Edgy Bobs, Messy Locks and Glamorous Curls - Top 15 Medium Wavy Hairstyles


Whether you are a bride, a bridesmaid or a guest at a wedding, you probably want to look your best on this special occasion. You don’t have the longest hair of all, and maybe not the thickest either – so how can you style your medium length locks? Don’t worry, there are lots of styles to choose from when it comes to shoulder length hair – from updos to buns and from extensions to down dos. And if the latter category sounds best and you want to rock something from the medium wavy hairstyles group, then check out our list of the most flattering and easy to achieve looks.

Edgy Bobs, Messy Locks and Glamorous Curls - Top 15 Medium Wavy Hairstyles

Top 15. Sexy, Loose Waves

This is the ultimate down do when it comes to wavy medium hair: loose and effortless, voluminous and perfect for all hair colors and face types. Selena right here rocks a very subtle ombre from dark chestnut to caramel hues, but you can try this look regardless of your hair color.

Top 14. Edgy Bedhead-Chic

If you’re the type of girl who’d totally wear a leather biker jacket over a feminine lace dress at a wedding, then this hairstyle is saved and kept for you: an edgy and fierce look against the norm, yet full of personality. This style works best with fine to medium hair and it’s the right look for a layered bob on the shorter side. Rock this asymmetric bedhead style with mismatched earrings and a head-turning lipstick shade!

Top 13. The 'S' Waves

If you’ve got a thick set of hair, then look no further: say YES to this voluminous do with 'S' style curls, perfect for a vavavoom-like impact. Pair with a sexy dress in a bright hue for maximum levels of hotness and chicness at the same time.

Top 12. Twisted with a Bent Bob

If you’re not one to follow pretty styles meant for princesses and would rather try something edgier, then this style is a great choice for a braver fashionista: with a bent wavy medium bob and twisted curls, you will definitely stand out.

Top 11. Tidy and Posh

In a sea of beachy and messy medium wavy hairstyles, here’s a safe and tidy look meant for a lady – if you love the look of modern day princesses and aspire to always look put together yet not too precious, try out these posh and polished large waves.

Top 10. Bombshell Locks

If you love the hair that glamour models rock, then embrace the bombshell style! You’ll probably want a few extensions in there for extra volume, but the amazing result is guaranteed: sexy bombshell locks! Wear them with an equally hot color, bronzed skin, and statement accessories. Also opt for make-up that emphasizes the eyes.

Top 9. The Outgrown Bob

You can’t pull off an outgrown with all types of hairdos, that’s for sure. But with this super modern bob, you surely can. This cut is trendy and its demand is on the rise. If you didn’t have time to dye your hair right before the event, opt for these extra large and messy waves and rock your outgrown.

Top 8. Retro Waves

This look could not be more glamorous! If you aren’t a big fan of the messy dos, then go retro! This look right here has it all: elegance, refinement and grace.

Top 7. The Shaggy Look

These waves are so subtle, you can barely spot them! But they’re there and they’re totally on trend! These shaggy locks are easy to achieve and don’t require perfection. It is messy and effortless!

Top 6. The 1920s Vibe

Inspired by the fabulous 1920s, a time of transformation and innovation, this hairstyle is reminiscent of glam old times. Must-wear: dark lips!

Top 5. The Polished Beach Waves

‘Polished’ and ‘beach’ in the same sentence? Or, in the same hairstyle? Totally! A look like this is a more grown-up version of the fashionable beach waves look, so it’s perfect for any age, and, luckily, for all face shapes as well.

Top 4. Thick Hair with Bangs

This ‘good girl’ hairstyle is chic, sophisticated and twee at the same time. If you’ve got thick hair, the bangs might just do the trick when it comes to picking the right medium wavy hairstyles. Opt for this look and wear it with a feminine knee-length dress from Zoe!

Top 3. Glamorous Side Waves

A great alternative for the ladies who want something special, yet aren’t willing to embrace an updo or a bun just yet: side waves! And yes, they can totally work with medium-length hair like yours!

Top 2. The Glam 1950s Style

Marilyn Monroe fabulousness? Check! Perfect bombshell blonde? Check! Elegant and timeless? Check again! Dare and wear this hairstyle with a 1950s dress and be sure you won’t go unnoticed!

Top 1. Curly with Side Bangs

If waves just won’t cut it for you, then go for bouncy curls! One of the classic medium wavy hairstyles, that’s easy to wear regardless of your exact hair length, color or face shape.