Top 15 Mother-Son Songs in Spanish


The mother-son wedding dance is a very emotional and important moment. For those of you whose mother tongue is Spanish, or if you would just love to have a Spanish song for this special dance, here’s a list of some of the best mother-son dance songs in Spanish with suitable lyrics as a gift to your mom. Any one of these will be sure to make her feel special.

Best Mother Son Songs (Spanish)


Te Amo, Mama by Marco Antonio Solis

It’s a song sung with love for a mom, who is not just a mom but a dear friend too. It’s about a mother whose son is expressing his immense love and gratitude for her, for bringing him up and guiding him through every stage of life.


Mama by Siggno

A heartfelt song that expresses a son’s love for his mother on his wedding day, he assures her of his love and respect and that it will remain the same till the end.


Vivo Orgulloso by Victor Manuelle

This song is a tribute from a son to his mom and dad, on his very special day. The son expresses his thankfulness to his mom for putting all her love in him. He can see a special spark of happiness in his mother’s eyes on this big day.


Dedicada A Mi Madre by Conjunto Atardecer

This song is the representation of a son’s feelings for his mom. To him, she is the wisest and wonderful mom there is. He thanks the divine powers for blessing him with such an honorable woman who always taught him well and showed him the righteous path.


Tu Guardian by Juanes

This could be one of the best mother-son songs in Spanish. It has a lullaby sound and tells the story of a tenderhearted mom who is sitting by her son’s side as he falls asleep. She assures him of her love and support and promises that no harm will ever touch him as long as she is there.


Madrecita Querida by Vicente Fernandez

A mother’s love is the purest of all, an unconditional love. Every other relationship proves to be fake or fade with time except the love of a mother. Some of the lyrics say, “Whenever I am broken, your shoulder is always there for me to cry on.”


Canta Libre by Neil Diamond

This is a happy-go-lucky kind of song that portrays the feelings of a born-singer. Music is in his blood, and he is singing freely for his mother, father, and other family members to make all of them happy.


Nadie Como Tu by La Oreja de Van Gogh

Translated as “No One Like You”, this song is about the importance of having someone who loves you unconditionally. The singer sings for the love of this woman, the most precious thing of his life. No one in the world understands him the way she does.


Cuidandote by Bebe

No one can be more protective or look out for you better than your mother. This is what she always does and spends her life only to serve you well. This song praising motherhood is one of the best mother-son songs in Spanish.


La Mamancy by Mercedes Sosa

This is a great Spanish soundtrack that beautifully praises the efforts of a mother for nurturing her child. The lyrics describe a child who is thankful for all the mother’s love and care, how her mother is like shade from the scorching heat, and how she gave her all to raise her child well.


El Privilegio de Amar by Manuel Mijares

This beautiful track is a treasure trove of advice from a person to the one she loves (mom to son) OR the one he loves (son to mom). It states that one should live life to the fullest and never let the fear of failure get in one’s way. The song advises to never give up even if it’s taking a long time to achieve one’s goal.


Un Motivo by Vicente Fernandez

A song with simple lyrics, the voice of a poet explains what things normally inspire him to write his beautiful verses. Always a treat to listen to, this song can be a good choice for a mother-son dance.


Spanish Version of Mama by Boys II Men

A heartwarming tribute to a mother, this song is actually sung by Boys II Men in English as well as Spanish. With soothing music and meaningful lyrics, this song is the best of all mother-son songs in Spanish.


Queridos Padres-Rigo Tovar

This song is based purely on family love, especially the parents. It depicts the worthlessness of life without loved ones. Parents are the ones who teach you the best of life, and they should never be forgotten.


Señora Señora- Denise de Kalafe

One of the most highly recommended songs, it’s a great Spanish song that can be dedicated to a mother. It pictures the journey of a mother as she brings up her child through all the phases starting from pregnancy all the way through his/her growing up.