Most Beautiful Bouquet of Flowers in the World


A bride is incomplete without a blossoming bouquet in her hand. For all those perfect wedding pictures, a bouquet must have garden fresh as well as color coordinated flowers. Here are some of the most beautiful bouquet of flowers in the world, with all those freshly picked flowers, to inspire you.

33 Most Beautiful Flower Bouquets in the World


Colorful Spring Bouquet

It has all those fresh-from-the-garden flowers like peonies, roses, ranunculus, poppies, in accordance with the spring wedding season colors. These soft hued flowers are greatly accented by bay leaves and jasmine vines.


Farm Fresh Brightly Colored Bouquet

Selection of all bold colors with an ivory/white wedding gown in the background, enhances its beauty. Freshly hued flower’s combo, with ranunculus, camellias, poppies and jasmine looks breathtaking with the addition of foliage.


Glowing Pink Bouquet

A romantic combination of pink roses and white peonies seems refreshing for summer. Use of delicate accents like veronica, scabiosa with fresh green ladies’ mantle as fillers, add a sparkle to this classy combo.


Rose Bouquet with Pops of Pastels

A sensational bridal bouquet with elegant pastel hues of roses seems perfect for a winter wedding. Use of Queen Anne’s Lace as a filler all around, gives it a pure rustic feel.


Floral & Botanical Bouquet

Giving a botanical touch to a bridal bouquet is a unique yet trendy idea. Use of succulent, berries and thistles as an accent looks great with roses. Seems refreshingly perfect for garden wedding.


Freshly Colored Bouquet for Beach Wedding

Use of peonies and ranunculus, in blue and cream, as primary flowers, accents like nigella, blueberry and cerinthe, with all those green fillers around, makes it one of the most beautiful bouquet of flowers in the world.


Romantic Garden Wedding Bouquet

Garden fresh flowers like peonies, roses and ranunculus in soft hues, with all delicate accents including parrot tulips, sweet peas, hellebores, look breathtaking but not without those touches of foliage all around.


Luminously Hued Bouquet for Bride

Picking the right flowers and arranging them artistically, to get the desired impact, is what this bouquet is all about. Peach roses, white chrysanthemum, with accents like willow pussy, milky berries and olive foliage makes it one to fall in love with.


Country Wedding Bouquet

Tied in burlap, it’s a softly hued bouquet. Sun-kissed fresh ranunculus makes it visually stimulating. Other accents like dahlias and zinnias and a few succulents, fern leaves makes it perfect for a country theme wedding. Who could resist this blend of soft yellow, pink and white and green?


Purple and Icy Blue Romantic Bouquet

This one gives a refreshing feel. Colors like purple and icy blue are best for a summer theme wedding or a frozen themed wedding. Tied in purple silk ribbon, it looks great with an ivory gown.


Bouquet for a Rustic Bride

Simple accents like golden wild grass and bay leaves can transform a simple floral bouquet into a rustic one. Like this one with pink peonies and heirloom garden roses.


Playful Berries for Wedding Bouquet

Using a few berries as an accent is quite normal, what about a bridal bouquet all made up of red fiesta berries? Using fresh green leaves add a sparkling touch. This bouuqet of cranberreies is perfect for a rustic wedding.


Orchard Fresh Bridal Bouquet

With freshly picked flowers, this bouquet is special because of the variety of accents and organic fillers. The contrast of colors gives it a more appealing look. It consists clematis, scabiosa, ranunculus, seeded eucalyptus, yarrow, lysimachia, and sword fern.


Red Themed Wedding Bouquet

It’s perfect bouquet for a red themed wedding. Combining fresh red roses and ranunculus with accents like anemone and parrot tulip seems great for an indoor formal wedding.


Bold-colored Wedding Bouquet

This one goes best with a peacock themed wedding. Contrast of bold colored flowers, like blue and purple orchids with pure white roses, looks vibrant. Using peacock feathers as accent is a unique idea.


