Best Hairstyles for Mother of The Bride – Top Choices that Flatter Any Face Shape


Your daughter is getting married and you couldn't be happier – and, naturally, you want to look your best at her wedding. While things are clear in the dress department, and you're pretty set on the jewelry pieces as well, you're still undecided when it comes to your hair. There are lots of hairstyles for mother of the bride out there, so if you're feeling a little overwhelmed, check out our selection of looks that are classy, sophisticated and work with all face shapes.

Best Hairstyles for Mother of The Bride – Top Choices that Flatter Any Face Shape

Half-up with Curls

A forever-in-fashion style with lots of charm and romanticism: the half-up with curls (or soft waves, as you prefer). This hairdo is a classic for brides, bridesmaids and mothers alike, as it flatters all face shapes, from round to heart and from ovals to square ones. Moreover, there are so many versions of it, it is basically impossible not to find anything you like within this particular style: with or without visible pins, curls or waves, perfectly in place or slightly messy, side part or middle part and with or without wisps of hair to frame the face – It's all your choice!

Bouncy Curls

You’ve got medium to long hair and aren’t a fan of the straightened locks look. Then polished bouncy curls are a great option for you! As a sexy hairstyle suits women of all ages, this look is a favorite for many occasions, from weddings to date nights and from cocktail parties to reunions.

Timeless Chignon

This timeless hairstyle is not only chic and graceful, but flattering to all, especially since it is a safe choice that simply can’t go wrong. Always classy and sophisticated, the chignon can be jazzed up with a wide range of hair accessories: choose a sparkly hair comb and place it either centrally or on the side, use brilliant hair pins or pair it with a retro birdcage.

Fancy Ponytail

This is one of those hairstyles for mother of the bride that work best if you like to keep your look modern and fresh. Young mother of the brides love this current and fashionable alternative to the more rigid buns and updos. But since it’s a major event in your daughter’s life, make sure your ponytail is polished to perfection: large waves, a little bouffant for extra volume and optional streaks of hair to frame the face are all good choices.

The Bouffant Updo

A little back combing never hurt anyone! Give it a go with a bouffant updo that can add up a few inches to your height. The good part about it is that you can choose almost any style of updo you desire, from chignons and French twists to classic buns and even ponytails. Choose this fabulous style if your hair is at least shoulder-length.

Retro Curls (for Medium Hair)

Messy works best for ladies that haven’t hit the 40 mark yet, and, in most cases, ladies over 40 prefer styles that are on the more glamorous side, and less ‘just rolled out of bed’-like. This style is a safe and lovely choice for the mother of the brides who love to present themselves in a sophisticated manner – fixed curls require a lot of products and styling, but they are certainly worth the trouble since the result is never disappointing.

High Twisted Bun

Buns are always elegant and a favorite for weddings, but not all suit the 40 and 50+ ladies. If you are looking for a flattering and easy to achieve bun, then add this twisted look on your ‘hairstyles for mother of the bride to consider’ list. This high twisted bun is a more modern version of a tight and fixed high bun, with emphasis on volume rather than structure. Wear it with sparkly earrings for an elegant, yet modern look.

The Sleek Bob

The bob hairstyle is a favorite in your age group and there are tons of reasons for its popularity – it can be worn, with very slight alterations, on any occasion, it works with all hair types, from thin to really thick and all hair shades. If you want to wear it on your daughter’s wedding day, all you need is to make sure you take care of any possible frizzy hair and opt for a nice blow-dry with added shine.

The Pretty Swirls

Swirls are a type of curls that have that extra something which makes them totally suitable for an event as fancy as a wedding. Ask your hairstylist to give a try to loose, yet polished swirls if you’ve got long hair and aren’t yet decided on how to wear your hair on your daughter’s special day – the result will surely make you a swirl fan!

The Downdo with Side Bangs

The downdo is an excellent choice when it comes to hairstyles for mother of the bride. Why? Because it is time-efficient, very flattering, safe yet gorgeous at the same time – and you will definitely look like yourself and feel comfortable. Opt for volume, a good blow-dry and side bangs in order to achieve this gorgeous look.