

Who wouldn’t love these very subtle, yet creative ‘Save the Date’ cards? Even Conrad is a big fan of her invitation designer, Anna Bond. Well, no one can really blame her because these invites are to-die-for.

The Oh-So-Majestic Ceiling

If you think those good old lanterns don’t deserve a spot in your wedding venue, think again. Conrad really did a great job in going for a simple and ultimately classy reception set-up. The design may be minimal, but hey, it definitely spells W-H-I-M-S-I-C-A-L!

Hunks and Hankies

One thing special about Lauren Conrad wedding is the handkerchief display. While the celebration was flooded with high profile personalities and hunks, we bet you won’t be able to resist the urge of taking a closer look at Conrad’s amazing vintage handkerchief collection which was displayed on her wedding day. So if you think personalizing your day is ‘mission impossible’, take it from Conrad’s gorgeous hankie-display idea.

You Can Never Go Wrong with Going Rustic

If you want to strengthen the venue’s rustic vibe, you can always turn to wooden chairs and elegant centerpieces. Just take a look at Conrad’s table and I’m sure you’ll know what we mean.

The Sweetest Treat

You don’t need to go over-the-top on the wedding cake décor because a simple topper, along with fresh flowers on the side, can make up for an elegantly-designed fondue treat.

Love Is in the Cards

Love isn’t just in the air; it’s also in the cards. Since Tell and Conrad are huge fans of gin rummy, the couple decided to create personalized love cards to keep their wedding guests entertained.

The Pre-Nuptial Jump

It’s natural to feel nervous before walking down the aisle, but hey, you don’t have to live with it. Just like Conrad, you can turn to a pre-nuptial routine that can calm your nerves.

The Veil of Love

Not all brides-to-be are pleased with the idea of wearing a veil. But if yours is as gorgeous as Conrad’s, then you don’t have to think twice on wearing your veil.

Happy Crowd, Happy Life

They say that a wedding’s success is also reliant on how responsive the crowd is. Well, from the looks of it, we can definitely say that Conrad and Tell’s wedding was a very joyous occasion. You can’t fake those big smiles, can you?

The Gorgeous Female Entourage

What’s a girl got to do without her best friends? A wedding would never be complete without that mandatory shot with the bride’s girlfriends, would it? And yes, the bridesmaids were gorgeous too! For sure, all eyes were set on the aisle, thanks to these beautiful ladies!

The Momentous Father-and-Bride Walk

It looks like Conrad’s dad highly approves of Tell. Just look at how happy he is as he walks her daughter down the aisle. The wedding was indeed filled with so much love and joy!

Weddings and Sunsets

You can literally dance the night away with a setting as beautiful as this. The laid-back and rustic charms of the Tell-Lauren Conrad wedding really made this occasion even more memorable.

The 10-Feet Train

This 10-feet train can surely make any woman green with envy as it looks ultimately sophisticated and alluring. The intricate details of this gown is every bride-to-be’s dream-come-true.

The Look of Love

Don’t we just love that gorgeous aisle? But aside from the sophisticated wedding design, what we can’t help but notice in this photo is Tell’s undeniable look of love. It can absolutely melt any woman’s heart!

The First Dance

This picture paints a thousand words as it embodies what a first dance should be—intimate, romantic and cheerful. Yes, the couple was dancing on Cloud 9.

The Serenade

Who wouldn’t want to be serenaded at her wedding? Oh, Conrad is definitely one lucky woman. Sigh!

Dine in Paradise

Tell and Conrad can’t take their eyes off each other, and we got this photo as proof. As the guests were having their sumptuous dinner, the couple was spotted looking at each other like there’s nobody around. Love is truly in the air.

The Wedding Kiss

Of course, nothing could be better than the newly-weds first kiss as a couple. Indeed, Lauren Conrad wedding is more than just a dream for many women around the globe. It was not just classy and sophisticated, but also a day filled with so much love, passion and joy.

The Wedding Kiss (Photoshoot Version)

The newly-weds really don’t mind kissing in front of cameras—proof that love should never be hidden behind closed doors. This beautiful photo will always be a reminder of their burning passion and pure love.