Mother of the Bride Makeup Tips You Love to Know


Since the day she was born, and maybe even longer, the mother of the bride has most likely been dreaming of her daughter’s wedding. And while she wants nothing but perfection for her daughter’s big day, she also needs to put some focus on herself. As the mother of the bride, you want to be also glorious on your daughter's wedding day. Then here are some tips concerning the mother of the bride makeup you can learn. 

Mother of the Bride Makeup Tips You Want to Know


Primer is a must for such a major event! Using a primer ensures that your foundation will last through the ceremony and reception. Apply the primer evenly all over your face, which will leave your skin smoother and allow the foundation to bind so you have flawless makeup all day.


The biggest mistake you can make with your makeup is to use a concealer that does not match your foundation. When you choose a lighter or darker concealer, you are left with that dreaded raccoon eye. Match your concealer to the same color of your foundation so your color is even all over.


Most older women will tend to have skin that is slightly faded, especially if they have gone through menopause. Whether you have cool or warm undertones, all mothers of the bride will benefit from using a liquid foundation that has more of a yellow tone, this will give the skin a beautiful golden glow. Foundations should be moisturizing and lightweight, applying a light dusting of powder on top of the foundation will help eliminate any shiny reflections the camera will pick up.


Highlighter offers an instant lift around the lips and eye areas. It is suggested that you use a cream highlighter that is no more than two shades lighter than your foundation. Dab just a small amount around the outer edges of the lips and eye as well as to the sides of the upper lids and mouth.


Blush is the most commonly over done aspect of anyone’s makeup. Sticking with a cream blush is the best option for mother of the bride makeup, which can be easily fixed if slightly overdone by sponging a little foundation to tone it down. Choose colors that are soft to provide a subtle pop of color. If you want to give your cheeks a slightly more accentuated look, then apply a small amount of highlighter to the tops of cheek bone.


Use a neutral shade of eyebrow pencil to add in some subtle definition to the brows after you have applied your foundation. The eyebrows should help frame the face and can give you an instant facelift when done correctly.


The eyes tend to be the most focused and prominent facial feature on anyone and making sure they look their best on your daughter’s big day can be easily accomplished. Use an eye cream before anything else to reduce any creasing that can occur. Avoid the multi-tiered palettes and instead, blend together two neutral shades for a more natural look. If you have blue eyes, warm browns and apricots will really make your eyes shine! Those with green eyes will get the best results from soft pinks and plum colors. Brown eyes will get the most flattery from neutral colors and greens. Mothers of the bride should avoid glitter at all cost. Matte eye shadow is the best to use and shimmery formulas can be added to the inner part of the lid to give your eyes a more awake look.


Curling your eye lashes with an eye lash curler before applying mascara will help awaken or open up the eyes more. When choosing a mascara, look for a good quality waterproof mascara, since mother of the bride makeup will need to hold up through all the tears of joy. To add more lift to your eyes, focus on applying the mascara to the tops of the lashes, mothers who want a fuller look should apply the mascara at the roots of the lashes and wiggle the brush to the tops. For additional waterproof protection, apply a waterproof lash topcoat.


Eyeliner should be soft and should not be overly dramatic. Skip the liquid liners and opt for a soft pencil. Start at the middle of the eyelid and move outwards in small strokes, add in a tiny flick to the corner of the eyes, not a full flick associated with the cat eye.


Lips gloss can look tacky and sticky and is more suitable for teens than the mother of the bride. Go with a satin finish lipstick in a lighter or brighter shade to enhance the lips and provide you with a more flattering finish. Mother of the brides should avoid any metallic colors as this will only emphasize any creases in the lips. To make your color last all day long, use the same color lipliner all over the lips prior to applying the lipstick. Seal the color on your lips by dusting them with a light powder then re-line and apply the lipstick.

Mistake You Should Avoid

Many mothers tend to fly through applying their makeup so they can help their daughters out with all of their preparations. But, neglecting to properly blend your makeup will not only look terrible, but it leads to a waste of your products. Use brushes and take the time to ensure everything is blended evenly on your face.

  • Avoid using too much bronzer. While you may be going for a nice sun kissed look, overdoing it on the bronzer can age you a great deal.

  • Mother of the bride makeup should brighten the face and be age appropriate and while many believe that bright pink lipstick and blush will do the trick, it often leads to you looking much older than you actually are. Make sure you stick to colors that compliment your skin tone.

  • Many mothers are advised to avoid shimmering products since this can accentuate fine lines but, if you stick with hydrating products, this can give you an instant lift.