Ideas and Samples for a Letter to Your Daughter for the Wedding


The big day approaches, and you have so much that you want to say to your little girl, who is now a grown woman. Drafting a letter to your daughter for the wedding can be just as hard as writing vows, but it is a beautiful way to tell her how proud you are.

Why Is a Letter to Daughter for the Wedding Important?

A wedding is a major event, and writing a letter to your daughter can be a great way to give her advice, tell her how much you love her, and share your excitement. She’ll treasure it for years to come, and you’ll be able to express yourself without pulling her away from the event.

Ideas of Letter to Daughter for the Wedding

A Touching Message

Crying is expected at weddings, so go for something that tells her how you truly feel, like:

You have brought so much happiness and love to our lives. You made our family complete, and we can’t wait until you experience this with a family of your own. We are proud of everything you have accomplished in your life and the woman you have become.

An Album of Your Daughter

Make your letter even more special by adding photos of her throughout her life. You can include things in your letter like:

I have loved you from day 1, even through those days you wouldn’t go to sleep. I remember the little girl who stole the show in the kindergarten pageant, and the middle schooler who led the student council.

A Poem

Compose a poem that puts your love into verse. The great thing about a poem is that you can go silly or serious. Consider using lines like:

The years have flown by so fast

There have been ups, there have been downs

And while I’ll always cherish the past

I hope your future is filled with more smiles than frowns.

Some Good Advice

Your letter to your daughter for the wedding is an optimal opportunity to share advice. Be upfront with the challenges she’ll face, but let her know it is worth it in the long run. Some examples of tips are:

I have been wrong plenty of times in my relationship with your father, but every time I learned something new. Tell your husband how much you love him as often as you can. Be fun, but be real. Appreciate him for the man he is and the man he will become.

Wedding Quotes

If you’re having trouble finding the right words, consider referencing the. Some examples are:

May you have the wedding you’ve always dreamed of, and a life beyond your wildest expectations.

May your husband be your shade from the sun, warm drink on a cool day, and a rainbow after every storm.

Samples of Letter to Daughter for the Wedding

A Touching Message from a Mother in Her Letter to Daughter for the Wedding

To My Daughter,

We are joined together with loved ones to celebrate your union with a man you love dearly. It brings tears to my eyes to remember all of the years we shared together, from the day I brought you home to when you left for college, and while you will have your own family now, you will always be a part of ours. You are a beautiful and loving daughter, sister, niece, and friend to everyone you meet, and I am so proud of the woman you have become. I know your values will carry you with grace, dignity, and strength through life and your marriage.

How Much You Have Grown: an Album of Her Life

It is hard to believe that we are with you as you embark on your next journey in life.I will never forget the drive to the hospital on the day I gave birth to you, and the drive back home with you in my arms. The day we first dropped you off at kindergarten seems like yesterday, and I’ll never forget the pride I felt on the day we watched you graduate from high school. You have approached every day of your life with passion and energy, and I have no doubt that your marriage will thrive because of these qualities.

A Poem from a Father to His Daughter

It’s hard to believe your big day is here

Hang on, let me just wipe away this tear

I have loved you since that day we first brought you home

All bundled and wrapped like my sweet little gnome

Over the years I was amazed by everything you would do

But I wasn’t prepared for how quickly you grew

While I will always cherish these memories from our past,

Despite your growing up way too fast,

I can’t wait to see what adventures await

As you and your husband proceed out that gate

And know that you will always be the sweet little girl by my side

But today I am thrilled to celebrate my daughter, the bride.

A Letter from a Father to His Daughter for the Wedding

To my darling,

I’ve never been great with words, but I wanted to share these inspirational quotes with you on this momentous occasion.

May this day be the start of a new life filled with compassion and warmth, passion and vigor, and all the love that you deserve.

You have brought me more joy than I ever imagined possible, and I wish the same joy upon you with your new family.

I wish you and your husband good health, experiences that take you around the world, and the love that makes you want to come back home.

Some Advice to Our Daughter on Her Big Day


It still seems like yesterday that we brought you home, our new bundle of joy, and here we are today helping you embark on the next journey, a life with a family of your own. Since we’ve been at this for quite some time, we thought we’d give you a little advice to help along the way:

Take as many opportunities as you can to tell each other how much you love and respect one another. Remember that respect can mean appreciating another’s viewpoint, so don’t stifle him and don’t let him stifle you.

Have fun together. Find new and exciting ways to experience life. Set goals that you both want, and you’ll enjoy the journey with a companion.

Remember your commitment, because things will get hard. It is those difficult times that most strain our relationships, so always remember to find the rainbow after a storm.