Miscellaneous Wedding Item Checklist


Even the most experienced wedding planners can forget a few items in the wedding planning process so it is important that you try to keep track of as many of the little details whether you have a wedding planner or not. Here is a great guide that can help you create a miscellaneous wedding item checklist to better prepare for the big day.

Miscellaneous Wedding Item Checklist

Miscellaneous Wedding Registry Items

When it comes to the wedding registry, there are a number of items you can easily forget to include and this often leads to a number of duplicate items you don’t need. Consider this checklist when you head out for your wedding registry.

  • TV

  • DVD or blu-ray player

  • Stereo System with speakers

  • Bluetooth speakers

  • Camera

  • Sleep machine

  • Vacuum

  • Dust buster

  • Cordless iron and Ironing Board

  • Steamer

  • Air purifier

  • Humidifier

  • Complete Luggage set including garment bags and duffel bags with tags

  • Blankets and Throws

  • Fireplace tools

  • Games

  • Gardening tools

  • Picnic basket and picnic blanket

  • Outdoor furniture

  • Ice cream maker

  • Beach towels

  • Beach chairs

  • Cooler

  • Grill

Miscellaneous Décor Checklist

While you may have the centerpieces covers and favors made, there are a number of areas in the reception venue that tend to be neglect when it comes to decoration. To ensure your whole space enhance your theme and special day, you will want to double check that you’ve included these in your decorations list.

  • Cake table/display

  • Decoration for the Chairs

  • Decoration for the entrance to your reception.

  • Lighting, such as candles for the tables, lanterns, etc.

Miscellaneous Wedding Item Checklist for the Big Day

This checklist cover a few of the helpful miscellaneous items that the bride and groom should double check before they start off on the big day.

  • Garter

  • Program

  • Bridal bible

  • Attendants Gifts

  • Groom's cake box

  • Toasting glasses for the bride and groom

  • Mints

  • Spare phone charger

  • Emergency kit with Q-tips, scissors, needles, thread, buttons, sunscreen, super glue, etc.

Miscellaneous Ceremony Checklist

Most of the attention is placed on the reception venue that the ceremony location and items are easily overlooked. This checklist will ensure you are ready, as well as your bridal party, to take that life-changing walk down the aisle.

  • Ring pillow

  • What is being handed out for the couple’s departure (birdseed, bubbles, confetti, etc.)

  • Ceremony decorations such as pew pillows, pew decoration, flowers, ribbons, etc.

  • Unity candle

  • Plume pen for signing the guest book

  • Flower girl basket

  • Hair pins, for your hair and for the corsages just in case the florist forgets to include them

  • Duct tape for falling hems, broken bouquets, and not so sturdy unity candle

Miscellaneous Wedding Item Checklist for Prep Before the Reception

There are a number of things that will get your reception venue perfect for your big day and this checklist will help you make sure everything runs more smoothly on the day.

  • Schedule of the reception from beginning to end, don’t forget to include all the speeches!

  • Assign someone to be in charge of the gifts. This person should hold onto all money envelopes for you and assist in having the gifts delivered to your home or hotel suite.

  • Put someone in charge of the cleanup. Whether you are handling the cleanup or someone else is, you want to make sure it is taken care of when your reception is over with.

  • If you have any rentals, you want to make sure you know when the delivery or return of the equipment needs to be done by and who is taking care of it.

  • Ask for extra garbage cans for your reception. This is one thing you’d rather have a few too many than a few too short of.

  • Put someone in charge of handing out the tips. You should make a list of all the vendors or service individuals and make sure all the tips are divided up prior to the reception and place in a clearly addressed envelope so whoever is in charge of them can identify which envelope goes to whom.  

Miscellaneous Checklist for the Reception

Before heading out to the reception, you want to make sure you double check this list to ensure you have all the miscellaneous items that often get forgotten in the excitement of the day.

  • Cake knife and server. Most couples will purchase a special set specifically for the wedding day but if the venue provides them then this is not necessary.

  • Thank You scrolls

  • Champagne and glasses for your guests for the welcoming toast

  • Guestbook

  • Favors

  • Snacks like crackers and oranges

  • Cooler with beverages and especially club soda to help remove accidental stains

  • Reception decorations

  • Napkins and stirrers for the bar area.

  • Cake topper

  • Disposable cameras

  • Bells are often placed on each table so the guests can ring them each time they want to see the happy couple kiss.

  • Escort cards or seating chart

  • Kids crafts and games should be available for the kids at their table or their own special designated area, if you have kids attending the reception.

  • Menu cards

  • A small flashlight

  • Direction signs, you can either print out simple arrow signs to point your guests in the right direct to the restroom, dining, cocktail room or you can create unique signs using chalkboards or poster board.

  • Make extra copies of directions to the reception hall and make sure someone at the ceremony is in charge of handing them out to whoever may need them. It is also a good idea to have this at the rehearsal dinner just in case.