Lego Themed Wedding Invitation and Other Decoration Ideas


Legos are not just for kids but also for those kids at heart. Ever since the Lego movie has hit the theatres, people of all age groups have become diehard fans of Lego. Some creative minds even have tried to incorporate some quirky Lego ideas, using these interlocking bricks in their wedding decor. Let’s take a look how skillfully you can design a lego themed wedding invitation and other décor, if you are a real Lego junkie.

Lego Themed Wedding Invitation

Printing the Lego minifigures on the wedding invitations as a couple, is a cute way of representing yourself. Let’s take a look at some of the best inspirations for lego wedding invitations.

Rainbow-inspired Lego Invitations

Give a rainbow-like flair to your lego wedding invitations. Printed in rainbow colors and mini figures of the couple, would leave the guests amazed. A wonderful idea for spring/summer weddings.

Quirky Video-Game Inspired Lego Invitations

Printed in lego style, this card beautifully displays the couple romancing. Both inside and outside of the invitations are printed with minifigures.

Black n White Printed Invitations

Lego minifigures printed in black and white colors are given a touch of playfulness with a beautifully accented red flower.

Funny Lego Invitations

Add a touch of humor just like this fun invitation idea. Other than all the venue and wedding detailing, two minifigures are shown in a cute way like one plus one is equal to a heart (love).

Lego Invite with interesting Inside & Outside

Tied with ribbon, this wedding invitation is quite interesting. As the card is opened, the image of the minifigure lego couple getting married, appears just like a big surprise for the guests.

Three-Layered Lego Invite

This wedding invite is designed with layers. The first two pages’ bear lego minifigure’s introduction, and the third and last page consists of the venue, date and other wedding details.

Love Ride Lego Invitation

As a playful lego themed wedding invitation, it shows a fun car ride of the newlywed couple, on to the journey of everafter. All the related details about wedding is given below it.

Lego Invite in the Box

A unique but catchy idea, it’s a small box containing the invitation, printed with minifigure couple.

Save-the-Date Cards

The couples who have pre-decided to opt for a Lego theme wedding, should start it all by a save-the-date card. Just like invitations, you can also get your save-the-date cards printed in a lego theme.

Fun Ideas for Lego Themed Wedding

You can select the color combination of your choice for lego wedding decor. Legos matched with your wedding palette gives a more visually appealing look.

Lego-inspired Table Numbers

Table numbers made with lego bricks interlocked, makes a differently styled idea for table number. Choose the combo of your choice.


Ring Box for Lego Wedding

Get a cute ring box made with legos. Placing your wedding rings in one, adds a touch of playfulness to the overall décor of the event.


Lego Escort Cards

Let these mini figures lead the guests to their seats. Placing mini figures with each escort card gives a colorful appeal to eyes. Or simple lego bricks or mini lego figures can also be used for the purpose.


Lego-Inspired Wedding Favors

No wedding is complete without wedding favors. Give them a joyous touch of legos. You can put the wedding favors in lego-inspired bags or add a geeky touch with these lego shaped lollipops or candies in wedding favor box.


Lego Cufflinks and Bowtie

Groom and groomsmen can have lego cufflinks, boutonniere and bow ties on their shirts. To get more detailing in lego theme, you can inform the guests about the theme by mentioning in the lego themed wedding invitation or on your wedding website.


Lego Jewelry

Bridesmaids can get accented with lego-inspired fashion jewelry. Lego necklace, garter, earrings, lego rings, lego bracelets and lego corsages, all these can contribute a lot in the overall wedding theme.


Lego Floral Arrangements

Floral decors are the most distinctive part of any wedding table. Skillfully made Lego flowers can make really attractive centerpieces and bouquets. Simply placing the colorful lego bricks in a glass bowl is another affordable idea for centerpieces.


Lego Wedding Cake

A lego-inspired wedding cake is a treat to eyes. The freshly colored wedding cake would give a distinguished look to your wedding cake table.


Wedding Cake Topper

Those who want to have a simple cake, can simply go for a logo-themed cake topping. It adds an eye-catching detail to your cake.



The dessert table is the most appealing corner of any wedding, especially when we talk of kids. Give your sweets like macaroons and cupcakes a flair of lego to give your event a jaw-dropping detail.


Reception Games

Lego themed wedding invitation would raise the expectations too high. So do not let your guests feel bored. Keep them involved in making interesting objects with lego bricks. The same games can be arranged for kids’ corner.


Props for Photo Booth

Get uniquely designed lego face masks for adding a fun element to your wedding pics. Guests would also love this idea of lego-inspired photo booth.


Lego Greeting Card Box

You need a card box for receiving all the greeting cards from the guests. This unique idea would take a lot of red Legos but would surely end up on something different.