The Best Mother-Daughter Songs of All Time


All women are not only shaped by experience, but by the guidance of their mothers as well. So if there’s anyone we should thank during our big day, it’s our mothers. Our mothers have loved us in our most beautiful and ugliest times, they have been there for us through thick and thin, so they deserve nothing but the best even on our wedding day. If you are looking for the perfect mother daughter songs, we’ve got a special list just for you.

The Best Mother Daughter Songs of All Time

Wind Beneath My Wings – Skylar Lane

Soft on the outside but tough in the inside, our mothers have endured everything for us to grow in love and beauty. Indeed, they are the wind beneath our wings for they did not only teach us how to fly, but they also guided us as we soar, making this Skylar Lane song perfect for mother daughter dance.

Because You Loved Me – Celine Dion

We are the woman that we are because of our mother’s unconditional love. Not only is the melody of this song perfect, but the lyrics speaks to all mothers and daughters as well. So if you are planning to dance with your mother, don’t scratch off this song on your list.

I Turn To You – Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera doesn’t only know how to touch all her listener’s hearts. This song is also a great reminder of how our mothers have been there for us in good times and in bad. So let’s not forget our moms on our wedding day, shall we?

A Song for Mama – Boyz 2 Men

Who could ever forget Boyz 2 Men’s jaw-dropping arrangements and harmony? This song pierces through every mother’s heart not just because of the musical arrangements, but because of the message this song conveys. Indeed, our moms should always be the queen of our hearts no matter how things change.

Music of My Heart – Gloria Estefan and N Sync

Love violins? Then, Gloria Estefan and N Sync’s Music of My Heart might just be what you need. Because our mother’s love is the music of our hearts, let’s not forget to pay tribute to them on our special day.

The Best Day – Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift may be known for her famous love songs, but this is not the only reason why we should applaud the music icon. A song about how she and her mother created beautiful memories, this is one of the mother daughter songs that can relieve your good old memories.

Mama’s Song – Carrie Underwood

A song to all mothers and daughters who have become the best of friends over the years, Mama's Song can make you and your mother shed tears of joy on your wedding day.

Not While I’m Around – Barbra Streisand

Our mothers have always been there to protect us since day 1, and that’s what Barbra Streisand’s rendition is all about. While the rest of the world can harm us, our mothers would do their best to keep us away from harm.

Over The Rainbow – Israel Kamikawiwo’ole

If you want to dedicate your mom a song but you don’t want to get overly emotional, this song is perfect for your wedding day as it sends the right message in a lighter way. And yes, it’s ideal for beach weddings too!

You Can’t Lose Me – Faith Hill

A song on how unconditional a mother’s love is, Faith Hill’s You Can’t Lose Me will make you teary eyed as it talks about how our moms would always choose to stand by us, win or lose.

Somebody’s Hero – Jamie O’Neal

O’Neal definitely knows how to hit us with the right feels, thus this song ranks high on our list of mother daughter songs. While our moms may not be doctors or firefighters, they would always be our hero as they did not only breathe life to us, but they have also been there to save us from making wrong decisions and drowning in misery. They are our ultimate protectors… our very own wonder woman… and they deserve nothing but our love and respect.

The Hand that Rocks the Cradle – Glen Campbell and Steve Wariner

A beautifully-arranged song by Wariner and Campbell, The Hand that Rocks the Cradle compares all mothers to precious pearls as they are worth more than all the diamonds in the world. They are the ones who have loved us since we were born, and they absolutely deserve the spotlight on our wedding day.

Like My Mother Does – Lauren Alaina

No matter where life takes us, nothing can compare to that motherly warmth and love. Like My Mother Does isn’t only packed with all the right notes and arrangements, but its lyrics will also make us miss the days when our world revolved around our mothers.

Every Mother’s Dream – Teresa James

While our mothers are unique in their own way, we can be sure that they all have one thing in common—they are dreamers. They only want the best for us, and this explains why they often nag us even about the small stuffs. So aside from loving them, let’s always be grateful for them, shall we?

I’m Blessed to Call You Mother – Beckett and Martha

Not everybody is given the privilege to grow up with their mothers, so if you have a great woman in your life that has always been there to support you, start saying thank you by playing this song on your reception.

Goodbye’s The Saddest Word – Celine Dion

Looking for the most tear-jerking mother daughter songs? Well, your wedding is the beginning of a new chapter in your life, and although you’re not really saying goodbye to your mother, letting her know how much you appreciate her even on your wedding day would make your occasion even more momentous. We promise, you’d need tissues on this one.

Mama – Spice Girls

“Mama, I love you… Mama, I care… Mama, I need you…” –Basically, the lyrics says it all. With great lyrics combined with amazing vocals, there’s no need to wonder why this became such a huge hit in the 90’s.

Slipping Through My Fingers – ABBA

ABBA may be known for their up-beat music, but this isn’t the only thing we love about this musical icon. If you want to understand what your mother feels now that you are about to get married, you may want to listen to this song first.

You’re My Best Friend – Queen

Yes, we won’t ever have a best friend as real and as genuine as our mothers, making this the perfect song for your wedding day. Plus, it’s QUEEN!

Que Sera Sera – Doris Day

Okay, if you are not really a fan of melodic songs that can make your heart cry, Doris Day’s Que Sera Sera is the most ideal song for you as it is very light and bubbly. And yes, we bet your mom knows this song too! So basically, it’s one of the best mother daughter songs.