Mother of the Bride Duties for the Big Day


You’ve been to countless weddings, but now it’s your daughter’s wedding day and you are not sure what your duties are. Of course, that’s pretty normal because you don’t marry off daughters every day. You are one of the key people in your daughter’s life, that’s why it is a given that you will be heavily involved. Just help your daughter make this one of the most treasured days of her life!

Following is a list of the mother of the bride duties but it is up to you to enhance or reduce them.

Mother of the Bride Duties for the Big Day


Planning and Organizing Companion

As the mother of the bride-to-be, help your daughter accomplish this enormous task of planning a wedding, but never impose your decisions on her. Don't forget that this is your daughter's special day and she wants to do some of the things on her own.

  • Help compose lists of different venues and vendors. Use your experience in this and ask for suggestions from your friends and relatives, but allow your daughter and the groom to make the final decisions.

  • Make a list of all the important people that need to be invited to the wedding. After all, you don't want Aunt Martha to be left out and hear the complaints afterward. Give the list to your daughter so that she can prepare in advance accordingly.

  • Make sure all the invitations are sent out and keep an eye on the RSVPs. Help organize a sitting plan for the guests and co-ordinate it with the groom’s family.


Budget Decisions

If you and your husband are paying for the wedding, then let your daughter know the exact amount of money you can spend because your daughter will have to make decisions based on the budget of the wedding. If the bride and the groom are paying for the wedding themselves, then it’s better to stay away from the monetary decisions.



This is one of the most obvious mother of the bride duties, but provide shopping assistance only if your daughter asks for your help. Suggest all the things she might need and help her choose the perfect wedding dress that will flatter her body and is appropriate as well.

Don’t forget yourself in the process of shopping for your daughter. Choose a dress for yourself or ask your daughter if there is anything special that she wants you to wear.


Go-To Contact

Act as the point of contact for the different vendors like florists, photographers, caterers, etc, so they do not disturb your daughter on every minute detail on the day of the wedding.


Bridal Shower

Help organize a bridal shower for your daughter. Make it memorable for her. If more than one bridal shower is thrown, then attend the one which is more suitable for you. There might be some showers to which you won’t be invited, e.g., showers thrown by girlfriends.


Ease the Cold Feet

An important duty is helping your daughter get through this emotional time by being there for her. It is normal for brides to become overstressed and sentimental over small issues or they could start having doubts about the wedding, feeling scared or nervous.

Let your daughter know that she will be the most beautiful bride on earth. Remind her how special she is. The bride-to-be may often feel the urge to cry, always be there to provide a shoulder to cry on.


Family Traditions

One of the mother of the bride duties is to tell the bride about the traditions that fall in the family. Is there any special ritual that has been in the family for a long time? It is better if the mother could conduct a little research beforehand to know about the traditions.


Communicating with the Groom’s Mom

At times like wedding, everything is very delicate. People might be offended on the smallest of the things. It is then good to communicate important things with the groom's mom so that everything is in sync.

Discuss on the wedding outfits so that they do not clash in the photographs. Inform the mother of groom about your guests and your sitting arrangement.


Assistance on the Morning of the Wedding

On the day of the wedding, you must be the most calm-headed person there. Get ready early so that you can help dress your daughter and solve the pre-wedding mishaps (don't think that there won't be any). This will also give you a few private minutes with your daughter, in which you can express how happy you are.


Main Hostess

Reach the altar or the church a little early to confirm everything. Welcome the guests as they arrive and introduce them to the groom’s parents when necessary. There are countless, mother of the bride duties at the reception, make sure all the guests are seated accordingly, looked after well and make them feel welcomed. Don’t afraid to delegate a few duties to the close relatives. Besides, be ensured that the presents are placed carefully.


Have Fun

Don’t forget to enjoy the wedding in all the hustle. Dance with your husband and the relatives; take in your daughter’s smile, and make happy memories.


At the End

Wave your daughter goodbye at the end of the ceremony. Then say goodbye to your intimate friends and relatives. Your duties are still not over because there might be outstanding payments that have to be settled and ensure all the presents are safely transferred. There might be other things you need to deal with.

When everything is taken care of, you can go home and hit the bed!! FINALLY!!!