Mother and Daughter Photography Ideas


One of the most life-changing events for any woman is their wedding. This is definitely going to be shared with the most important women of your life – your mother, or even your daughter. How do we capture these timeless memories in an expressive manner? Read our guide and get ideas for mother and daughter photography for your wedding album!

Daughter Is the Bride

A shot of the mother taking the bride is a wonderful one, because we won’t usually see that in the ceremony itself.

You will need a standard pose with your mother at the wedding, of course. Show off the venue you have and keep it simple – it’s always a great idea to keep a base photo like such.

A cute and intimate close shot of the mother and daughter will have the sweetness of a candid photo. Try to keep this one natural and held tight – it’s sure to contain a lot of emotion.

One photo idea is to execute a few shots during the bridal prep. The moment that a bride becomes overwhelming with emotion at the sight of her wedding gown, and her mother is just by her side.

The happy smiles shot will be a lot more meaningful when not directed into the camera. Looking at each other evokes a sense of emotionality and mutual happiness that will melt hearts.

The bridal prep might have you and your maid of honor helping the make-up artist, but having your mom around to help you with your wedding gown will be a sweet photo as well.

Everyone looks forward to the heartwarming father and daughter dance, but there should be mother and daughter photography on the dance floor too.

A nice, bright photo in a relaxed setting will give a sense of a happy family life. Bonus points if you brought the happy family pet along – he’s definitely part of the family photo, too!

As your wedding celebrates the union with the romantic love of your life, you should also celebrate the truly eternal familial loves of your life through a simple and sweet kiss.

The moments of nervousness and tears of joy are a treasure on film. Whether candid or staged, this shot is representative of all the stress of planning a wedding, and the support that the mother gave through and through.

Another bridal prep idea is for the loving mother going through lengths to keep her darling daughter picture perfect for the special day!

Emotional moments are best caught in mother and daughter photography when candid. Spot the gentlest moments and they will be treasured by the subject forever.

Displays of affection make the most heartwarming shots! This one is beautifully placed against the light.

A nicely lit glamour shot is beautiful as it shows where the blushing bride got her good looks from!

This silhouette shot is brilliant. It's dramatic, dynamic, and a must see for behind the scenes footage.

It would be a beautiful scene to take if you had your mother’s wedding photo in the foreground. That striking resemblance and throwback to youth will remind people of the history of happiness and beauty within the family,

For religious families, the blessing of each other through prayer will be a good theme to catch for mother and daughter photography. Holding each others hands in fervent prayer gives audiences a picture of your relationship in faith.

Mother Is the Bride

Black and white, hand in hand. It’s a classy shot that will be used for a lot events in the years to come!

Hide your little girl under your veil and it will make for a very cute, very sweet shot.

Doing silly things on camera with your daughter is always cute, but it’s double the adorable when you are both dressed up and ready for the wedding day – it shows how nothing will change your relationship despite the new changes!

Mother and daughter photo featuring the action of walking side by side is always a nice addition to the photo album.

Looking into the mirror gives the moment a unique perspective. Two generations of lovely ladies, both equally beautiful look into their future, and will always have each other in the present and beyond.

Sweet candid shots in black and white are the best as they are spur of the moment. It’s the crowning jewel of your mother and daughter photography album!

Mother and daughter in the fields, in stark white will look very beautiful and charming. Look at the matching tiaras!

Mini-me photos that feature the pair can look very editorial-like and glamorous, especially if there is similarity in each other’s dresses!

Mother and daughter will look bold and beautiful against a vintage, detailed chair. The bride can sit pretty on the throne, and the daughter can be playfully perched on the armrest. Bring your beloved pet along – look how they also belong to the color scheme!