List of Things You Need for a Wedding


Every girl wishes for a perfect wedding right from a very young age. A beautiful wedding ceremony, an elegant wedding gown, groom in stylish tux, a perfect first dance and jovial celebration among friends and family – all this takes quite a handful of serious planning.

Before wedding, it is common for most couples to get caught up in the courtship. You can enjoy the courtship period, but ignoring other important things can affect your special day. It is wise to pay attention to the details – whether it is the dresses for your bridesmaids, gifts for family members or arranging an emergency repair kit – the details matter a lot. Remember, surprisingly, these small details will make your special day even more special!

So, here we prepare a list of things you need for a wedding to get you fully prepared.

Prepare These Things for Your Wedding


As Soon as Possible

The preparation actually starts the moment you two decide that you are getting married, for instance, wedding theme, budget,venue, wedding dress, contacting local church or register office, a rough guest list, choosing bridesmaids and groomsmen to name a few.Basically you must start planning for all major things as soon as possible, so that you can keep up with them later on.


7 to 6 Months Prior

The period of 7 to 6 months prior to the wedding day is crucial to implement all the major tasks, such as designing the invitations, hunting wedding dress and bridesmaids’ dresses, honeymoon planning, booking a wedding planner, florist, wedding photographer(s), hairdresser and makeup artist. It is during this period that you need to start ticking off the points from the checklist. Also, don’t forget to make arrangements for entertainment and transportation for the wedding day.


5 to 4 Months Prior

As the months pass by and the wedding day comes closer, it is in the period of 5 to 4 months that you will be sealing most of the deals which we mean sealing the deal with the vendors you have chosen for your day, for example, negotiating the price for venue and menu, following up with the invitation cards, wedding baker and caterer, arranging for wedding shower, going for final dress fittings and shop for wedding accessories. Another thing on the list of things you need for a wedding is a gift list and booking your honeymoon package.


3 Months Prior

3 months prior to your special day, you need to arrange for a lot of appointments. Most of these would cover up tasks, such as buying wedding rings, dress/suit fittings, printing out the invites, selecting the wedding flowers for the day, writing your own vows, finalizing the menu and ordering special treats or gifts. Also, don’t forget to buy the clothes and undergarments. It is basically the best time to follow up with your wedding vendors and take a look at how the initial preparations are going on.


2 Months Prior

During this phase, you need to really pace up with everybody who is involved in organizing your wedding. The vendors should be first on the list; now is the time to regularly follow up with them. If you are a bride, then you must go for your trial hair and make up session with the artist you have booked and your fitting session as well. If you are a groom, go ahead with your groomsmen for the suit fittings. Also, send out the invitations and get wedding details from the local registrar or minister. It is also a safe time to enjoy the bachelor or bachelorette party, if organized.


1 Month Prior

1 month prior to your wedding day is the time when you need to address to the minor tasks. Details are important for the list of things you need for a wedding; as we said earlier, details matter a lot. First of all, you must get RSVPs from your guests. Thereafter, check with your vendors regarding all the arrangements and most importantly, see if the venue has been booked. It is a must that you verify all the bookings. Go ahead for a last fitting session, just to ensure that you still fit in your wedding apparel.


2 Weeks Prior

2 weeks prior to your special day, you should be looking after the seating plan at the venue and menu plan with the caterers. You can follow up with your decorator to ask about the table plan and other decorations. According to the RSVPs, you can finalize the number for catering requirements. Also, you must follow up with your wedding photographer for a pre-wedding shoot, candid shots and print the thank you cards. It is best if you make your pending payments during this time. Finally, confirm timings with your makeup artist and hairdresser for the final day.


1 Week Prior

7 days before your wedding day is ideal to get pampered and groomed. It is best to fix all your beauty and grooming treatment a week prior. The bride and groom should also get haircuts so that they don’t look too fresh on the wedding day. Also, this is the best time to pack up for honeymoon and arrange your personal belongings that you will need after the wedding. Finalize all the arrangements with the photographer, decorator, florist, and caterer and so on. The last one on the list of things you need for a wedding is writing the thank you cards for any helpers and packaging them.


1 Day Prior

The day before your wedding is the day you make final payments and take a final look at all the arrangements. For instance, you can check the table plan, table decorations and the guest book that has been arranged at the venue. You can handover the wedding rings to the maid of honor and the best man. You can layout your wedding apparel and ensure that it's not creased up. Also, check on in with the accessories that you will be wearing. Stay in touch with your wedding assistants(s) or organizer. Take a final look at your honeymoon luggage, passport and tickets. Finally, relax and enjoy your last day as bachelor with your family.


Besides what have been mentioned above, you can include many special things in the list of things you need for a wedding and customize it accordingly. After all, your wedding needs to be special and unique with your own style.