Fashion for the Modern Mothers: Mother of the Bride Short Dresses


Sometimes the mother of the bride is often overlooked, often caught wearing dull outfits. But with changing times comes the changing fashion of these important figures and nowadays, these lovely mothers are also catching up with the latest trends. From drab and over the top outfits, designers are also experimenting with short dresses for the mothers to make them look classic but also beautiful at the same time. So if your mother asks what she’s going to wear for your special day, instead of giving her the usual type of choking outfits, why not opt for short dresses that are perfect for a brunch wedding or a night reception?

Keep browsing and check out our list of mother of the bride short dresses that your mom can try on your wedding day.

15 Delicate Mother of the Bride Short Dresses


Sexy Sequins

This sexy fitted dress accentuates any figure, and what makes it more exciting is the length makes it ready for dancing and the beautiful floral sequined design makes it perfect for a day or night event.

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Beauty in the Beads

This soft pink short dress is great for a brunch wedding, giving your mother a fresh and light look. It is attractive in all the mother of the bride short dresses. But even if it has a light shade, the impeccable beadings will still make your mother a scene stealer.

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Elegantly Covered

If you are planning a cold month to get married, this mother of the bride short dress is perfect for your mom. The jacket can be a great accent to the dress but is also removable if she wants to make it more sexy and revealing and the empire waist can play up your mother’s figure accentuating the bust area.

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Ravishing in Red

For all the fiery mothers out there, this red hot one can be a great cocktail and evening dress ready to dance the night away. The V-neck will emphasize just enough cleavage and the sheath bodice will accentuate your mom’s curves. It’s a vivid one among all the mother of bride short dresses.

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Olives and Jewels

Though less structured, this beautiful dress will make it perfect for any body type. The elegant neck design can also double as jewellery that will make it more ready for an evening party.

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Gorgeous in 2-Piece

For the more traditional moms out there, this 2-piece outfit is classic but still young and playful. This mother of bride short dress will also properly accentuate your mom’s waist and bust and will be perfect for any body type.

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Ready to Sparkle

This mother of the bride short dress is very chic and sexy with the sheer fabric that creates an illusion neckline. The detail sequins will also make it perfect for an evening party and will make your mom shine.

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Day to Night Jacket Dress

This soft pink outfit will be perfect for the ceremony and the reception, just remove the jacket and your mother will be party ready. Although the dress is more of a classic cut, the detailed glitter beadings will make it ready for either day or night.

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Flower Power

This dainty floral dress stands out in the mother of the bride short dresses and it is perfect for a day wedding or a brunch reception. The classic A-line cut will make your mom look fresh and sophisticated without being over the top.

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Lovely in Lace

If your mom is a little bit conservative or wants a little coverage on her arms, this beautiful lace dress is perfect for her. The lace sleeves perfectly covers the arms effortlessly, the V-neck will also properly accentuates your moms bust to reveal some little sexy vibe.

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Royal Queen

This fierce royal blue dress is fit for a queen! The bow in the waist will highlight your mother’s curves in all the right direction and the blue intricate lace detail at the top will give your mom enough coverage with a sophisticated touch.

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Capelet Chic

This mother of the bride short dress is perfect for moms who are a little conservative but still wants to keep it chic. The capelet perfectly covers the arms but still reveals a little hint of skin, making it sexy without trying. The knee-length dress also covers enough legs but still makes it comfortable.

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Classic Elegance

This classic shape dress is great for moms who are not afraid to show off their curves. Simple yet elegant, this outfit does not need many details but the pleats and the little brooch will make your mom look timeless on your special day.

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Beaming in Violet

This is the classic one among mother of the bride short dresses and the classic cut outfit is for our more traditional moms. The structure of this dress will make it a perfect fit for any body type and the gorgeous capelet will give her enough coverage if she wants to hide her arms. The colour will also make it a flexible day to night outfit.

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Black and White Classic Cut Out

This last mother of the bride short dress is a classic black and white dress with beautiful lace details from top to bottom. The sleeves are perfect for mothers that are a little bit conscious about their arms and the knee-length cut will make your mom conservative but fashionable at the same time.

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