17 Mother of the Groom Responsibilities


A well planned wedding always turns out to be a success. And that successful planning is not possible without divvying up the responsibilities between the close family members. These days the couple-to-be takes on most of the responsibilities, which may stress them out by the arrival of the final day. It’s better to share them. Check out the basic mother of the groom responsibilities that she is supposed to fulfil.

What Are the Responsibilities of Mother of the Groom?


Plan a Family Meetup!

The very first responsibility as mother of the groom is to plan a decently organized meetup with the new family members (bride’s parents). It’s the best opportunity to know them and also to introduce your family. Traditionally, mother of the groom may call the bride’s parents and invite them wholeheartedly for a cocktail, luncheon or dinner. An informal invitation or a letter can also be tried. If bride’s parents reside in some other city. Choosing some nice restaurant is an impressive idea. You want it to be a meeting, in presence of the couple-to-be or without them, is solely your decision.


Host a Dinner Party

Introducing the bride to the groom’s side family is also quite significant before the big day arrives. For that purpose, MOG should host a reasonably planned dinner. It would be a really appreciative gesture.


Offer Financial Aid!

These days, most of the wedding budget is planned by the couple themselves. MOG can simply share the load by offering her financial services to her son. Traditionally, the expenses to be made by the groom’s family include purchasing corsages and boutonnières for the groom’s attendants, groom’s tux, bridal bouquet and paying (partially or fully) for the reception, transportation expenses, etc.


Help with Ceromony and Reception Planning

A MOG can really help in planning the wedding and reception party. She can help deciding the reception venue and ask for suggestions from friends about the best caterers, vendors, florists, etc. Even she can play the role of the main contact for all the wedding vendors, if the groom is not available or over-burdened with various other wedding tasks.


Be a Wedding Guest List Manager!

Firstly, ask the couple about the estimate of the number of heads they are going to afford. Secondly, draw up the guests list (with zip code).


RSVPs Alert!

Take hold of the RSVPs of the guests of your side around 4 to 6 weeks before the nuptial. It’s good to know the last minute responses of the guests (if any).


Wedding Traditions to be Followed

If you belong to a family that values ethnic customs or family traditions, help the groom in finalizing some customs for incorporating in the ceremony.


Be a Guest at Bridal Shower

As the mother-in-law to be, you are supposed to attend the bridal shower, with a smile and a present. Being a part of the family, you can offer your services in the tasks related to the arrangements. In some cases, a MOG can host a bridal shower too.


Publicize the Wedding Registry

Mother of the groom responsibilities also include the spreading of the news about the couple’s wedding registry to her side of relatives.


Selecting Her Dress

MOG should select her wedding attire in consultation with the MOB, about 4 to 6 months before the wedding day. Both mothers should have differently colored dresses, that is why consulting MOB is very important. You may ask the bride to accompany you for buying the dress.


Host a Rehearsal Dinner

One of the most important responsibilities of a MOG is to arrange a greatly planned rehearsal dinner. The planning should be started about six months before the wedding. She along with her husband arranges it all. Keeping it simple or extravagant, is all your choice.


Making Reservations

Your guests are your responsibility. A MOG is responsible for making proper and timely reservations for her out-of-town guests.


Walk Down the Aisle

At the start of the wedding MOG is escorted down the aisle. There are no hard and fast rules for who will be walking with her. It can be decided mutually. She will sit in the first pew of right hand side.

MOG on the aisle, used to be followed by the MOB, bridal party and bride. Today, MOG usually escorts the groom down the aisle.


Lighting the Unity Candles!

Families have tradition that both of the mothers’ light the unity candles, placed on the altar, before the arrival of the wedding party.


Dancing with the Groom

A wedding reception is incomplete without a mother/son dance. And it’s also one of the most important mother of the groom responsibilities. MOG can enlist various suitable songs for the dance.


Be a Part of the Receiving Line

MOG should stand with her husband in the receiving line at the wedding reception, right next to the newly-wed couple.


Your Place!

MOG should sit on the parents table, if there is one reserved for them.


Some MOG Responsibilities in the Past!

  • MOG used to be the official hostess of the rehearsal dinner. Today, it’s about the parents from both sides together.

  • Unlike today, in the past, both mothers were not allowed to host a bridal shower. It was against the wedding etiquettes.

  • The wedding attire for MOG used to be quite coordinated with MOB, in colors (mostly neutral) and style (conservative). No cardinal rule for dressing today.

  • Mothers were more involved in the ceremony. But now most of the decisions are made by the couple.

  • Giving toasts was never on MOG’s to-do-list. But today it’s all about offering toasts, by her.

  • In the past, MOG used to be back home, right after the reception. But today she is also a part of after-party.

Questions You Might Want to Know the Answer To

What mother of the groom responsibilities, should be fulfilled? If still have no clue, please know that these days, bride is the one who assigns various duties to the people around. You can do whatever she assigns you.

Q. What about an engagement party, hosted by the groom’s parents? Is it ok?

Ans. Sure! It's ok. Traditionally, it belongs to parents of bride. And for groom’s parents, rehearsal dinner is the right choice. Still if you want it, you can organize one solely, or as a joint venture with parents of the bride.

Q. My MIL wants a separate bridal shower for me. Is it right, traditionally?

Ans. Normally, a bridal shower belongs to the bride’s side. But these days the practice of several bridal showers (at work, at friend’s) is getting common. So it's ok if the MOG also wants it.

Q. Can the MOG be a part of bachelorette party?

Ans. When it’s about bachelorette party, ‘a no parent rule’ works most of the time. I do not think it be a good idea.

Q. What is the right order of a mother/son dance and what should be the expectations?

Ans. A mother/son dance normally takes place at the end of reception and before the cake cutting ceremony. It’s all about fun and dancing. Choose nice tracks, dance and celebrate, That’s it.