10 Best Combinations for Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses


Traditionally bridesmaids wear same dresses. But now this practice is getting replaced by a trend of mix and match. Highly coordinated yet mismatched bridesmaid dresses, are a better way to give each girl an opportunity to show off her trendsetting style. However, getting that mismatched look requires a lot of homework to avoid an incoherent and disconnected feel. Check out the best mismatched combinations rounded up for you. Before proceeding here are a few style tips for mismatched dresses.

Style Tips for Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

It’s not just about the variety of colors/styles. It has a lot of other points to be followed like:
  • Same color for all bridesmaids’ dresses with different styles. But it’s better that they all have similar lengths. Different necklines, some off the shoulder, some one-strap, other with sleeves, etc. is a good idea.

  • Shades of one particular color in similar or different styles.

  • Differently hued dresses with same or similar styles, is another type of mismatching.

  • Variety of fabrics with same color and different styles.

  • Mingling tops and skirts in a specific contrast.

  • Get a free style. Wear whatever you want to, but just remember not to vary too many elements so that the whole effect look inharmonious.

Best Mismatched Combinations for Your Bridesmaids


Play with Neutral Shades!

Shades of white, nudes, champagne are what have always been trendy. Addition of metallic touches with the plain dresses gives quite a jazzed up feel. Combining plain and sequined ones look festive. Thirdly, metallic bridesmaid dresses in different neutral shades is yet another sleek style.


Pops of Pink and Purple

It’s a perfect blend of mismatched colors that really complement each other in spite of being different. Combining various colorful and lively hues of pink (from light to fiesta) and purple is a standout style especially for spring and summer weddings.


Grey and Silver

Dress to impress with various shades of grey from lighter to darker, paired with the stunning silver. Grey mismatched bridesmaid dresses seem flattering from every angle in this combo. It’s perfect for outdoor, daytime event. Varied grey hues with differently designed clothing seem chic.


Go Green!

Green comes in a number of shades. From light to dark, from mint to bottle green, green dresses are perfect for autumn outdoor weddings. Experiment with different styles and lengths, as it’s all about mismatching elegantly.


Lavender and Purple

A combination both comfy to the eyes and fashionable. Lavender with different hues of purple is surely a look good feel good combination. Combine lighter and darker hues together with same or differently styled outfits.


Pretty Pastels

Equally suitable for spring and summer outdoor events, combining various coherent shades of pastels in bridesmaid dresses would add a pop of pretty colors to the event. Add the blues, greens, pinks, yellows and greys to get the best matched yet mismatched bridesmaid dresses.


Combination of Coral Shades/Plain and Prints

Blazing coral is one color with so many hues in it. You can mingle all, from dull to the luminous ones. Even some floral prints can be tried with the plains. If you want to experiment with prints, look for light romantic accents from blues, mint or yellow with coral.


Jewel Toned Turquoise with Blue

Colors as blue and turquoise as tropical seas, can give the most refreshing combination. For mismatched bridesmaid’s dresses, you can vary in lengths, style neckline and even incorporate some printed dresses of same combination with the plain ones.


Yellow and Green

A fresh and sun-kissed combination, it’s perfect for spring and summer garden wedding events. Wearing plain or combined with prints, it goes best both ways.


Navy Blue and White/Silver

Navy blue, always an ideal color for bridesmaid’s dresses and also for mismatched bridesmaid dresses. It turns out to be the best, when combined with ivory or silver. Printed dresses also look great in this combo.