Traditional Waterfall Bouquet

This voluminous bouquet is perfect for a rustic wedding. Willowy wild flowers with the fresh flowers in various kinds, succulents, and those long and fresh foliage trailing down seems magical in her hands.


Refreshing Summer Bouquet

With so many kinds of flowers, this blooming bouquet is suitable for an outdoor wedding in summer. Accents like sweet pea, narcissus and muscari add glamour to ivory roses and tulips.


Roses with White Orchids Bouquet

Breathtaking combination of pink roses with white orchids trailing down, makes it the most beautiful bouquet of flowers in the world.


Bold and Vibrant Bridal Bouquet

It’s a unique bridal bouquet, the matching ribbons, tied on the stem, artfully compliment the flowers in the bouquet. With all that variety of accents, the bouquet is one-of-a-kind.


Feather Accent Bouquet

An artistic bouquet, it’s perfect for a winter wedding. Softly hued roses in light pink and cream, are beautifully accented with ivory feathers.


Fresh Roses with White Lily

The contrast of freshly picked roses with elegant calla lily, looks mesmerizing. Fresh foliage trailing down adds glamor to it. Accessories like beading and pearl makes this bouquet shining.


Sun-Dipped Wedding Bouquet

A wedding bouquet made of sun flowers is the most unique as well as radiant choice. A bouquet created of sunflowers alone or with other flowers specially white ones, looks great.


Brooch and Fresh Flowers Bouquet

This bridal bouquet is special not because of roses, ranunculus, peonies or anemones, but a unique combination of brooches makes it special. Brooches as accents, give a simple floral bouquet a glamorized feel.


Heart Shaped Bouquet

A heart shaped bouquet made of garden fresh orchids and white roses, decorated with little white flowers is perfect for a love themed wedding or if your wedding is somewhere around valentine’s day.


Tulip Bouquet with Queen Anne’s Lace

To help you have the most beautiful bouquet of flowers in the world on your big day. Never forget that simplicity is always the winner. Just love this one! How a simple pink tulip bouquet has been given a touch of delicacy and romance with the eye-catching queen Anne’s lace.


Bridal Bouquet with Bright Billy Balls

It’s a simple floral bouquet with red and white poppies and elegant peonies. Addition of freshly hued Billy balls in it have turned it into a romantic and jewel toned bouquet. Wrapping the stems in strips gives it a more modern look.


Bright Bouquet Wedding Bouquet

This one appeals to eyes because of the gorgeous contrast it presents. The artfully arranged, various species of pink and purple flowers and accents, look magnificent with a sequined metallic gown.


Rose and Hydrangea Ivory Bouquet

Though a simple bouquet, but rose and hydrangea are complimenting each other beautifully. Its best choice for a formal outdoor wedding ceremony.


Bouquet with a Metallic Glow

These days spraying flowers is quite common. A bit of metallic glow would give it a unique touch. But spraying all would make it lose all the natural grandeur. Gold spray on the succulent, surrounded by naturally hued flowers is a great mix.


Colorful Bouquet with Daisy

Daisy is a classy flower whether shape or color. Using two different shades of daisy can make playful wedding bouquet. Combining yellow, red with white colors gives a stupendous wedding bouquet and a country feel.


Rose and Stephanotis Bouquet

If you do not want a simple bouquet of red roses, adding stephanotis with roses, gives a romantic and sensational feel.


Pastel Peonies with Queen Anne’s Lace

The elegant pink peonies are best paired here with delicate and sparkling Queen Anne’s lace. The classic combination of pink and ivory has made it most beautiful bouquet of flowers in the world. Other flowers to add more elegance and fragrance are gardenias, and green leaves to decorate.


Tropical Bouquet with Orchids

An elegant tropical bouquet with fresh ivory roses is beautifully accented by blue orchids and aqua teardrop, trailing down artistically.