Marriage Preparation for Groom: You Shouldn’t Miss These!


Most grooms have it easy when it comes to the wedding planning details. The brides are the ones that take care of most of the planning and they spend hours the morning of wedding day getting ready to ensure they look breathtaking for their big reveal, but that doesn’t mean the groom can completely relax. There is some marriage preparation for groom to take part of to help relief some stress from the bride and to also ensure a smooth and enjoyable wedding day.

Marriage Preparation for Groom: You Shouldn’t Miss These!


Things You Must Help Out With

When it comes to helping with the planning of the wedding, your fiancée will most likely take the reins for most of the details but deciding the guest list, choosing the date, creating a budget and settling on a venue should be a collaborate effort. The guest list is often a touchy detail and you will both want to come to an agreement of how many guests you will invite, if there will be kids and who can bring a plus one.


Your Ring

You will be wearing your wedding ring for the rest of your life so you want to take the time to pick out the right one. While you may have little interest in this small task, your future wife will have plenty. Decide on the color band as well as the width that will be the most comfortable for you to wear through all your daily activities.


The Groomsmen

Choosing who will stand by your side on the big day can be a bit trickier than just choosing your best friends. While your closest pals should be the top picks, you also want to include your brother and hers as well for your best man and groomsmen. Besides, while you do not have to include the same number of groomsmen as there will be of bridesmaids, the number should not be significantly different.


The Registry

This is one of the marriage preparation for groom where you can have a little bit of fun. While your fiancée will want to have all the matching plates, kitchen utensil and appliances of her dreams, don’t forget how important a set of power tools, lawnmower or even a big screen TV can be. You will want to have a say in at least some of the items on the registry list or you’ll end up with more serving plates than you could possibly know what to do with.


The Ultimate Honeymoon

This is one area you can take over the responsibilities. Book your honeymoon well in advance and have a balance of fun adventurous activities, you can also do as a couple for some rest and relaxation items like couple’s massage or a private beach dinner.


The Wedding Attire

You want to choose the right wedding attire based on the type of wedding you are having. A formal tux is necessary for a traditional wedding but not for a beach wedding or less-formal wedding. You also want to make sure you have all the necessary accessories from your socks and cufflinks to the pocket square and tie.


Get Fit

The bride will most likely be stressing a lot about looking perfect for the big day and you may want to take this into consideration too. You want to make sure you look your best for all those wedding photos that you will be showing off for a lifetime. If you know your fiancée is trying to get fit, then make it a team effort and join her, this will help you both have more success and keep each other on track.


Write Your Vows

If you both have agreed to make this part of your ceremony more personal, then you want to take the time to really focus on writing your vows. Keep the wording simple and sincere and don’t forget to practice saying them. Even if you are not writing your own vows, you should still practice what will be given to you to recite, this way you won’t have to worry about nerves stuttering your speech.


Romance Her

This is probably one of the most important marriage preparation for groom to continuously do. Your fiancée is going to be stressed from all the wedding planning and you want to let her know you appreciate all she is doing to plan the perfect day for both of you. Leave simple “I Love You” notes where ever you can and plan a special night or two where she can just relax.


Get Your Groomsmen Gifts

You want to thank your groomsmen for all the time they spent with helping prepare for the big day and you want to try and avoid any of the cliché items like shot glasses and flasks. Instead, keep it to recreational gear, cuff links or a weekend bag.


Be Involved and Understanding

For most brides, planning their wedding is something they have been dreaming of since they were little girls and trying to get their fairytale wedding perfect is more difficult in the real world. You want to give your opinion when necessary and kindly remind her that some of the details don’t have to be so perfect and that what really matters is you will be starting the rest of your lives together.


Plan Little Surprises

Plan something special for her on the wedding day! Send your best man to deliver a small gift with a loving note or her favorite candies, surprise her at the reception with a special song or dance, you can also consider a carriage ride through the park after the ceremony. Plan at least one secret surprise for your bride on the wedding day as well as for the honeymoon, this will definitely make her feel like all the time she spent planning your big day did not go unnoticed.


Take Lead on the Rehearsal Dinner

One marriage preparation for groom to take off the bride’s plate is to make the arrangements for the rehearsal dinner. Make the necessary calls to the officiant, both parents as well as the bridal party to let them know when and where the rehearsal dinner is. It’s a simple task that can greatly reduce the bride’s stress.


Things to Keep Your Hands Off

While you can give some input in a variety of the wedding details, there are some things you would be much wiser to steer clear of.

  • Her dress and almost anything that pertains to her bridal party are what you are warned to keep your opinions to yourself.

  • Flowers are also something you will want to avoid having much of a say with.

  • When it comes to the cake, just enjoy the tasting and let her have the final say how it turns out.

  • The invitations are also a touchy area that you would be much safer avoiding.