15 Common Mistakes Wedding Photographers Make


We know that we have trusted them with capturing the most important moments of your life, but they are still human. Even with years of human experience under his or her belt, the photographer will not know the expectations you have until you speak up! Here are some of the common mistakes wedding photographers make, so use this as a guide to make sure that the photographer captures the moments that you want to be immortalized.

15 Common Mistakes Wedding Photographers Make


Not disclosing their wedding photography experience to the client

This is an important part of the negotiation process. This is especially important for weddings with low-budgets, since you cannot afford established photographers. You have to know the capabilities of your chosen photographer really well because they are tasked with the difficult job of preserving your wedding memories! Probe them about their experience and be sure to ask questions. We are sure that you will work things out through proper discussion!


Not asking for what the client does NOT want

Sometimes, you need to be even more specific about things that you do not want with your contractor. Are there any kinds of shots that particularly grinds your gears? Then you should bring it up with your photographer as soon as possible, or you might be faced with dozens of shots you will never use, but paid for! Be proactive and don't be afraid to sound pushy with the no-no's of your photo album. It's your wedding memory, after all!


Not asking about the holding room or table

Sometimes it will be hard to fit their logistical needs in the venue, so you always need a heads up about their plans and equipment to make it easier for them. You would not know the set-up that they have planned, so communication is definitely important about their logistical needs.


Not listening to the client

Of all the mistakes wedding photographers make, let it not be this one! We know that photographers are artists, and artists have their own vision. Even if you are not sure about the look that you are going for, your photographer should consult with you about the plans and ask about yours. It is very arrogant to ignore the vision of the client. 


Not taking an assistive crew with them

Aside from the head photographer, there of course needs to be a second on-field photographer, someone who handles the lights and other equipment, someone who will handle editing the photos, and so on. One thing is for sure, it's a mistake to only have one photographer! Two or more different lenses on the ground will capture different memories and unique experiences. Be cautious about this and be sure to have at least two!


Not negotiating the wedding photography package thoroughly

The standard wedding package your photographer offer might not be the right one for you. If you are going more no-frills, then it could definitely be cut to smaller, but cheaper deal. If this was not negotiated, you might end up with wedding paraphernalia that you never wanted. Be sure to discuss the packages with your photographer, and get the best plan for your big day.


Not paying attention to the schedule of the ceremony or itinerary

It would be horrible to have a photographer to miss out an entire important section of your wedding! Briefing them through the planned schedules is a good way to avoid mistakes wedding photographers make such as this. They can be given cues, and it could also be a good guide for them to plan out their working schedule throughout the day.


Not surveying the venues beforehand

If the photographer is not familiar with the venue, he or she won't be able to tell what the best places are to shoot in the area. You might end up with rather bland pictures. Having research about the areas and lighting within the venue is an advantage for the photographer - they will fix settings easier and figure out the vision of the photo easier. Having an ocular with them at the ceremony and reception venue will definitely help both of you.


Not taking candid shots

The stiff, planned shots throughout the entire wedding are not enough to capture the entire experience. Encourage your photographers to capture the smiling, the laughing, the crying, and so on. Tell them not to be afraid of taking candid shots. Asking someone to smile to the camera is not always a clear reflection of the moment! Let them trigger happy with the wedding's moments you were not able to see while you are at the altar!


Not using the RAW image file version

These large files will be useful for any prints and paraphernalia you may need in the future. It could be important, so the more specific and planned shots should be taken with the RAW option. This will be helpful when you need wedding material for image purposes. Learn that you can immortalize your wedding in many ways yourself, and you can do this by asking for the original photos!


Not editing the photos

Editing photos isn't just about perfecting the faces of people in a picture. It's also about adjusting the color balance, lighting, filters, and so on - in an attempt to really bring the moments to life! Not editing the photos is one of the common mistakes wedding photographers make - it's such an easy step that can make a lot of pictures monumentally better!


Not backing up the data IMMEDIATELY

The horror of having corrupted or lost files is a reality, so all those precious pictures must be backed-up, immediately! Do not even risk losing all those wonderful memories. The photographer must know when the memory is getting full and must switch to new cards, so these switches must also be protected by uploading them as soon as possible for editing. That way there are absolutely no regrets!


Not doing classic shots, just fad photography techniques

Sure, the occasional jumping shot or wacky photo is fine, but you need to have the classics in the mix as well. When you have just playful shots and a few formal shots, it will be difficult to build a nice album that will have every member of your family and guests accounted for. Explore your options with your photographer to know more about which shots to take!


Not trying out new things, just sticking to boring looks

Sticking to the regular photos can also be quite boring. Ask your photographer to explore pose and group photo options by surveying the venues and the props to be used in the area. Look through websites for inspirations on how to have fresh takes on traditional photography. This will definitely add color to your wedding album, as well as your photographer's portfolio!


Just shooting, and not telling a story.

With more than a series of photos, you wedding tale is an elegant story. It is the job of the photographer to do so, not because they are paid, but because they are your trusted storyteller. One of the worst mistakes wedding photographers make is taking the shots but didn't tell us more about the lovely couple, and their family and friends. Your reality can feel like fantasy in your albums through a creative artist who uses the photography medium to preserve and share fairy tale weddings.