10 Ideas for Bride's Mother Flowers


When it comes to the flowers on your wedding day you know, you will have a number of choices from the textures and colors to the design and style. While the bride is, of course, the most important person to consider when arranging the flowers, there is also those in the bridal party, groom and parents of the couple to consider as well. But the person you will most likely put more focus on, if you are the bride, is your mom! You’ve come to the right place to get some inspiration for including flowers in your mother on your wedding day!

Ideas for Bride's Mother Flowers

Flower Bracelet

This is a super cute and simple idea! Not only can your mom treasure the bracelet you give her as a bonus, but by having the flowers attached to the bracelet she will not have to worry about forgetting them anywhere throughout the day’s festivities.

Mini Bridal Bouquet

What better way of letting your mom feel a little extra special on your big day! Many mothers of the bride are actually asking to have their bouquets resemble their daughters because it not only signifies their relationship but let mom have a little bit of the same bridal glow.

Flowers for Her Clutch

Attaching a single flower bud or a few smaller ones with a pin to your mom’s small purse is a truly unique alternative to a traditional bouquet. Just like the bracelet idea, this also gives mom a no fuse bouquet that she doesn’t have to worry about having in hand for all her wedding pictures with you.

Hair Piece

You can either have a special hair comb created for your mom to wear on the wedding day or if she is the free spirited type, go for a full headpiece out of flowers.

Traditional Corsage

If the bracelet idea is a little too glamorous for your mom, then opt for a traditional corsage when considering for bride's mother flowers. This can be designed with a colorful ribbon that fastens around the wrist and can be as big or small as your mom prefers.

Tiny Blooms

Baby’s breath or an herbal boutique can be a stunning option for your mother’s bouquet to carry down the aisle. These smaller bloom flowers can pack a powerful, elegant, and charming look and are incredibly easy to dry so she can have them as a keepsake later.

Statement Arrangement

Instead of a small boutonniere styled flower pinned to your mom, go for a more elaborate statement piece! These arrangements can look effortlessly like they are a part of her wedding attire as they delicately drape over the shoulder or around the neckline.

Single Stem Flowers

Some moms will just find it more relaxing to carry a single stem down the aisle for comfort. You can give her a single stem from your bridal bouquet for a little extra sentiment or choose a large bloom that corresponds with the bridal party’s bouquets.

Flower Hat

This is a favorite of many southern moms, as well as the Royal family. If your mom is the hat wearing type, have a beautiful arrangement created to adorn the hat she is planning to wear. This idea leaves a lot of room for creativity and can be something small and simple or more elaborate, just make sure the flowers are not too overdone.

Traditional Pin

When all else fails, you can always revert to the traditional bride's mother flowers pin, it is always a pleaser and can take away a lot of the additional stress of trying to choose the perfect bouquet or accessory.

Know More: Who Should Receive a Wedding Corsage or Wedding Boutonniere?

It is up to you to decide who you think should wear flowers on the wedding day. Most couples tend to give parents, stepparents, grandparents and other immediate family member flowers to wear. You may want to also consider pinning the ushers, wedding party and ceremony readers with corsages. Whoever you feel deserves a special symbol of the connection they have with you or your significant other, like your sorority sisters, can be honored with a simple flower or boutonniere type pin. Just be mindful, giving one to your sister but not sister-in-law can be a fight in the making

Corsage Flowers?

You can have corsages created to use the same flowers in your bouquet or have the specially designed to include the receiver’s favorite flowers, also consider the outfit they will be wearing. The corsage should complement the outfit, so try to avoid pairing contrasting colored flowers and dresses. If you are unsure, choose a neutral color like ivory or white which will match almost all dresses and suits.

Boutonnieres Flowers?

Boutonnieres are typically reserved for the men and are quite similar to the corsage in style and color options. Unlike the bride's mother flowers as corsage, boutonnieres are simple and small, only displaying one flower in most cases. They should be pinned to the left lapel of the gentlemen's suit jacket just above the heart with the stem facing the ground.