Most Cozy Bridal Shoe: Selection Tips and Recommended Brands


It is your big day! You are finally about to walk down the aisle, looking stunningly gorgeous, hand in hand with your beloved groom and dancing with new hopes and desires. But, all this could turn into a cramped reality if your footwear isn’t comfortable to your feet. If you still view heels and wedding stilettos as an uncomfortable trial; shrug this misleading thought out of your mind and be ready to enter into the realm of relaxation with our collection of most cozy bridal shoes.

Selection Tips for Most Cozy Bridal Shoes

Follow our advice and suggestions for a perfect amalgam of style and snugness.
  • Heels: Go for thicker ones with a height not more than 2 inches. This would keep your posture upright and your weight more balanced. Also, demand cushioned heels as they fixate your foot. If you are going with higher heels, try it on and make sure you don't feel uncomfortable walking in it. 

  • Toe shape: The toe shape should be broader and steeper to accommodate your toes gently.

  • Shoe material: You should spot something that is breathable. Leather is usually the one. Shoes with plastic or vinyl material are non-stretchable and cause a great deal of pinching and friction between the foot and shoe.

  • Curve between heel and toe box: This should be less steep, because the curvier this part of the shoe, the more strain it is going to exert on your natural foot arches.

  • Weight of the shoe: Always determine how much the shoe you have chosen weighs by lifting it in the air. It's should be of medium weight. 

Additional Tips and Tricks

  • First impression is the last impression: The moment you put on a shoe, you get an instant feeling if they are going to fit snugly or there are some flaws. It is true that a shoe stretches with time and adapts itself to the foot of the wearer, but this statement is not meant for a one day show- Your special wedding day!

  • Walk on a wooden floor: Ask the salesman you want to try it on a flat wooden surface. Carpeted floors are not meant to judge the comfort of a shoe.

  • Try tapping on the lower surface of the shoe: Podiatrists are of the opinion that if you knock on the bottom of the shoe, and it sounds like knocking on the door, it strongly suggests that the padding is not enough, and it will hurt your foot upon constant standing or walking. So, aim for one with a good cushioned surface for perfect shock absorption.

  • Visit a shoe store in the later part of the day: The scientific logic behind this advice: your feet swell by the end of the day. This tip will ensure a correct shoe size, especially if your wedding is planned in the evening.

  • Consider shoe inserts: These will stay hidden and provide an adequate cushion for every part of the shoe.

  • Opt for two pairs of shoes: Most brides slip off the fancy heels for a while and step their feet in cozy tennies or ballet flats. You can save the style for the reception and bridal photo-shoot; and casual footwear for the rest of the night.

Most Cozy Bridal Shoe Brands and Recommended Style

Sandals, strap heels, pumps, there are so many mind boggling options to choose from. Keep in mind that you will be standing and roaming about for most of the time, so always opt for the best shoe in town so as not to limit your mobility and fun.

Catherine by Benjamin Adams London

These wearable heels are designed with mesh inserts. Very breathable and elegant choice. These have the highest level of comfort according to most users.


Style 5355 by Menbur

This shoe combines the looks of a sandal and a peep-toe. Highly traditional. Also comes with mesh sides to allow air to freely circulate.


Bow Tied Wedge by Milk & Honey

Wedge heels with a trendy outlook, increasing height of a petite bride and are safe and secure as well.


Nude by ECCO

ECCO has been recognized as the maker of some very comfortable shoes; Nude being one of them. Not the classical bridal footwear, but the wooden heels are specially designed for outdoor garden weddings.


L’Amour by Angela Nuran

These are high heels with extra thick padding of the arch and balls of toes. Highly suitable for the brides ‘on the move’.


Jimmy Choo

Though these are a bit expensive, they are really comfortable and you can also wear in other occasions. 


Kurt Geiger London

Celebrity stylists believe that this brand sells very sexy and comfortable shoes. The chic pump, available in different shapes and designs are exquisitely fine and soothing.


Cole Haan

It has a hidden Nike air technology. The legendary Grand OS soles are very lightweight, perfectly cushioned and flexible and would leave you walking in the air. You can get some styles online like Air tali Wedge and Air Chelsea pumps.

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