17 Smart Ideas of Lavender and Grey Wedding Colors


Lavender and grey wedding colors may be seen as dull for such lively celebrations. However, no one can deny the level of elegance and sophistication they bring to the wedding day when done the right way! Running out of ideas on how to effectively use this muted yet whimsical color palette? Here are some interesting ways to bring your color of choice to new heights.

17 Smart Ideas of Lavender and Grey Wedding Colors


Lavender and grey look exceptionally classy for wedding invitations. The colors are complementary and are completely readable together. Layered invitations give some weight and depth to these papers, especially with high quality paper. Choose intricate and youthful designs to avoid making the invitation look boring!


Lavender and grey may not be the most appetizing hues, but they really give a great classy pop to each plate. Running the table with a dark gunmetal grey with texture is offset with the white and lavender flower petals and porcelain white dinnerware. Keep the purple in varying shades so that it is more exciting!


Grey chairs will look good with everything in the wedding, but implementing a light and sheer lavender ribbon around it will give it some character and make it really part of your wedding. The light fabric is perfect as it makes the furniture remain lightweight yet still elegant. Don’t go for heavy-handed décor!


Glitter is a fun creative element to use, and with lavender and grey wedding colors, they won’t become overbearing decorations. The hues are mute and simple enough to take to the next level with chunky glitter. Coat your table pieces in the bright stuff, or involve creative texturing and top off with some more bling if you’re a couple that loves a little more drama!


Paper mobiles are not often used at weddings because of their childish looks – your special day might not be taken as seriously! However, in such elegant and simple colors, it looks like a wonderful snowflake model that looks less like nursery and more like sophisticated decoration. Add some magic by wrapping the hoop in several ribbons.


Lavender and deep purple flowers are a given to be bountiful in nature. The different shades of violet make it an exciting color to work with. However, who has ever heard of a big, beautiful, grey flower? Give your bouquets a bit of surprise with thick and full-petaled paper flowers in complementary grey. The unexpected twist will look elegant and will make the violet hues pop even more!


Pearlescent fabrics would be a perfect match with lavender and grey color theme. Another thing to take note of is how amazing the lavender clothing will look with grey backgrounds. Your photos will look like they came straight out of an editorial.


Manicure colors may seem obvious, and it’s actually difficult to distinguish since it’s quite a minute detail, but they’re no harm in feeling pretty on the finger nail level. Follow modern trends, like painting the ring finger another color – a simple surprise that has another level of meaning on the wedding day!


For the ladies entourage, lavender and grey combination should be absolutely no problem – both colors are so chic and will have no problem complimenting your bridesmaids. Pick either color to go with the color scheme, and add on accessories in the other color. No matter what, these beautiful colors will make the blushing bride pop!


Lavender and grey wedding colors can become really manly, too! The grey three piece suit is becoming a more common staple to complement the usual black suit. It’s chic and flattering, so recommend the male entourage to invest in a grey suit. Lavender ties with wonderful intricate prints would work well with the suit, and there’s no end to the gorgeous purple blooms to use for boutonnieres.


You’ll find a lot of great embellished lavender and grey options for ladies’ shoes, but have you ever thought of taking men’s leather shoes to the next level in lavender and grey? You can easily change the boring set laces of regular leather shoes and replace them with a more exciting color. It’s in the details!


Lavender and grey are perfect for ring bearer pillows . This is because they are both muted and ground each other without being too dull, and still letting you have the liberty to add pizzazz to your wedding implements however you like.


Your tiny tot flower girl will love her flower basket, adorned with ribbons and appliqués. In fact, why not give her some free reign with her wedding basket and let her personalize it to her liking? Either way, there’s no mistaking her role on your special day, and she is sure to love it!


The wedding garters are so often left a simple lace garter, no matter the color scheme of the actual wedding. You don’t have to fix what isn’t broken, but it wouldn’t hurt to give the beautiful spin of floral and pearl appliqués to further personalize and remember these symbols.


There are so many designs you can choose for your multi tiered cake with a lavender and grey wedding colors scheme. This is because it’s impossible to make it look gaudy and unappetizing with such versatile colors. Let your imagination go wild – trust your guests to want to sink their teeth into it as much as they want to marvel at its beauty.


Lavender and grey icing will be fun to play with, but don’t let that be the only fun thing about your pastries. Shake it up by implementing different textures to your cupcakes and other desserts. This will definitely make them look more gourmet and expensive! This irresistible color palette may not seem like they’re the most mouthwatering, but the guests' eyes will surely appreciate the view!


Cocktails served in an unexpected color is one feat that is actually easier to achieve, so more receptions should be able to utilize the longstanding feature of alcohol to be colored in fun hues. Bring the party to your guest in fun colors of alcohol, but retain sophistication with flowers!