10 Gift Ideas for Maid of Honour to the Bride


What an honor it is to be chosen as the number one gal to stand next to your best friend on her wedding day. The maid of honor is the member of the group of bridesmaids who is typically the closest to the bride, such as a best friend or close family member. If she is a married female, she is referred to as the matron of honor. The maid/matron of honor is the bride’s "right hand" lady and is involved in everything from the planning of the wedding on through to the reception and beyond. One of her many responsibilities is choosing a gift for the bride to be given on her wedding day.

Gift Ideas for the Bride from Her Maid of Honour

Gift-giving is a personal choice, and choosing a bride’s gift is even more personal. Brides and grooms often use a gift registry to list items they want or need for their new life together. However, the maid of honour should try to avoid falling back on the same list everyone else will be using as a reference. Instead, as the maid of honor, the gift should be a token of your relationship. The gift the bride receives from you should be be well-considered and heartfelt.

Personal pampering kit

Planning a wedding can be very stressful, and brides are typically thinking about everything other than taking care of themselves. This is why gift certificates to places where the bride may pamper herself a bit are be a great way to help her relax before the big day. After all, the primary duty of the maid of honour is to take care of the bride!


Wedding photo collection

If you are the maid of honour for a craft-loving bride, consider giving her a scrapbooking kit to store bridal shower, wedding, and honeymoon pictures. The keepsake will stay with the bride and groom for years after the wedding and will always bring back great memories from her favorite wedding related events.


Memory album of your good old days

The bride is getting ready to start a new life with her groom, but she will always cherish her best friend. You’ve likely shared many memories over the years you’ve known each other, and creating a scrapbook or collection of photos and keepsakes from the good old days makes a heartfelt maid of honour gift to the bride.


Customized frame for wedding invitation/vows

Customized gifts are a great way to show that sincere thought was put into the gift the maid of honour has chosen for the bride. For example, creating an etched glass frame for the bride’s wedding invitation, a photo of the bride and groom, or even the wedding vows is a special item that the bride will cherish forever. And, it is something she cannot just buy anywhere.


Painting or sketch of couple

If you are an artistic maid of honour, consider using your skills to make a sketch or charcoal painting of the bride and groom. If your sketching abilities wouldn’t lead to a recognizable photo, there are always professional artists who can make customized portraits from pictures. The bride will still love the extra thought and owning personalized artwork.


Monogrammed jewelry

Jewelry is a delicate gift that most wedding guests won’t give to the new bride, but jewelry can be very meaningful. A monogrammed necklace with the bride’s new initials will be a perfect pre-wedding gift to show her that you are excited and looking forward to her new life and her new initials, as well as a reminder that she will always be one of your nearest and dearest friends.


China teacup

Some of the best gifts are those that involve a good story. For instance, teacups are a traditional gift from the maid of honour to the bride after her engagement because it is said that the tradition started after a sailor gifted his bride-to-be a teacup to remind her of him when she drank from it This special wedding gift is meaningful no matter if it comes from the groom or the maid of honour. Plus, antique and vintage stores often have a huge stock of beautiful, old teacups.


Custom candles and votives

Some online stores allow you to create personalized candles with the scent of your choice. You likely know just the scents that will create a relaxing ambiance for your best friend. Therefore, a personalized candle set is one of these creative gift ideas for maid of honour to the bride. You can choose the scent, color, and the inscription. Plus, even when the candle wax is gone, she will have decorative votives to display around her home.


Post-wedding supplies

Most of the time, the bride will receive new clothes and lingerie items for her honeymoon at her bachelorette party. But, the maid of honour can do something even bigger and more special. For example, a fun gift just from the maid of honour is a honeymoon basket filled with other useful, creative items for the honeymoon. Some common things to include are suntan lotion, a passport cover, luggage tags, personal care items, a floppy beach hat, magazines, a cute sarong, and fun sunglasses. Not only is this gift fun, but it will also mean one less thing for the bride to have to stress about packing.


Day of relaxation

If money is not a limiting factor, consider sending the bride to a day at the spa before the wedding for a day of relaxation. She has likely been caught up in all of the finer wedding details while preparing for her big day, and she may have forgotten to stop for a few minutes to take it all in. Not only will a spa day be relaxing for the bride, it will also holistically prepare her body for the coming wedding, both mentally and physically. Plus, the day at the spa gives the bride a chance to reflect on the planning process and enjoy this wonderful time in her life.

More About Bridal Shower Gifts and Wedding Gifts

The maid of honour is typically in charge of hosting a bridal shower for the bride. A bridal shower is a party just for ladies that takes place before the wedding where the bride will receive gifts just for her, such as common household items, baking supplies, lingerie and other honeymoon attire, journals, and home décor. As the maid of honour, make sure you focus on planning the shower and making the bride’s day perfect, rather than focusing entirely on purchasing an extravagant gift.