Heart Touching Moments: Mother of the Bride Photos


The spotlight may be on you during your wedding day, but this doesn’t mean we’re going to take our eyes off the mother of the bride. For being the person who has supported you and given you unconditional love since day 1, your mother deserves all the love and attention, too. So kudos to all beautiful moms out there! As a tribute, we have collected some of the most touching mother of the bride photos that can make you weep joyful tears!

Heart Touching Moments: Mother of the Bride Photos

Mirror Thy Happiness

We all can agree that every bride is a reflection of the woman who has given her unconditional love. Indeed, our mothers have been there for us no matter what happens. It’s just amazing to see how we can also share our happiness with our moms on our wedding day. Just look at those bright and joyful eyes!

Let’s Get a Little Closer

Weddings are never the end to that mother-daughter relationship. In good times and in bad, our moms will always be there for us. All we need is to get a bit closer and cherish every moment we have with our moms. Just take a look at this mother-bride photo, and you’ll surely understand what I mean.

Her Never-Ending Love Language

From cleaning our baby bottles to making sure our wedding gowns look fantastic in every angle, our mothers truly epitomize love in the act of service. This is absolutely proof that no other love will be stronger than our mom’s love for us.

Look at Me

Don’t we all dream of having this extra special moment with our moms on our wedding day? It’s like saying, “Hey mom, you did a great job! Look at me now. I’m the woman that I am because of you. Thank you and I love you very much!” Oh, this is truly one of the most heart-warming mother of the bride photos, don’t you think so?

Wear that Big Smile

When we smile, our moms wear an even bigger smile. Indeed, our mothers are more than willing to share and amplify our joy. While they may be behind the curtain during our wedding day, we can expect them to feel extra happy as we exchange I dos with the man of our dreams.

Gorgeous from Top to Bottom

Keeping you gorgeous and beautiful from top to bottom, you don’t have to say a word and your mom will do everything to keep you looking your best. While they may just be behind us as we march down our wedding aisle, their presence reassures us that nothing can ever go wrong no matter what the day brings.

Going Legally Regal

Another one of our favorite black and white photos is here to stay. While most people keep their eyes on the aisle and the wedding decors, you can always be sure that your mom will be there to keep all spotlights on you. She is not only there to cry joyful tears as you exchange wedding rings, but also to fix every broken hair pin and wedding lace. Oh, there is definitely no other woman like her!

No Matter What, She’s Got Your Back

You may not be living in the same house, but you can be sure that your mom always has your back no matter how far across the country you are. This may not be one of the most emotional mother of the bride photos out there, but it definitely reflects a woman’s love for her daughter. And oh, we love how this photo went black and white! It just adds a bit of drama on the scene.

Let’s Keep It Happy and Dainty

Well, we can’t just end this list without a mother-bride photo, can we? While there may be no tears and drama on this picture, it shows a strong bond between the mother and the bride. It’s basically a reminder that we should not forget to take a shot with our favorite woman on our wedding day.

The Power of Motherly Love

A picture speaks a thousand words, and that’s what this image proves. In good times and in bad, our mother is there to embrace us with open arms. With her love, happy moments become greater while the insurmountable challenges become easier to bear.

Can’t get enough of our mother of the bride photos? You can always create your own once-in-a-lifetime memories, too! Just don’t forget to remind your photographers to watch out for special moments like this.