7 Best Marriage Advices for the Bride


As we all know, when the big day comes nearer and nearer, it is inevitable, and possibly imperative that individuals give their best marriage advice for the bride. In this article, we are no exception as we have picked out our top seven pieces of advice for a happily ever after marriage.

7 Best Marriage Advices for the Bride


We’ll start with the most cliché, overused yet undervalued relationship advice you will ever run in to. Open and honest communication is indispensable to a healthy relationship. Keeping emotions bottled up is bad for the bond with your significant other and also bad for the skin! Also, there is a difference between honesty and cruelty. If there are opportunities for improvement from your partner’s side or details you are not contempt with, find the kindest, un-hurtful way to express them and do not do it with a hot head. Be open to your partner’s feedback and work on your own flaws, and you'll grow together as a couple!

Keep Dating

One of the major yawns people tend to have regarding marriage is the fact that, after a while, you both kick in to your comfort zones and the “Honeymoon phase” or “Relationship spark” fizzles and dies. We know that as husband and wife, you’re probably insanely busy all the time, especially if you both have full time jobs. But it doesn’t take much to keep that spark going and genuinely dedicate time to each other. Set a fixed Date Night. Once a week may be too much of a stretch, but find what works; once a month, once a fortnight, etc… but keep it consistent and don’t miss it unless you really have to.

Show Interest

Yes girls, it will be hard for many of you (but not all!) to really care why men get upset when some random guy missed a goal or a bat or a touchdown, but this is an important piece of marriage advice for the bride, or any woman in a relationship, really. Take interest in your partner’s interests; be it sports, cars, video games, stock margins or penguins. Ask questions, truly try to understand what they like and why. Are there fond childhood memories involved? Was it the first thing they ever took interest in? It’s awesome when we’re asked about what we like and know our partner was paying attention, so let us spread that awesomeness around!

Spend Time Alone

While it is important to spend as much time as you can with your significant other, it is also important to spend time by yourself doing the things you enjoy. It’s great to have different interests and spend time outside of your relationship bubble so you both feel free and independent to grow as individuals as well. If you spend too much time together you’ll fall in to a rut and feel suffocated all too soon. Doing your own thing also gives you good topic discussions when you do hang out together.

Jealousy Is Not Welcome

It’s completely ok to comment to your partner when you are uncomfortable with someone’s advances towards them or vice versa, that comes with the communication package. It’s not cool however, to grill them for play by plays of their day, jump at the mention of a woman’s name or accuse them without grounds, of infidelity. Jealousy is the deep pit that kills many relationships . When it comes to marriage advice for the bride, this is one we want to emphasize. Trust and support your partner, love them and cultivate honesty. In the end karma will do its thing.

Do Not Be Selfish

While it’s great to feel supported, motivated and inspired by your partner, it’s also important to remember that they need some of that magic juice too, whether they say it or not. Make sure you let them know they can lean on you as well. As they say, relationships are a two-way street, and sooner or later, if your partner is the one that does all the giving, resentment might kick in. Kind words and listening when someone needs to be heard can go a long way and doesn’t cost a dime!

Remember Your Wedding Day

When things get tough it’s too easy to call it quits on the relationship. Our final piece of marriage advice for the bride is to remember your wedding day in these moments. We’re not talking about abusive or toxic, manipulative relationships, those should be done with before they even start. We are talking about when daily drudgery is overwhelmingly dull or when every sip and bite your partner takes is massively annoying, remember this wedding day. You married this person for a reason, this person should be your confidant, your partner, your rock. If you feel that has changed in some way, refer back to communication and let them know; work on this together. Marriage was not meant to be easy, but nothing that’s worth having is.