The Most Popular Wedding Photos


Have you ever thought about how selfies are everything today?  It is so popular right now because there is nothing better than capturing great moments, because they can become wonderful memories. On your wedding day it shouldn’t be different, you must take amazing pictures so you can remember every detail! Let's take a look at the most popular wedding photos and hopefully you'll get some ideas.

Most Popular Wedding Photos

The Bride’s Pictures

You cannot forget to take your pictures before the wedding, after the ceremony you will take pictures with the guests, with the groom and believe me, you do not want to miss your party taking pictures. So talk to your photographer, pictures of brides getting ready for the wedding are the most popular wedding photos. Capture every moment, the dress, the shoes, prepping your makeup and everything else!

The Groom’s Pictures

The same goes for the groom, capture the moment he is buttoning the shirt,  putting on the watch, tying the tie, his nervous face, and his smile.

The Couple’s Pictures

Take billions, it is never too much! It is your day and the pictures should capture the couple on happy, romantic and funny moments. There are great ideas here, like doing heart shapes with the hands, showing the finger with the wedding ring, before the ceremony you can take pictures with your groom, just don’t let him see you. Another amazing idea is the couple with the parents wedding day photo.

The Bridesmaids Pictures

Speaking of the most popular wedding photos, you could not forget about the bridesmaids. Women loves pictures and on your bff’s wedding day, every moment should be captured. You can go with funny ideas like brushing each other’s hair, drinking and making funny faces. On the other hand, you can go with the traditional ones, you know, bride on the mirror and bridesmaids looking, the friends helping the brides get ready and a cool idea: a shoot of the shoes, look how wonderful this picture  is with the alternated colors with the dresses and shoes. Love it!

The Groomsmen Pictures

This is when people get creative, funny pictures are everything when shooting the groomsmen. The groomsmen and groom normally has looks really similar and predictable, so there is not a lot of details on the photos, which is why funny poses and situations can give you memorable pictures.

The Groomsmen + Bridesmaids Pictures

You should take a lot of pictures with your bets friends on you wedding day, you can make them really funny ones, showing how happy everybody is on this special day. 

The Flower Girls & Ring Bearers Pictures

Do not try to take pictures of them like adults, the Flower Girls and the Ring Bearers are kids and the photos should capture the innocence and kindness of them. This should be funny and cute! And cute pictures with these kids in them are absolutely most popular wedding photos. A great ideas is the flower girls looking at the wedding dress and the kids closing their eyes while the lovebirds kiss.

The First Look Picture

Of course, the first look more emotional is when the groom sees the bride, but do not forget to take pictures of the moment when the other important people on the ceremony sees the bride for the first time after she is ready. Our advice: parents always get too emotional and bridesmaids gives a lot of funny faces.

The Family’s Pictures

Some cool wedding shoot ideas: a shoot of 3 generations of women in the family, and shoot of the father and daughter first dance. They promise a lot of tears. But do not forget to take pictures with the whole family!

The Pet’s Pictures

If you are crazy about your pet and cannot imagine your special day without it, then you should look at these ideas of pets on wedding days that are the most popular wedding photos. Too cute to refuse!